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    Flocking Terrorists up the Arse til it bleeds and they scream for mercy. I like to torture them to the point that they cry like the little lillies that they are, until the pain is too much for them to handle.... so much that they would try to choke on their own blood in an attempt to end their own sorry lives. That's when I would stop and peel back his eyelids and force him to watch his daughter and wife jump from a 100 story building into the concrete. After they splatter into the ground I would wipe the blood off his eyes so that he can see his father crushed under a 2 ton limestone block. Then watch his mother suffocate from lack of oxygen while clinging on to her husband's leg... the only thing left of his tattered carcass she can recognize. Just as her eyes roll into the back of her head I would smash his teeth into the curb, strip him of all his belongings and watch him struggle to regain his sanity.

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