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  1. A good piece by Michael Moore written before the Republican Convention. He has some great and funny points. Michael Moore column
  2. Garagahh!! I changed it so it's not so huge and imposing. Yeah they're idiots for not marketing Terry's jacket. It would never go out of style.
  3. Yeah I bet.....newpapers have also analyzed all the possibilites, factoring in what counties had recounts and what kind of ballots they used. What actually ended up happening were recounts in only Miami Dade and I forget the other two . Anyway, in some scenarios Gore would have won Florida, and in a few Bush would have won. It's all screwed to hell anyway now.
  4. Damn it I want his jacket. Bring us Terry's jacket!! And maybe make the Garou one a limited edition.
  5. No Gryph.....I mean the Supreme Court stepping and stoping the recounts. And it's happened more than once. It's occured five times, but only three actually mirror the situation in 2000.
  6. Well Gryph, you would think so but lets take a closer look at how the outcome played out. We can set aside the conflict of interest in Secretary of State Catherine Harris running the election process in Florida while heading the Bush Team their as well. And we can just put aside from now how she and her cohorts blacklisted individuals who had names similar to felons, had misdeminors but were kept from voting anyway....and more. But long story short, the Supreme Court of the United States steps in. They don't unanimously vote to stop the recount giving Bush Florida's electoral votes and the win. It's a 5-4 split!!! What the hell!! The Supreme Court is faced with probably one of the most important cases in history and its handed down in a split decison. This has never happened before in our political history. It only makes it worse when you realize that Gore received more popular votes. However, receiving a majority of the popular votes does not directly secure the presidency. Most of the time the candidate with the most popular votes receives more electoral votes. In the 2000 election, that obvioulsy didn't happen for Gore.
  7. My ass it ain't. For as long as I can remember, the Democrats have had this Robin Hood-ish attitude. Taking money from the rich and give it to the poor. It's pathetic that 40% of the population in the USA have to be the most whiniest, laziest, pieces of complete useless sh!t and all they care is getting money and sitting on their ass. What's interesting, and what some don't know is that the issues of civil rights and the environment were picked up by the Republicans in the 40's and 50's. Now these are issues associated primarily with Democrats, not to say that conservatives are against these. They just tend to favor the status quo. Finally, as can be deduced from Skythe's critique of 40% of the U.S. population in reference to the welfare mother's who parasite of the system, it's a tired and used argument. Conservatives have aruged this to death. We had welfare reform under Clinton, and the states were given the power to tailor their welfare programs how they wanted. The statistic we should be paying attention is the newly released Census Bureau stats which show that the number of Americans living in poverty jumped to 35.9 million, up 1.3 million from last year. In addition, those without healthcare is up to 45 million, up from 43.6 million in 2002.
  8. Damn.....practically none of those things apply to me. I guess I'm just a wannbe nerd You get a tattoo that reads "This body best viewed with Netscape 3.0 or higher.
  9. Gee....you're comparing me to maddox?? If only I knew any html I could put together copycat site and call it the second best page in the universe. Alas, I can't so I just have to resign myself to merely trying to be funny, and I'll be damned if Maddox isn't the king of comedy I aspire too . You'd be surprised how fast it is to just hit delete!! In some cases a lot faster than logging off. But I think we're getting away from the real issue. Stupid people doing stupid things. Not logging off the your messenger is, in my opinion, a stupid thing to do, given you are in a computer lab with hundreds of people coming through. Oh well....I'll stop doing the poll and just go back to the way it used to be. I'll let this one run its course.
  10. Now why would I go and do something like that!! The one Korean guy who messed up my computer and led to this poll actually left his email logged on. I was messing around but it was all in Korean (MSN) and I wasn't feeling dastardly so.... Well, it looks like the "Deleters" are winning this one again. Come on Daeval...round up some people and save the poor bastard!!!
  11. Sorry Agozer.....there is no other recourse for this incompetence. Do you know how much of my time it would take to warn them? They would still do it anyway!! Believe me...I'm trying to help. Like I said before, I could forgo the polling and just delete it myself on every occassion. This is their one saving grace....they should be thankful I'm being this considerate....flocking bastards.... Anyway, I found it interesting that the individual might actually be a guy, seeing as he has buddies under the a section called "bitc***" and there are a tons of female looking names listed....yeah.
  12. Well folks....I predicted that it wouldn't be long before another poll would be served up for the awesome members at 1emulation. Is't it grand that this wonderful and democratic process of ours can be excercised again?? It's actually by sheer misfortune that I found this AOL messenger logged on. Some Korean dumbarse flocked up the computer I was using so I moved to the one right behind me.....thank him for the poll. Anyways, you guys know the drill. Vote to keep it or delete it. I just want to add that this person (chick me thinks) has a LOT of buddies on her list. Whether that moves you to sympathy......we shall soon find out!!! Muahahahwahahahardyhhar!
  13. Let's not get ahead of ourselves folks. Now that may appear freaky...but I was browsing Wikipedia, and also tried doing a search under "Tedius Zanarukando". I didn't find anything, but what I did notice is that you can actually create an article with any title you want and submit it. That's what I think is the case with this weird article. Then again I could be wrong......
  14. Jeez.....you're all fools. Haven't you figured it out yet??? He was upset about the stolen X-box because he used it to smuggle coke and heroin. You think Gates and Microsoft just happend to build a hulking console that weights nine pounds?!? Hell no!! They had other potential markets in mind and gamers is just one of many..
  15. I endend the voting already. It was a 5-4 decison to delete...go back a page.
  16. That's a good..............NO. I don't think so. I think this way is better. Like I told Daeval, if you don't want to see people's stuff get deleted started lobbying for votes!! Not that you care that much though ehh? Think of it this way. I can not do the polling and just decide for myself....then every dolt who leaves their accounts logged on get instant delete. This is your chance to save them from this terrible tragedy. We live in a crazy world...ahhahahhahahah.
  17. Oh I don't feel guilty by a long shot...just saddended that people waste a lot of time, and have reduced to conversing on a screen instead of face to face.... So the conquest goes on.....expect another poll very soon, cuz there is no end to the people's incompetence in this univeristy lab....gahahahhhah!!!
  18. No need to feel sorry about it. Just because a decision's popular doesn't make it the right choice. That's the point of all this....it's amusing and is good practices for excercising our democratic ideal of popular sovereignty and majority consensus. When the next poll appears, you can rally together "non-delete" supporters and lobby against your opponents.....just like in Washington!!!
  19. What I mean to say is that this will be a case by case basis....who knows? The next poll might come out with a decision to spare the unlucky victim.
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