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  1. You and Diso.....lol....I have more top scores than you and Diso combined times 2!! Just give me my on high score table.. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You can't prove that though, because we don't have a table for it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Can't prove what LK?
  2. Good Lord Swithin.....you put to much into that one pal. Take a weeklong break...you deserve it. I just want to comment on some of the charges against Kerry on his voting record, especially on weapons and so forth. I think Swithin mentioned in his "essay" it was the post-Cold War era and there was bipartisan support to scale back some weapons funding. In any case, Dick Cheney, our vice president, voted with Kerry on many of those cuts that his Republican critics charge day in and day out.
  3. You and Diso.....lol....I have more top scores than you and Diso combined times 2!! Just give me my on high score table..
  4. Godamn.....how many first place finishes will I tally up!! I just went ahead and changed my custom title as you see it. Anon..... Newest Champions Sturmvogel is the new Monkey Lander champion! Today, 12:11 PM Sturmvogel is the new Snow Boarding champion! Today, 10:20 AM Sturmvogel is the new Rigelian Hot Shots champion! Today, 10:10 AM Sturmvogel is the new Rong champion! Today, 08:08 AM Latest Arcade Score Sturmvogel Scored 17255 points playing Monkey Lander Play Monkey Lander
  5. I gotta agree with Swithin. What it really boils down to is censorship. The games mentioned being an ingrained cultural reference, Nintendo is outreaching it's copyright infringement policy, just because this site promotes something Nintendo doesn't like.
  6. Yeah I gottcha.....some are probably lurkers who are just feeling the board out. But yeah there are a few who you've never seen on the arcade. Plus the flash games are readily free on the net anyways!!
  7. I've been here long before the Arcade was put up Agozer......but it sure keeps me coming, and that's a good thing.
  8. Holy shite!! 1emu members are being slaughtered by some Stormbird dude....someone save them!! Oh yeah....add more games.
  9. favorite series: 1. Vision of Escaflowne 2. Vandread 3. Rurouni Kenshin Movie: Macross Plus
  10. I sorry I'm so good guys....but you can still enjoy playing the games...cuz that's the point!! You probably won't be first place though.
  11. Good riddance....I'm always telling people she has no talent. Anyhoot here's a link to the mpeg of the SNL performance. It's hilarious....she keeps dancing even after she knows deep down she's ruined...hahahahhahah. Watch Ashlee Get Ruined The vid is at the end of the article.
  12. Beat Einhander (a square shooter) on hard with the Selene without dying...the greatest suicide run ever.
  13. stop it with the lies! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I would have no reason to lie Corn. If you knew the facts about the the Tetris scores being discussed, you'd shut your trap. The 1st place score is held by Jennyjenny, and is approximately 312,000. Even if the game I mentioned earlier was saved, I wouldn't have beaten the top score anyway. The ignorance of you're remarks makes me think you were half joking.
  14. I don't know if this is old news or not....but I just read on Gamespot that Halo 2 has been leaked on the internet. I don't have an X-box so I could care less....anyways here's the news page about the leak. Halo 2 leak
  15. Thanks for the vote of confidence L.S.D. Regardless, it's gonna take some serious concentration and many trys. You have no idea how fast it gets on lvl. 12 and 13. One mistake....just one misplaced piece, and your ruined. *sigh*
  16. I've actually gotten higher than my 2nd place score. I've gotten around 253.000 but it didn't get saved. The computers in my university lab disconnect from the network after 10-15 minutes of idle time. So when my game ended, I was disconnected and had to log in.....and my score didn't get saved..
  17. From what little I know of Japanese culture, I'm not surprised something like this has happened. There's an immense pressure on people to succeed....and for some I guess it was easier to take their lives.
  18. Given some time....I think I can beat the Tetris score. In any case, not all Tetris game's are EXACTLY the same. The speed can be differnt as well as other sorts of things...I could be wrong though.
  19. I was browsing Gamespot earlier today and got a chance to see the intro movie to the game, INTRO MOVIE. It's Gameplay footage 1. Anyone know who Veggeto is fighting...he's the guy in the last scene before it ends.
  20. Alexis my friend.....GET mIRC!! Save yourself the hassle.
  21. It doesn't seem like anyone knows.....or they don't want to say. Dude just get mIRC. You shouldn't have to do my quick procedure since Gamesurge will be listed there.
  22. I will confer with the powers that be in the channel here alexis....hold on.
  23. I assume you're using mIRC. If you have an older version, Gamesurge may not show up in the list. But I'll make it very simple for you to get on. Search for "Gamesurge" in google. The first two links will be the gamersurge site. Click on the second link, which says servers. On that page click Kanzai.CA server.....or whichever is best for you. And then type /join #1emu once on the server. I'm not trying to insult your intelligence......I'm sure you know how to use IRC...just covering my bases here with this explanation for you or anyone else who reads this. You can also add this server to your list....
  24. I saw the original japanese one, Ringu. Makes it less confessing when talking about the movies if you just refer to the titles correctly i.e. Ringu=Japanese. I think Ringu did a better job of building up the tension and suspense till the very end. It works more on a psychological level to scare you than it's U.S. counterpart. I also find it annoying that they're doing so many remakes. J-lo and Richard Geere are starring in a remake of the japanese film "Shall We Dance", a hilarious must watch movie..but in no way will the remake they're doing be able to convey what the original did.
  25. Doing an 'I feel lucky" search of "miserable failure" in Google and getting him:
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