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  1. From the documentation: [...] First you will need either: a) Wifi Transfer settings in the CF, if you have run that program before or Online (Firmware) settings from an online game, with: all static ip settings, no WEP This means you don't need a CF card (WMB is a possible way to run it). [...] http://bafio.drunkencoders.com/ At least try to read the first 4 lines of documentation before posting ! Bafio <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I did it doesn't seem to read from the firmware. If it does then what do I need to do to instruct it to read from the firmware, because if it was already doing this then it would be connecting.
  2. Can you integrate the wifi detection settings into your app, since peeps like me who use SD cards can't use this proggy it seems because you rely on the wifi config file being read on the card which isn't supported on SD's you seem to have a really nice app although I can't seem to use it. BTW I'm using an m3 sd
  3. rev has a litte more power then the original xboz super smash bros rev is a launch title ps3 is as easy to program as the ps2 no need to change. Imagine rev controller with force feedback when playing star wars game. But, what's to stop microsoft copying the idea? Rev controller based on the principal of easy of use, people know how to use a remote control then should be able to use the rev control to
  4. yeh doesn't it need like 512 minimum ram to run or something?
  5. one day a tv control the next it's a revoltion control - now that would be an interesting project.
  6. lol. hey build a snes emu we have plenty of nes emu's already or the most uber thing! an n-gage emulator
  7. how many pc users actually could give a sh** about halo anyway?
  8. buy an m3 like me i like that it shows you how hot your cpu is, my pc runs cooler sometimes.
  9. some dude on the m3-forum.com made that image man i knew it would get chucked about the net
  10. lol about 30 cm away from it in open space
  11. lol one side hates me one side loves me thanks for the heads up i was asleep maybe i should have censored it If you really want the pic that bad pm me, unless you already got it form else where.
  12. and this is a pic of me and one of my fave images im allowed to post this one though :S Edit: IJTF_Cinder NO NUDITY! This is your only warning, there are minors on this site.
  13. just says waiting for me :s edit: used custom settings, sweet it works, but very slow for some reason my access point is only at 2mb instead of 54mb
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