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  1. Man I havn't been on here in forever...hmmm...lets see maybe in some mountainous* area throw in a couple sexy maids and im good to go. But they have to leave when I dont need them around.
  2. so did you check it out? I was thinking about installing linux looks like pretty sweet but I don't have a keyboard and mouse
  3. For the love of Pete don't go see this movie. Do not waste your money on this work of art. Everyone in the theater left with there mouths open "Is that it" stupidest movie ever believe me
  4. I'm guessing other can mean nothing at all
  5. as far as I know it has encryption well at least my router does passphrase and wep encryption
  6. no you know the busy light keeps coming on every 3 seconds ( the light on the PC) loading light
  7. just installed my wireless card on my PC did all the required stuff and for some reason my PC like every 3 seconds it loads up ( a quick dash of loading ) doesn't effect anything it just gets on my nerves
  8. no Blackknight but the following home thing would be a good idea. but take stuff of his and break his legs now thats a good plan
  9. hell voldka is a universal drink mix it with anything and its great
  10. I mean I don't consider myself a saint I never hurt anybody or try to hurt anybody. I just can't believe that someone steals something never get caught by the police go on about life......and never get punished they never give a second thought about how the victim* feels how angry they are how hurt they are. Then I think does God let them get away with it I don't know anymore
  11. hell couple days after the texas kill robber story......someone breaks into my brothers car and steals something. See what I mean now someone has to pay for what they did. I truly believe they need to die
  12. I agree Devia Eleven new systems these days just more or less have more going on on screen at once. More processing power to put more polygons on screen and sharper images.
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