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  1. They must have been really confdent and making good money....or else they would have done this conspicuously. If I was them I would have created code words for acquiring the goods, Like "hey you wouldn't haappen to have those "special" xboxs eh."
  2. Apartment 26 Linkin Park Nickelback Hoobastank Eminem The Neptunes J-pop T.M. Revolution Maya Sakamoto Hikaru Boa Composers: Yoko Kanno
  3. I don't think this will go anywhere....most likely the componets that make up this application will be used to do something else.
  4. Agreed...he's flocking aweful! I'll grant that some of his rhymes are ok...but he ain't the bastard child of Eminem.
  5. Just so you know, you don't need the KOF2003 NeoRAGEx hack. EGCG plays it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Which version of EGCG? I think I have the latest one but I don't think Kof2k3 will run on it....
  6. You should make a thread for this...that way ppl can enter tourneys and such.
  7. Yeah...there has to be some risk involved...everyone puts in an entry fee of say..500 credits. Per guild that is...or users can have a temp alliance and enter. Whoever wins the tourney gets a big jackpot.
  8. I'm sure we can get ppl playing...especially if its a collaberative effort. And what do you mean with "by ins"?
  9. That's flocking awesome!! It's not that expensive...maybe I'll get one with my laptop...
  10. Member of the year: Gryphonklaw Agozer Fatal Rose Mod/Admin of the year: Gamecop James Agozer Most helpful Member of the year: James Gryphonklaw Agozer Arcade Member of the Year: Sturmvogel Razer Disoblige Weirdest Member of the year: 666Ghost Fatal Rose Axl
  11. How abot incorporating the Arcade? We could start tournaments and pit guilds against each other. Whoever wins will be awarded credits....
  12. I think I know what you look like axl...remember....irc channel....photobucket...you gave me your password. I assume thats a pic of you with that one woman.
  13. I didn't like the Spidey sequel. The best sequels I think are Terminator and Star Wars (eps 4, 5, 6). Oh and maybe Kill Bill Vol. 2.
  14. Minus talking on AIM that's pretty much a typical day for me Gryph...
  15. Well it's purt of your guild's funds for reviving you and such. I assume since Diso's the guildmaster, he has control over that.
  16. His money won't mean squat if he's dead all the time.... Well, its kill or be killed.
  17. I don't think wirelss internet is that bad. Sure it may occasionally go down (like when I'm piggybacking off someone else) but the speed is decent and streaming works well too. That's why I'm getting a laptop...for the free wireless lan at home and school.
  18. I'd bring back Archimedes. He was a brilliant man....god knows what he'd be able to accomplish in a year's time.
  19. Dude...sucks to be you!! Let this be a lesson to some of you....BACK UP YOU FLOCKING COMPUTER!! Cuz shite like this can happen.....but honestly, you should have prepared for this situation, especially if you're gonna be screwing around with your HD and you lost your stuff before.
  20. I would switch firewalls if I were you..mabye Zone Alarm. About that sig pic and you suck with "X" browser. What it does it intercepts or looks at your browsers request to the server. They way to counter it is to mask your web browsers identity..or even tell it to act like its another browser. Supposedly you have this option in some browsers. I don't have experience with this but a friend of mine told me about it.
  21. It's Winterfresh for me....yeah Altoids are powerful as hell. Take more than five and you overdose and die!
  22. You gotta do what's important...so work hard. I'll miss you on the Arcade. *weeps*
  23. Haha Diso....I really didn't even have to try. Maybe it was my crappy computer. I also noticed that it lists the tournaments you've won below your avatar with the other info. I'm the only one who has it lol....
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