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  1. Are there any cool things to do with an unmodded PSP lite? besides games, movies, music, pictures and the web? also can i use different theme packs with an un-modded psp? and where could i get them?
  2. http://psp.ign.com/articles/816/816852p1.html PSP Emulation seems to be a real b1tch, and it seems in between upgrading, downgrading and bricking are really scaring me.... Question is, since this will be the latest version of the PSP would i probably have to wait an extremely long time until they unlock to play emulated games? also i assume you can play MAIM,neogeo, snes, Nes and genesis games on it correct?
  3. Can someone take a high-res picture from the movie I need this scene/pic http://entimg.msn.com/i/BillMurray/Kingpin_300x298.jpg Thanks!
  4. check it out http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5866757396576992173
  5. So yea, silly question but still wondering if twilight princess is still coming out for the gamecube and when, thanks
  6. Just coming back from the dead, to say hi, and i was wondering if the DS can be used as a PDA?
  7. This is pretty much my problem, but my comp has not died, It seems that all the newer comps are not coming with a windows reinstall cd, and they are really pushing the windows recovery function. The reason i hate it is because they put so much bloatware, on the comps to begin with that when i do the whole controll + alt +delete thing, it says im running 70 + applications at the same time, and these are all the free crap they load the newer computers with. That is why i would rather reformat the computer and remove all that crap. I had a dell, they did the same thing with no revovery cd, and i found a real easy way to make up back up recovery cd which i used that when i reformatted the comp, problem is that i forgot how i did it
  8. Ok quick question..... I'll make this quick 1. my laptop didnt come with a XP cd backup to reinstall XP 2. I want to reformat 3. how do i make a copy of XP so i can use it when I reformat, and reinstall XP. thanks
  9. i miss the good ole days... of trying to find a working copy of SS5 or making a dat file for NEbula.. or the even older days when the primium member section and GC would give some reallly great links.. oh the days... Now days i hang at spawn.com forums... with a bunch of people who make the 40 year old virgin look like a lil bich.. I too have caught the bug and spend upto 50+ for some dam fig or somthing... what ever keeps us busy i guess.
  10. Yea i just want to rent.. un i mean buy my games, some how burn them and and play my back ups, plain and simple... with out being too technical.... can this be done???
  11. I wouldn't waste your time with it unless you don't have a BBA and wish to make backups of your own originals. Right now there is no bios for it besides the regular Viper bios. None of the Extreme features (ONE...the USB backup roofles) is available, it's just like owning a regular Viper. A Qoob Pro is cheaper than the Extreme, and the Extreme is a copycat of the Qoob Pro but with USB backup (Again, not yet functional because theres no Extreme bios). The Qoob SX is similar to the regular Viper......but again, cheaper. I reccommend either Qoob chip based on your needs. If you really only care for booting backups and NOTHING else, get yourself a XenoGC. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> uhhhhh..... what
  12. Sorry i am completly ignorant to modding.... So with one of the listed modchips, i can burn my own backups and be able to play them on the cube? I can copy them on a regular dvd burner? and burn them onto a 3 inch dvd? So would the preferred choice be Viper GC Extreme?
  13. been looking around on the bay and have found them for next to nothing, So i decided to pick one up, mostly for the release of Zelda, Twiligiht princess Some of my top pics are going to be Resident evil 4 Resident eveil 1 remake Zelda windwalker SoulCaliber 2 Anything else good for the system?
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