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  1. Hehehehe.....I was about to say. Still, I'm sure something like this could happen. Who posted this tripe to begin with!!?
  2. This has to be one of the most flocked things I've ever heard. This biatch needs killing rite now!!
  3. That looks good.....I eat lots of frozen junk.
  4. I just looked it up now Cinder. The game is there. Configure your settings so that the games are in alphabetic order, then click "Rankings". That's the easiest way to see all the games. At least that's how I do it.
  5. And......that's a wrap folks. Agozer my man...close this biatch!!
  6. Well, I don't know you except by name and that goofy sig you have. To bad you feel that way. Good luck on whatever path life takes ya.
  7. At this point I don't care what card it is specifically. I called them and they told me the same as what's on the page...Mobile ATI Radeon. Crazy thing is I either have to charge it or pay cash for it . I had decided on doing that but the rep. said they were out of stock at the moment. Whew!! Almost wiped out my bank account .
  8. Here's your solution dude. Have someone send it to you!! Either that or its gonna be back and forth like this for a while. That is, if anyone here's willing to do it. Gosh....I'm thankful I only deal with mostly NeorageX roms. Sure, the emu is dated but I dig it still. .Of course I can't netplay but I'll start to use Mame for that pretty soon.
  9. I'm just happy the graphics are somewhat of an improvment, unlike Neowave. It's cool they're mixing up characters from some of the best games.
  10. Okay...well it looks like some think I should buy the $1208. i'm not sure what graphic card it has, but it is a Mobile Radeon. I'm not a pc gamer so its not that important. And it writes DVD too. I'm starting to lean toward this one now!! Is there anything else to point out before I decide?
  11. Yeah..you're right. That's really weird. Only 64mbs of ram? WTF? My crap IBM has that much, albeit not DDR RAM. So they put 512mbs for video memory. Damn...now I'm not so sure about e $1051. The $1208 has 512mb of ram too.
  12. God damn Diso...you sure are young. Man, I can't remember being 16. Feels like ages ago. Well happy B-day. Make it a day and rampage the Arcade in celebration. Here's a good idea if you're rerading Gamecop. How bout sending members money for their B-day. Doesn't have to be a lot. Maybe a few bucks per member for those with Paypal.. That would sure add up eh?
  13. Wait, the bus speed is faster for the $1208, so you meant that I should go for the$1208 right? btw I'm im the irc channel so...
  14. I was wondering about that to Gryph. The specs page is as you see it. I at least know what I'm getting with the $1051. The $1208 just says ATI Mobile Radeon, as you can see. Maybe I can contact the seller. If it happens to be that the $1208 has the same card as the $1051, does that tip the balance over to the $1208?
  15. Well, as some of you may know I've been on the hunt for a decent laptop to replace my crappy six year IBM desktop. I've narrowed my choices down to three laptops (really just the $1051 and $1208). I will post a link below that shows a side by side comparison of the complete specs for the laptops. The two I'm really looking at ($1051 and $1208) are very similar. I've talked it over with Garageink at the 1emu IRC channel, and he thinks I should get the $1051, on account that it has a mobile ATI Radeon 9700. Aside from that, and that the $1051 is.2mhz slower. The $1208 has as DVD writer, which I want, but we figured I could use the $200 I save on the $1051 for a DVD burner and ram. Another friend of mine has also greenlighted the $1051 laptop. But I want to hear other people's opinions. Finally, thanks again for the advice Garageink. Here's the link for the side by side comparison. Side by Side Comparison
  16. Beautiful. Honestly, if some parents actually talked to their kids, with even a one liner like the ole black gym teacher, we'd be in better shape. Soon we may just have schools raising kids (in some places they are).
  17. I think the Anime forum is a good idea. Also...I'd be willing to chip in $10 a month for a server.
  18. What is it with these Spanish emu people? Whenever I hear about some shady emulation crap, they're involved a lot of the times. Btw I still use IE.....
  19. I think we should be worried about the other huge amounts of money he's pumping to "X" programs. Let em have his abstinence program. His conservative base needs something!!
  20. Yes...the day after thanksgiving sale...come to think of it I do need a flash stick.
  21. They're lucky Shaq wasn't their...we'd be talking homicides. I must say that one fat guy got owned and he flocking deserved it, trying to act all tough and walk out on the court. I'd don't blame Artest for ruining his face. Then Wallace flies in with the sliding "burn knuckle" to finish his ass off.
  22. Prince of Tennis is decent. My anime club is showing it right now....
  23. Hahah...you spelled my name wrong L.S.D.....
  24. I think that one fan who started the fan beatdown by throwing his drink at Artest should be thrown in jail. Of course Artest should not have gone into the stands regardless of a fans actions. Maybe we'll see FOX come out with another show dubbed: WHEN NBA PLAYERS ATTACK........2!!
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