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  1. Oh....my....lord!! That beat down was diabolical. Detroit fans are flocking retards.
  2. We're getting beat by kids on our own forum..!! Hell they're even ganging together to take us down!! Yeah....that Tetris score. Dude, I've been tetrised out. I can come close the top score, but honestly, I don't know if I even wanna bother with it. It would take more effort than I'm willing to give right now.
  3. I should get some credit for that. I coaxed him out of the shadows when I relaized he didn't post at all. I see him around the Arcade so much I though he was a regular active member!! Yeah, there's nothing worng with lurking Razer, but honestly, if you've followed along on some of the forum topics, you know they're not serious and forthcoming as one would expect.
  4. Well, I wanted to get some feedback on a laptop I'm thinking of buying. I'd REALLY appreciate it. Link to Laptop
  5. Dammit, ppl are dying right and left....I read he was in a recording studio when he died. At least he was doing what he loved to the very end. R.I.P's.
  6. No..that's not the case. As I said before, Firefox was INSTALLED on the computer. I frequently install other programs I use as well.
  7. I'm not doing this on my home comp, but in a lab. It downloads the plugin but it doesn't take effect.....its pointless anyhow. I just wanted to see how good of a browser it was, and someone had installed it on the comp i was using. I'm not that impressed with it anyhow....I'll stick to the crappy IE.
  8. Sure...if I go to Macromedia and download the program, I'm sure the Arcade section games would work. But in the instance where I click on a game (doesn't matter, choose from any of the 500+) it shows a puzzle icon. When you click it, it begins to get the flash plugin....only thing is it doesn't work once it's finished dowloading!! Those Firefox programmers screwd that up....and this is a new version?
  9. Actually...it didn't handle it. I clicked the puzzle piece but once it downloaed it, the games still didn't work.
  10. Cha!! What a lazy bastard you are. Okay....I just started using bittorent, and Weird reccomended Bitcomet. It's a powerful C++ client (www.bitcomet.com). 1. It's very user friendly. 2. Let's you choose specific files (or eps. for anime) to download when there in bulks of 10 eps for example. The other clients probably allow this as well. 3. Allows you to set your upload and download rate. I like to use Animesuki...they have lots of torrents.
  11. I love my Winamp.....hell I still use ver. 2.8!! Yeah Gryph..I'll still be using it for years to come too.
  12. I find Family Fuy only somewhat funny. But when you examine the shows, its clear to me that The Simpsons is intelligently written, rife with satire, and has other cultural nuances that are unmatched.
  13. His doctos were saying he'd recover. Well, Bush can't make any excuses now. He didn't like Arafat....now he's dead. Time to start fresh.
  14. I using it now.....and it sucks!!! I tried to play a game and it said the Macromedia Flash plugin needed to be downloaded. So it connects to download it....but it doesn't work!! Flock FireFox.
  15. Good riddance...I'm sure they'll replace him with someone of the same calibur.
  16. There's only one game you need SOUL CALIBUR II Baby!!!
  17. Whatever you're saying doesn't work. Is the page supposed to load? Cuz it doesn't....
  18. Hopefully we'll know by the end of the week...there aren't a wheck of a whole lot of provisional ballots to count in Ohio....it's in the low hundred thousands but its manageable.
  19. Well folks.....me thinks it's pretty much finished...and Bush has won. My state of Ohio has more than likely been carried by Bush. Now we just have to wait on those provisional ballots....and any suits filed by the Democrats.
  20. Ah.....visa overstayers, I see. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Right...the stupd ass INS hasn't caught up with us yet. So much for homeland security...
  21. Wait...have you registered to vote or are you not a naturalized citizen? The voting age is 18. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah...I came here when I was 6 months old... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I've always wondered how a 6 month infant climbs fences and swims rivers? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hhahah...my family came here legally on a plane.
  22. Wait...have you registered to vote or are you not a naturalized citizen? The voting age is 18. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah...I came here when I was 6 months old...
  23. I'm 20 years old....and I've been here for 20 years....but I'm not eligible to vote.
  24. Use my PS 2 controller with a $5 (originally 10) Radio Shack usb converter....works great!!
  25. Here it is folks. The official unscientific poll for the presidential election. Who do you think will win? I hope Kerry does, but my gut tells me the Bush team will squeak out another close one....but it's ultimately to close to call.
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