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  1. Beyond the Bounds from Anubis Z.O.E. (Zone of Enders)
  2. http://www.stanick.com/worldslargestwebpage.html Anyone try this??
  3. I think they both held their own...no one walked away a clear winner. The purpose of the debate was to reiterate they're positions and more importantly show a clear contrast in their style of leadership and decison making. In any case, Kerry needed to make up some ground and he do so a little last night.
  4. Yeah Gryph...that's where it all started for me. I used to watch Ronin Warriors (aka Samurai Troopers) on Sci-Fi way back when in '97. I'd seen the seres a few years earlier but then I went to a boarding school so...then I just picked up where I left off in '97. Anyway, the program was called the Animation Station, and they showed a lot of decent movies like Tenchi Muyo in Love and Green Legend Ran.
  5. Said I'm happy and horny but not interested in politics. I'm a political guru!!
  6. The worst thing I've ever done was stealing demo discs way back in middle school...but that dude who got beat the flock up.... Zhugeliang, that's worse than cold blooded.....it's criminal!!
  7. With the completion of the Human Genome Project, we are poised to make promising breakthroughs. However, the human genome fills the equivalent of 66 bibles, and we haven't deciphered what most of the genes actually do. This will be the most difficult and challenging work. In the present, certain traits like hair and eye color, and sex can be manipulated. But as far as the more subtle and highly valued traits, like intelligence, athletics, and creativity, we do not know what genes express them. Scientists are aware of certain genes that are markers for the potential for intelligence and athleticism etc but that's it. As far as where I stand, I think it is inevitable that we will someday slide down the slippery slope and slowly the ethics of gene manipulation will erode (think Gattaca). I don't see a problem with screening for genetic birth defects, and curing them if possible. I just don't want to see us going beyond that to modify ourselves and something freakish happens. We have enough of that stuff going on in Hollywood with plastic surgery. Playing with genes is a whole other ball game.
  8. Whoa Nelly!! Them is fightin words mista....okay all kidding aside, you could have easily circumvented this method by appealing to another mod (like Gryph) to reopen the topic. I'm sure he'd understand.
  9. This just might work well for my plans......I need a japanese PS2 to play imports....but the prices are outrageous as of now. I'd gladly import this new one.
  10. Not bad......they could probably flesh out some more graphics power.
  11. Here's what I would do: Me: I can't believe I'm going to do this *sob*. Please...let me be the one to shoot. *German soldier grunts then hands me a machine gun* Me: Sorry Dad....I'm gonna have to kill you *more sobbing*.....1...2.....3....*turns towards soldiers and and pumps them full of bullets, then gathers a resistence and takes the city back!!!*
  12. I'm a puruser of anime, but I don't have much skills to provide as far as technical skills. I can write or review stuff. I'd be willing to help out in any way though.
  13. Hehe...yes...those were the days. I joined up a little before the fiasco but I started out like a rom muncher. Weird thing is I'm still here..
  14. That's really freaky. It's bad enough they're destroying your computer!!
  15. That's bullshit!! Bush is the President so that's automatic K.O. Crash is pixilated trash!!
  16. The choice is obvious!!! It's Crash because he has no brain...
  17. Hold on a second!!! People are confused so lets reiterate what's going down. The assault weapons ban law was passed 10 years ago, circa 1994. It wasn't the bill that advocates had hoped it would be but they were satisfied. In any case, every once in the while the law must be renewed. As of now.....it's not being renewed!!! Even though in a 2000 speech, George W. said he would renew it. So there you have it. Come Monday in the United States, AK-47's, Tech-9's, Uzi's, and the hot new coveted AR-15 rifle (Armalite's phones are ringing off the hook for this one) will be street legal. Since I think it's to late now.....bring it on!!!
  18. I was listening to a spokesperson for the NRA and basically he said that the weapons that were banned under the bill were no different from other such weapons currently legal. In addition, assault weapons, as he put it, do not rapid fire or spray bullets, but fire just like other guns by pulling the trigger. On the flip side, Dian Fienstein (D-CA...I think) stated that the weapons that are banned (Tech-9, Uzi etc) could easily be modified to fire 30 rounds per second. We need some knowlegable gun totin people to weight in!!!
  19. Well....after ten years the ban on assault weapons expires tonight at 12:01. I honestly don't see a compelling reason to allow assault weapons to be legally. If anyone can provide a legitimate reason for having them...I'd digress. It's funny beause virtually all police unions/organizations support the ban (go figure!!) and from what polls tell us, a majority of Americans do as well. It's kinda of ironic, because I just watched Bowling for Columbine, and coincedentally, I saw Farenheit 911 on 9/11!!! I'm not kidding. It just happed to be yesterday, on that somber day since that's when it opened in the dollar theater.
  20. I don't dl much stuff, aside from an occasional song that I hear from movies, games etc. I have to crappy a comp and connection to even bother with movies. However I don't think I'd waste my time, but just buy DVD's and games.
  21. It will most likely be reaired again, PBS usually repeats its programs. The program was actually two hours long!! You can also buy a vhs or DVD copy of the program as well. Anyways, I learned alot from the program, minus much of the early history (I wrote a research paper on videogames so I knew that stuff). They also had many big names in the industry, as well as some of the prominent authors on the videogame revolution, which I recognized from doing my research.
  22. Well, the only time I ever had a problem was when I was using two different controllers. But now I use my PS2 controllers with a cheap usb thing from radioshack. It might help if you told us what kind of controller you have.
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