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  1. Dont ya need different types of roms for final burn alpha? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Correct me if I'm wrong but I think there's a new FBA that supports neogeo roms, and runs faster then NRX. My guess is it uses same one's as Mame and Kawaks.
  2. I don't think we'll see a draft in the U.S. anytime soon. Selective Service is an emergency measure should the country be faced with an overwhelming national crisis. The only conscription measure hinted it by the administration involves a selective draft, where individuals with special skills, as in engineering, networking etc would be needed.
  3. I think there is some reason...has to do with the data of the game or something....meh...I don't know.
  4. Meh....Kazaa is pretty decent...aside form the corrupt files you run into with newer songs. For anime its the best i've ever used. I used it at my univeristy and get good speed, usually around 150-200KB. Bittorent has been a bit sketchy. Don't get that good a speed, but that all depends on the seeders etc.
  5. I didn't watch it, but i saw the promos and boiled it down in my head to around what Zonk mentioned in the article. It wasn't going to be anything meaningful or representitive. Just some half arsed attempt to be hip and cool (im sure fueled by GTA mania) and not recognize the video game medium for what it is, akin to movies and art etc...
  6. he had the most cheesiest theme song in the whole history of american cartoons. even more cheesey than the TMNT. cmon, some one must know those lyrics....cmon now....haha <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh I know it...and someone else posted it a few pages back... Captain Planet He's a hero Gonna take polution down to zero...
  7. I just started using bittorent....just for anime. As long as Animesuki and the like stay up, I'm happy. And I'd rather buy my movies. I wonder what they'll go after next, IRC? It would alot of manpower to even begin a crackdown on it..
  8. Yeah Madi I mentioned it already. It was Sonic the Hedgehog on SatAM (Saturday morning), so most ppl call it Sonic SatAM to contrast with the crappy FOX one. By far the best sonic show for me. I have the opening song to it....I can give it to you if you want.
  9. Damn...I can't believe I forgot Captain Planet. Sure it was cheesey, when you look back at it now, but the music was catchy and it had a good message...stop fuc**** polluting! Wheeler (fire) was my idol, and yeah Linka (russian chick) was hot. Hehe I still kow all their names... The SF cartoon was okay.It did go into Alpha a bit.
  10. Meh..Voltron was okay. A little to formulaic for me. For Spidey, I liked the Clone Wars, where Parker runs into alternate versions of himself and they all fight together. Also where he teams up with Capt. America to kick nazi arse! For X-men, the Phoenix Saga was great I'm speaking of mostly post-1992 stuff...but yeah the GameMaster/Zelda/Mario shows were fantastic too.
  11. Hhehe..I forgot about the Hulk. It was decent. About the X-men and anime pic thing. I'd venture to say I've seen the show from start to finish more than anyone here, but I don't remember seeing that. I see you guys are mentioning the Turtles which was what I "lived" on as a kid. But that was way back when in the 80's with Transformers and Thundercats. For me, the goldenage was in the early to mid 90's. I might also mention Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM one, not FOX). King Arthur as awesome!! They were football players transported to a different time hahahahah. Thanks for reminding me...ah the nostalgia.
  12. A few more recent one's I missed aer Silver Surfer (my fav) and that other Spiderman show where Spidey has a newer custom, with nanotech along with a short cape.
  13. Growing up, I think we had the best afternoon/Saturday morning shows, and the comic book ones were my favorite. Now a days, most of what you see is terribly dubbed anime shows (don't get me wrong I'm a big anime fan) that suck! I miss the days when I'd get up early to watch Ironman and the Fantastic Four, as well as X-men and Spiderman. Sure the shows weren't following the comics exaclty, but I think they did alright. Wild C.A.T.S. is another show (1992 I think) that I vaguely remember, cuz the characters were cool....
  14. I haven't used the SF controller, but I'm very familiar with D-pad designs like that. Seems a lot of the crappy controllers have the solid d-pad (sidewinder, logitech etc) and they're frustrating to use. Off course I can't make a fair judgement from just a picture. The best thing to do what be to get your hands on any controller before you buy it, to get the feel of how it plays. Or at least sites could provide a video review of controllers highlighting the pros and cons.
  15. It might be worth mentioning what brand of PS2/Xbox converter you have? I know I'm interested in these, and knowing I coudl make them work on an XBox would be a selling point. The remaining ones look to be Vega and yeah, probably Evil Ryu (Guile, Sagat, Cammy, and Bison already mentioned). I'll probably wait for Guile and Bison if I decide to get them, though there's somethign appealing about having Ken and Ryu. Damn the ghost of the collector in me. Also, does anyone know if they work with PS2 to PC converters? And how big/thick are they, roughly? Eww, and the control pads are a solid piece.. Anyone know if they roll a half-circle as well as a fighter pad should? Half circles on an X-Box pad, for example, suck. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, the solid piece D-pads are a pain in the arse. Harder to do motions on them. Anything similar to the PS D-pad is good.
  16. Believe me, if you tune in to the Tonight Show form time to time, it would be clear to you that criminals are idiots, and this story (if true) shows it.
  17. Ummm....could you add me then? Or is this just for admins/mods to access and start tourneys.
  18. I grew up with SF but i got tired of it....then a few years ago (thx to emulation) I got to play the KOF's. I whish I'd discovered them earlier. I like SNK's characters and game mechanics over SF.
  19. Egg nog is awesome...if its made right. The first and last time I had some good egg nog was at one of my teacher's house over christmas, without alcohol of course. Store bought kind is aweful.
  20. hat's a nice looking player Magnis. Kinda small pic of it though....can't see it in detail. I'll probly buy one soon. A decent $100ish player will suit my needs. I don't need an Ipod, as nice as it is.
  21. For anyone whose confused, this happend in Columbus, where I currently reside. Honestly..I didn't think it was that big a deal. So some yahoo pulls a Puff Daddy at a concert. And the guitarist was killed along with a few others. Sure, its flocked up but.....you know what? Sh** happens..and life goes on lol.
  22. You moron the donations are for helping the family pay the face operation <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I may be wrong but I think he meant they shouldn't even have to ask!!
  23. Agreed. That is a fantastic board. Didn't think it would be so cheap though. *rethinks getting a laptop now!?*
  24. Jeez stop complaining....just kill him and bribe the Romanian authorities. Problem sovled.
  25. The reason we have abortions. I know its sounds cruel......although I'm sure she could lead a long, productive life, as tough as it will be.
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