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  1. The last few times I've deleted someone's stuff, I've felt a tinge of guilt, especially with this one chick a few weeks back. From my crude estimate, she must have had at least over 100+ buddies on her list, and it was just "delete delete delete." Who the hell has that kind of time!! By the way, after digging around their Netscape account (stupid how they have a "one password" all access setup) I found the person's university email and decided to look them up. To my surprise, it was actually a guy!! heheheh...his sn was rosebud.....hmmmmmmmmm In any case this pool has inspired me to continue on my unholy crusade to punish the mentally incompetent. From this day forward, I pledge that whenever I find an AOL or Yahoo account logged on in ANY lab, I'll make a poll and let the great members at 1emulation, the best emulation board on the web, to decide!!!
  2. Well, if I forgot to log off then that would be my stupid mistake, and deserve the reprecussions. With that said it looks like our members have voiced their choice and in a close (as of this post) 5-4 vote, someone's gonna have their stuff deleted. Thanks for helping me decide. I know you guys would not disappoint!!!
  3. A while back I made a topic concerning people leaving their AOL/Yahoo accounts logged on in my computer lab. Being fed up with these people's incompetence, I decided that I would start deleting buddy lists etc. to quench my annoyance with this. Now I have a particular situation where some chick I presume (from the sn) has left her username and password logged on. Instead of me deciding what action to take, we'll excercise our democratic ideals and values by letting 1emulation members decide. So get voting!! Someones buddy list rest in your hands!!
  4. Happy Birthday dude......oh yeah...lay of the Arcade Games!!!
  5. Jesus Flocking Christ!!! That stuffs for sissies and girlie men. I mean....I watched the Pokemon show for a little while but that's it!! Better to spend that money on cigarrettes are hiring a hitman to kill your ex's boyfriend...
  6. Yep, I reside in the good ole U. S. of A. Hmmm...I figured that was the case. I'll try stopping by my hardware store to see if they sell any. Thanks for the help.
  7. I'm thinking to get a japanese playstion to play some import games. I know there are other ways to do this but I'm set on going this route. Anyway, I know that typically hardware from othte countries use different voltages. If I do get a Japanese playstation will I have to worry about this, and how can I remedy this?? Thanks!
  8. If I met someone from 1emu.....I'd invite them over for a rousing game of Star Wars Stratego. No, no not really. I'd challenge him or her in some Soul Calibur or KOF.
  9. I love playing Metal Slug 2/X, mainly because there's a ridiculously hard end of the world battle with the aliens at the end, and you team up with the army dudes to defeat them. There's nothing like seenig a huge blast about to vaporize you but duck behind the army guys tanks as shield!! It's diabolical. Aside from that, I think the game is very innovative, music is great etc. Metal Slug 3 comes in a very close second. I just don't like the end battle and the fact that it's waaay to long of a game. Aside from that, its a gem.
  10. It varies for me....sometimes I spend less then a half hour, usually because my comp freezes up...or maybe 3+ hours for my viruscan to complete.
  11. That one chick at the very end on the left.....DAMN!! She was hot and if that ain't dediction, nothing is.
  12. Well I'm probably closer to being a crappy critic....I'm no film buff by any means but I do like movies and it's possible there might be some closet apiring film director buried deep in my soul. Anyhoot, all I can say is this film after, in going from the first Spidey movie, is just plain bad. Its one thing if I just thought the movie was bad, but my sister sitting in the seat next to me whispering "God this thing is bad!!! Um.......no. I'll say this for myself though. I've watched a fair amount of movies, anime etc. and I read alot of reviews on movies, so I've picked up on how critics critique them. This may not always be important. There are times I just want to sit down and watch a movie. Yeah, it may be flawed, but that's not the point. As long as it satisfies your appetite for action, mayhem etc, thats all that matters. But sometimes, when a movie is just plain crap (or close to it) there has to be a reason. The reasons reside 99% in the director, casting, script, lighting, sets and the list goes on. With Spiderman 2, there are so many problems from those aspects (mainly spript and acting) that it affects the overall package. Heck, just the scene transitions themselve were bad for I, not anywhere near an accomplished or competent critic, to notice. I found it extremely difficult to just look past some of these missteps and enjoy the movie. If only that were the case, instead of "God just please get to some action seen or let the movie end!!"
  13. Don't get me wrong. There are some things that worked in the movie. But overall, it just wan't as polished and seamless as the first Spidey movie. The scenes are not coordinated well, and the transitions between the smaller stories and plots were horrendous. I just couldn't get into the movie. I know that Raimi had to delve in Parker's dilemma's with his school and social life, but that takes so much precedent that it messes up almost everything else. The effects are great, I mean you can't really go wrong their. I think the anti-climatic ending together with the odd villain of Doc Ock just sunk this movie for me. I honestly tried to like this movie aside from some of these problems but from the profoud impact of the first Spidey movie....the sequel is just eye candy that doesn't cut it.
  14. I was totally shocked. I'm still left reeling from how this movie was a let down for from the first one. I left the theater thinking what a crappy movie.....now some of you may be surprised by my reaction but let me explain. The first Spidey movie was fabulous. The plot was solid, the villian was great, and all around it was directed very well. The transition from scenes was also done great. There was a steady progression of events that culminate to a fantastic showdown at the end of the movie. Overall a polished, exciting and enjoyable movie, with superb actors like Maguire and Wilem Dafoe. I guess I'm just a minority on this. I was sitting in the theater, as excited as anyone to watch the sequal I'd been dying to see!! The first half hour or so of the moive was fine. We see Parker trying to get his life together and stable, having problems at his work etc. That was fine, no problem. But then the movie begins to shift oddly. We start to see his realationship with Mary Jane disintegrate and the reluctant villain Doc Ock emerge. This is where the movie lost me. I'm sitting there like, Holy sh** this movie is turning out to be crap...Oh God please hurry to a scene with some action and explosions!! I found Aunt May to be horrendously annoying. She talks TOO much in the movie. I couldn't stand to hear anyone more of her sappy, long winded conversation with Peter. That scene could have easily been cut in half and the time better used elsewhere. Some of the comical segments in the movie were much welcomed. There were some in the first film, but Raimi uses many more in this installment. Okay, no problem there. So the movie chugs along, and for the life of me, I'm thinking " I just want to movie to end NOW: hurry up and fight Doc Ock and be done with it. The fight at the end wasn't even that great, not as exciting as Spidey's fight with the Goblin. Suffice it to say, virtually all major critics (if that counts for anything) loved the movie and gave it high marks. Roger Ebert stated that he disliked the first Spidey movie but the sequel was the best superhero movie he'd ever seen. I happend to go see this movie with my sister, and periodically, she would whisper to me "man this movie is bad"!! And I'm usually the more positive one!! There are other things in the movie that just didn't work for me. I would probably have to go see it again (when I'm not broke) to remember some other stuff. What's this?? I, Robot surpassed Spidey 2 as the number one movie!!
  15. You know, I think its actually Raising Storm. It sounds like "raging" but I don't think thats it. If you look at some move lists, it kinda goes back and forth. But on one GamePro SNK vs. Capcom faq it says "raising". Nonetheless it does sound very cool.
  16. There's nothing worse than sitting in a computer lab ( I'm in one now), trying to get work done, email, or just surf the web, and hear someone sending instant messages back and forth. I'm not just talking about the jingle being almost faint, so that its drowned out. I'm talking about it being lucdicrously loud. Are these people insane!! They have no respect for others whatsoever. To top it off, I even hear the ever popular "YOU"VE GOT MAIL!!" Come on people, cut the crap and turn it DOWN!! No one wants to here you conversing back and forth on *insert any IM with annoying jingle* with your friends in the lab. Go home and do it!! Another thing that pisses me off is the fact that people forget to log off *insert IM here* when they are finished on the lab computer. I have encountered this a handful of times. This is dangerous for many reasons. First, you can have your account hijacked and second, on some IM's your email is accessible/vulnerable. I'm a pretty mellow person but making this mistake is just sheer stupidity and likewise demands drastic measures. When I find myself in such an instance, I just delete the person's entire buddy list.....PROBLEM SOLVED. You might think this is heavy handed but thats the world for you. The lesson learned is be sure to log off the freckin IM!!
  17. Nintendo doing well is for everyone's benefit. All they needed to do was just hang in their and let all the PS2 hype die down. They have countless star power to draw from Mario, to Samus, to Link, that Starfox guy (hehe..I'm so ignorant ), Pokemon, the list goes on!! Plus they got a good in house team that can make games period. Thats what its all about, the games. Thats how newcomer Sony beat out the competition when it first came into the gaming industry. Thats something Gates & Co. need to learn. As for the DC, Sega just keeps screwing themselves over. It started with the Saturn. They came out early, which hurt them. I know even they didn't expect Sony, the new kid on the block, to wipe the floor with them. Its just one of those things. In any case, there was alot of hype about the Saturn then it blew over and Sony came in the picture...the rest is history. Sega was crippled with absorbing the cost of the Saturn. Fast forward a few years and the same fate befell the Dreamcast. Lot of hype, Whoa!! Here comes PS2 down the block= Byebye DC.
  18. My favs are in no particular order: 1. Battle Circuit 2. D&D Shadows Over Mystara 3. Vampire Savior 4. Super Gem Fighter
  19. I'm a college student, undecided major....work at the library.
  20. Finally Kof, Mslug and other games will get there do on a new board. About time they made the change...
  21. I like to read up on Maddox's stuff from time to time...great laughs. The Best Page In the Universe
  22. Yeah I watch decent amount, but school and an aging comp. have hindered me a bit. Some awesome series to checkout: Vandread..spectacular!! Vision of Escaflowne Witch Hunter Robin Naruto Inuyasha (surprised no one mentioned this!!) Hellsing (yeah its well known now..) Junni Kokki...just spectacular Rahxephon (like Eva but weirder) Heat Guy Jay (cool show, about a suave detective and his robot companion, kinda like Cowboy Bebop)
  23. Will be 20 in a few days... You need to dance better to get that choco bar.
  24. Mame runs to slow for me. Eventually when I get a new computer, I'll use Mame, but also keep using other emus like NRX and Kawaks. One gripe I have about Mame is all the different sets for one game. Its mind boggling!! But that's only a small somplaint, and being that it emulates so many games on different systems, I can understand. And it is a little bit more complex than say NRX or FB.
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