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  1. I wanna see another Fatal Fury movie. The last one to come out (The Motion Picture) Geese was still alive and freakin scary. I hope they continue, with some showdown taking place with Geese. Maybe they could even incorporate some of the Garou MTW story into it..
  2. Fight evil........screw your girfriend. Yeah that will do.
  3. Since I live in this state (OH), we heard no end of this. I know that she was lying about losing the ticket. Like anyone was going to believe she lost it and the actual winner somehow found it. God, I think ppl like her should be taken out back and shot!!! Just for the sheer stupidity... Even better, that "serial sniper", who is shooting up our highways here should do us a favor and get rid of her as well.
  4. This project should NOT be done. There's a reason NGE is an anime......its better that way!!!
  5. irrational ppl religious fanatics(same as above) ppl who think who they are is determined by the price of their cloths ignorant ppl incoherent grammer/english( See this a lot here)
  6. The link for the Kof2k is broken....ummm..any other places to get that?? Thanks for the other fix to
  7. Thanks for the help folks, but I figured it out now. I forgot to rename the fixed p1 file like the rest, 268_p1.rom. Once I did that the rom was detected and it worked. I don't think it matters if the rom is in RAR or ZIP format. The only thing you'll notice is that in RAR format, the rom is smaller (26.6 mb) since the compression is better. In Zip format its approximtely 29.6 mb.
  8. Glad you got it to work player. I got it to work to, however during the process of deleting the other mslug zips I had created when I put the the p1. fix in, I accidentally deleted the working rom. I feel like an idiot....now I can't seem to replicate it. Basically what I did was extract the roms to a new folder. Next, I deleted the p1 rom in there and replaced it with the fixed one. Then I reziped it. At first I got a message (using the NRX emu for mslug5) saying there are no gfx files. Somehow I got it to run. I played through the boat level, beat that plane thing in the second level, but ended up dying in the third level. In any case, along with the process I'm doing, does it matter if the rom is in RAR or Zip format?? I think the working rom I had was in RAR format because it was something like 26.6 mb. For some reason, if the rom is in RAR format, NRX won't detect it. In Zip format, it detects it but I get the same gfx missing error. So anyone know whats going on, thanks.
  9. Just put the roms, zipped, in the same place/directory as neoragex. That should do it.
  10. I need to update my version...really old. Anyways, after you have backed up the roms in question, there should be an option called "add pathways". Basically you're telling the program what folder to look for roms in. What I would do is put a copy of your backed up roms in a new folder, then do add pathway to the new folder. Romcenter will scan these roms tell you if there are any naming errors (no biggie), missing files (thats a problem heh..) etc. This info will be displayed in the a field showing your roms. My old version shows roms with a sqaure icon next to the roms in question. Green colored icon means the rom is fine, yellow me thinks means you just need to rename them, or *gasp* red means you're missing a file. To edit any roms, you can right click on them and some options are displayed. In your case you just want to rename the files, and that should do the trick. If not (thats why you have them backed up right!!) Romcenter will tell you the problem...or problems. It's been a while since I've used this so I might be a little fuzzy..or wrong. Anyone who wants to add anything, or know a better method, feel free to contribute.
  11. From what I remember ( I may be wrong though!!) I think you just need to rename the roms. Try using Romcenter, I think that's how I did it. What you should do is make a copy of the Kof rom you want Romcenter to rename so that you're not jeopardizing the original rom that works in Neorage. Once Romcenter renames it, stick it in your roms folder for kawaks and see if it works. Good luck!!
  12. The MS Sidewinder is crap...if they improved the D-pad it would almost be worth the $15 you pay.
  13. I remember someone mentioning that Prehistoric Isle 2 was hard to find for NRX. In case anyone is still looking for it, you can get it here: Click here It's the third one on the page, you can clearly see it. Click the picture and the download will start. The rom size is 25.62 mb.
  14. There have been similar situations with other new roms. But we know that a majority of the time these sound glitches etc. will be fixed. Just be patient ppl..
  15. I just wanted to know, or confirm if Romcenter can fix NeorageX roms. What's usually the case for me is that the program recognizes my other roms for Kawaks, but for NeorageX roms, the icon for the rom appears gray or when I fix it with Romcenter it messes up the rom that otherwise runs fine on NeorageX. Do I need a dat for it to handle Neorage roms?? Thanx
  16. No, it's not as hard as you think Axl. Provided you have a decent controller you can pull K9999's moon DM consistently. I use a Playstation controller so it's not hard at all. Either you need a better controller or you need more practice.
  17. For all those using Windows XP, NeorageX will NOT work. That's the fact and you must accept it. This is not the case for other emulators like Kawaks or Mame. However if you really must use NeorageX, there is a hacked version that will run on Windows XP. Just search on google, you will find it. There is another topic started by Emsley on this version of NRX. I'm not sure what the problem is you guys are running into but I have used this version and it works fine. I'm running Win98 on my computer so it may be that NRX ecgc is NOT modified to run on Windows Xp.
  18. K9999 moon DM in kof2k2 works fine for me on NRX. The normal command for it is db,hcb,df + P. It's easier if you use a shortcut for this, as follows: qcb,hcb,hcf + P. The bugs on Svc choas will be worked out eventually. All it takes is some patience...
  19. I moved all my roms from the previous NRX version I was using and put it in the roms folder for the NRX ECGC emu. I clicked import and all my games showed up. I ran one game, Sengoku 3, and everything went smoothly. I'm thinking those who have problems with this version is due to having WinXP as the OS. I'm running Win98, but if anyone knows differently let me know. Also, if someone knows where I can get a copy of Svc chaos or SS5 that should work with this version of NRX, I could give it a test run to see if it works .
  20. This thread may help you to run the game in NRX Click here Scroll down and there is a link to a different copy of NRX, supposedly it will run the game. To run the emu, you need to enter a a name and key which are on the site a few lines down.
  21. What's your OS?? And have previous versions worked on your computer?
  22. Try playing a shooter called Einhadner by Squaresoft, it will keep you busy for a while....if you can find it muahahah!! Also check out the Legacy of Kain Series.
  23. Well, the control looks comfortable and seems ergonomic. However I don't like how the D-pad is totally exposted like that, as compared to the Playstation pad in which the diagonal sections are underneath. Controllers with exposed pads like that tend to be to lose.
  24. As far as I know, all you need to play ROTD for Kawaks is the loader, and the emu, which for me is Kawaks 1.45. Pretty simple...
  25. Kof 2002- soundtrack is decent, my fav character k9999 has a wicked HSDM Ummm...If I'm not mistaken kof 2001 is listed on the poll so...
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