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  1. not really, where did you learn that? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What? I thought that was common knowledge. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, I was thinking the same thing...I learned it from the internet, but not that God hates the French...cuz that's a fact.
  2. Wow that's grizzly.....well, you know what I always say. God hates the Fench, that's why they've lost all their wars.
  3. Same here dude. Just started using it...meh, as long as Animesuki and the like are up, I'm content.
  4. Don't know, but they sure as hell won't try taking on IRC again to stop file sharing. At least not anytime soon I think. The only change I've seen is maybe self-regulation, in the case of DALnet which strictly prohibits channels for the sole use of file sharing. It might be a wise move to avoid a future crackdown if one should come, kinda like 1Emu and no roms.
  5. Way back when I was really into mostly Marvel comics. Then the anime bug hit and I never looked back. I still find the Marvel characters and universe interesting, like X-men, Spiderman, and Silver Surfer. I never bought comics persee, but I did at one time read the free one's available at Marvel's site. The last comics I remeber reading and enjoying was Origins (revelation on Wolverine's past) and The Death and Return of Superman. I've also been meaning to read Kingdom Come.....I know its been out for a long time. Basically it set in the future where superheroes are in their later years (40's to 50's) and the comic delves into what the world would be like.
  6. I agree. There can definately be some tweaks and add-ons to the system. I don't think the admins/mods are envisioning this to be anything near an RPG.
  7. Jeez, I thought we'd have more time with this bittorent...p2p has been hampered but its still alive. Maybe another successor to p2p is in order.
  8. Email and the internet...this is all very new and perplexing for lawmakers to work out....gonna take some time, but we do need some type of spam law on the books.
  9. http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2004-1...RM_Exclude=Juno I caught this story on the morning news. I didn't get what was going on at first except that some woman had kidnapped a baby...obviously there was much more to it than that.
  10. I see your point Daeval. But you're missing something. Your reasoning is along the lines of "hey the're supposed to register anyway, no harm no foul." That's true...but does that mean hypothetically, that the govt, if it chooses to, can use tactics that are deceptive in nature in order to further some goal. This goes beyond just "getting names". What if the govt decides to listen in on your conversations, or bug your home with no probable cause, but just because they deem it neccessary for national security reasons. They can argue as you have, and say "hey, if you're not a terrorist , or breaking any laws, you don't have to worry". But getting back to this issue of SS, I don't see the point of the govt. putting up a stand to get names. You'd have a hard time living and functioning in the U.S. if you didn't register with SS. And for the third time, SS is not a "draft". It was created in case the country faced a national emergency, and able bodied males would be needed. Even if the govt. did use it as a draft, it would take years to train a soldier, at 1 million a piece. If they didn't train us, no point in drafting us.
  11. Obviously Saiyan, when it all boils down. But latin is not much of a spoken language, and does not have the complexities of cultural appropiatness, formality, context etc. We should seperate these into at least two categories, Spoken and Uncommonly Spoken/Dead languages.
  12. All male residents who legally reside in the U.S. must register for SS. What it all boils down to, as I said previously, is that the U.S. govt believes that a national pool of able bodied men is needed in case of a national emergency. I think what we should be worried about is the back dorr draft for those already enlisted. Not the stop loss orders being issued by the military, but the calling up of individuals who have served their enlisment and dischared themselves. Yet the military has ordered them back, regardless of the fact that they'er terms are up and they have a contract that staes this.
  13. Meh...I would almost say I'm an anime freak, but not like the rest of these guys. I listen to Jpop/rock, thanks to anime, and to me the language is beautiful. However...(read my post on previous page about the one guy in my class) I don't wear it on my sleeve like a religion and run my mouth about the Japanese stuff I know to sound cool. Yeah Daeval, the book Sultan and I use is Japanese:The Spoken Language (JSL). It uses an adaptation of the Shin-kunrei-shiki 'New Official System.' The romanization might look funny to you but you can still recognize it hehe. I'm familiar the romization you've learned (and what's on the net) since I listen to Japanese music and try to memorize song lyrics. JSL has "I", watashi, as watasi. So the "shi" as you know it is "si" in JSL romanization. It makes more sense to me the old way. Another slight change is "chi". JSL has it as "ti", as in tiisai, instead of "chi". Utimately though, the romanization is just a reminder and whats important are the actual characters in kanji, hiragana etc.
  14. Awesome Magnis....I've seen a few of those, ppl use them for their avatars. I wonder how you create those. Must be a lot ot work...
  15. Yes, it is unfortunate. Africa is my homeland and all. Of course when there is so much misinformation, such as having sex with a virgin will cure you, what do you expect? We give them condoms and they don't use them. Something tells me ( and genetics has shown) that a genetic mutation may occur where individuals are immune. This already exists in European populations. Maybe the onslaught of Aids will select for it.
  16. Okay....girls' underwear in vending machines was far enough, but this!! A great gift for Fatal though.
  17. Tyotto matte!! I woudn't say its easier. There are certain aspects that make it a little more difficult compared to Chinese or Korean vice versa. Each language has its challenges.....like Chinese and tones. Yeah Sultan, sorry if I sounded a little harsh...nothing directed at you. But that makes sense, the program being brand new. It's definately a fun classroom experience, but I'd be worried about your teacher! Maybe you guys are terrible and she can't take it hehhe . Btw what book were you using? We're using JSL...its okay.
  18. Yeah, its pretty simple, as already mentioned. You set it up through your bank account. If I remember right, you are limited to $500 a month. Not a problem for most I would think.
  19. Well...thank you for that informative comment James. I'm sure even you could get Mame to run on a AMD k6 300mhz, 64mb Ram with ATI RageII with 2mbs computer. Alas...a noob such as I can't manage that...
  20. Ummm...WTF!! What language class were you in Sultan? Japanese for business?! If you actually paid attention to your studies, you'd know that it was distal style (ie. polite) Japanese you were learning. The japanese in anime is informal and rude, some of which you rarely ever say to someone. Did you honestly expect to go in and after the first few classes speak informal Japanese? Typically, one does not start with the direct stlye (ie. informal) japanese. That comes later as you learn new structures and predicates. By now though, you should know that dropping the copula "desu" will make something direct style. And I just started taking the language... Just curious, what crap of a school are you attending...I honestly can't believe you're being taught that way, assuming its not a business oriented course.
  21. What? What does kaillera have to do with updating emulators? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well...for the best performance you wanna have the newest emu as the other ppl you're playing with. Most ppl on the servers have the lastest versions...correct me if I'm wrong hehehe.
  22. Actually, they say that finnish is the hardest languge. Japanese sounds strikingly similar, althought they are nowhere near eachother historically. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Its definately one of the hardest....not THE hardest.
  23. Yeah....this was hilarious. I'm taking Japanese right now so I can relate, especially with the parag. above. There is this one guy in my ACT class (its all in japanese) who fits that above description like white on rice!!! I absolutely HATE him. His voice is high and annoying. I literally want to kill him with my bare hands. He wears the same Inuyasha hoody four times a week. He spouts all this crap about japan, acting like a know-it-all but he flocks up half the time when callled on to speak. I honestly didn't think people like him existed... I desperately hope he is not in my ACT class next quarter.....I may just committ suicide
  24. How long is "a while" in your case? I'm jut curious. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well....last kawaks update I have is 1.46. Can't rember FBA (not on my comp now) but its a pre-neogeo playable one...has nine in it. The only thing I update is NRX, to play new roms on my super slow ass six your old computer. Another reason I don't update often is the fact that my ping is to sucky for kaillera, so I'm not motivated to update my emu's...... Hmm...I'll look forward to the new FBA....about time it plays neogeo games.
  25. Hehe...well its new to me Agozer...I haven't udated my emu's for a while...meh.
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