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  1. Finally got the issue resloved Emsley. I had ran across the snk site you just posted earlier today. I slaved away for nearly 4 hours (dialup *sigh*) downlading King of Fighters 2000 for NRX which turns out to have graphics glitches. The main menu is shot to hell.....in any case I said what the heck and started downloading Mslug 3 and thank God, after a little over 3 hours, it finished, I loaded the rom up and its perfecto!! Thanks for the help all though
  2. I use a PS2 controller with a USB converter from Radio Shack. I've used the Sidewinder which is okay, except I don't like the D-pad. It's kind of difficult to pull of some moves on fighters. I wish I'd known sooner that I could just buy a $10 PS/PS2 (now $5 when I bought another one!!) converter. Some of the places I went to like Circuit City, had really funky and crappy controllers, I mean there were rows and rows of them. By far the sidewinder was the best of the bunch, but just crap to use for me. Whether it's the PS or GC controller you like, you can find USB converters for pretty much any system. IMO the PS controller is the best.
  3. Yep, that screenshot is what my version looks like Emsley. I've been playing this so long it just looks normal to me lol. So I'm guessing I'm missing a file or need to swap in another one. Well Shin, the NRX gui is fine with me and I could care less about perfect sound. The bottom line is that using Kwaks for Neogeo games won't fly on my less than stellar computer( AMD 300mhz, 64mb ram). Capcom games are fine though.
  4. Hey everyone, I hail from the Buckeye state. My favorite systems are PS, Neogeo, GBA. I play mostly fighters and adventure games...obsessed with Einhander right now
  5. Hey, I'm a new member so hello to all. Well, I've had Metal Slug 3 for NRX for quite a while. The game works perfectly except for the slug status bar at the top not showing up. Just wanted to know if this is normal for the NRX version or is the copy I have missing something ( file is mslug3nd, 38.1 mb). I also have this rom for Kawaks and the status bar for the mslug shows up there. Any ideas??
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