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  1. What a cute dog! at least it's happy from what i see from the pic
  2. lol that comic strip. CTRL+ALT+DELETE. haha. i'm all about [ps -aux] & [kill -9 "PID HERE"]
  3. I'm sure they'll do something to make it useless to everyone but " photographers:clapping: " musicians and dorks. mmhmm
  4. I guess this is for the people who are on the road and need a "quick fix"
  5. I don't go to the GYM but i plan to join one in the city. As for exercise, i do a lot of walking in the city and at home i do pilates. oh and the treadmill as well. My Vices are: Chocolate "Peanut butter twix" mainly Ranch Dressing World of warcraft I guess i'm healthy. At my height i'm supposed to be 120 but i'm 107
  6. Yeah I can go for some coffee right now. thats what we're talking about right? COFFEE???
  7. I enjoyed it, the movie closed a lot of books for me. Now i hope he upgrades the graphic on the other three cause i wanna see some hot battle between darth vador and his son luke-warm skywalker. and yeah anakin was super sexy all broody and shi*
  8. Yeah ever since i got my "UNIX slut of the century everyone gets a poke for free" shirt i've been really curious about this terminal since i see my friends using that stuff a lot. So now i'm getting part time lessions on some neat tricks to do with it on my MAC. Like restarting the system turning it off "changing the title screen from "welcome to darwin" haha mounting stuff and un mounting killing processes through the PID number. it's pretty fun knowing these little things especially when some people at school at the library trying to work somthing and a program doesn't work anymore. Like some dude walked up to my friend and I and asked if we could help him cause his program crashed and he was all bad mouthing the macs and wish there was a contrl+alt delete. there is one for the mac side but it's option+apple+esc. But since i recently learned the trick how to kill the process through the terminal i did that and he was like... o.O oh okay thanks. LOL i plan to learn basic stuff that can help me, since couple of my friends are going to graduate from DEVRY university "woo gratz" on the 18th of june they know a lot about that unix linix crap and seeing the stuff they do looks very scary but very deck at the same time. like my buddy christian i think uses some form or linux or unix i don't know but all i see is a black screen with greed/pink/yellow/blue and any other colour you see on the traditional RGB colour wheel text. but i think he made his own desktop but it looks like somthing from the matrix or those sci fi movies. i remember him saying it's "JIN-TWO?" or somthing that sounds like jin two i forget what kind of crap he was using. now if gravity makes a RAGNAROK.DMG i'll be the happiest camper cause that game is the only reason why i come back to the windows side.
  9. Yeah i haven't been active here lately since the academy really picked up. However i learned a hella cute trick in the Unix freeBSD terminal or whatever to change the name of the greeting. Usually it says "welcome to darwin!" who the hell is darwin? anyways i changed it into somthing else haha Changed Name - enjoy
  10. I'm sick of my beetle i want somthing new My little mini cooper S
  11. All I know is I'll buy that sucker when it first comes out. Hopefully it will launch around the holiday season like the ps2 haha and people will be bidding on that thing on ebay for hella $$$ since the final fantasy games are going to X-BootsyBox i feel that ps3 won't kill it i wonder how much did william gates paid for that.
  12. Hours in the dark room = ipod is my best friend. - nuff said other than that there is no real use for the ipod. well for me anyways
  13. umm is this the movie where the ghetto kids dance at a mall??? dang what happened to america, first 50-cent is being compared to the beatles cause he also had 4 number one songs in some charts as them and now this..
  14. Wow. How long did it took them? 10 years? More than that? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Umm are you guys talking about the Mac Mice? DVForge was a big ass hit in the apple convention here in S.F. damn right such innovation. apple has always been on top of things infact as an artist apple has spoiled me rotten. all windows done was give me problems and damn always having to restart my computer to be fast again just so sad it took me forever to realize how great macs are since i was a stubburn ass windows user thinking that there is no right click on OS X, ooo lord
  15. aren't the dual G5 processors the only 64-bit architecture that supports 8gb of ram?
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