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  1. Coming from Emsley, must be legit. ....just realized how old this post is. Is Emsley even still alive?
  2. HAHA! Ting Tings? Yeah their pretty big here in Southern California man!Sucks about the Mexican place, I would probably kill myself if my favorite Mexican place closed down, flocking love Mexican food!
  3. You've probably already check but, the yellow book is a great resource, and google maps. Look for, billiard shops and what not. I'm not sure how it is in Wisconsin. I wish you luck though.
  4. Tell that to users who believe the internet only offeres MySpace, Email, and Google! But seriously, Die IE. Die.
  5. Thats usually not the disk's fault. Thats your dreamcast giving you problems, maybe the laser is misaligned or its just about to die. If the disk works, it'll work the first time, assuming you used a, blank scratch-free, CDr.
  6. Yeah..... unplug your internet now. Thank you... Seriously.
  7. Whoa, didnt realize they were going so black metal... Sounds like everyone is trying to go their own way. Joey(Drum) is doing a lot of black metal beats. Mick and Jim(guitars) are sticking with numetal Corey(vocals) more of a thrash-ish kinda thing going.
  8. Well you never know, there's bound to be some random fanboy about. True, I know a few. I pity them...
  9. Under Defeat. Finally got my free Xbox360 controller, was compelled to use it with NullDC. My Dreamcast is jealous... Great game by the way.
  10. Man, the one day I visit... I see this?! Great comedian, he will be missed.
  11. My sister's campus has the same thing. Apparently the login thing only applies to windows PCs, Thats at her campus. Umm check if the console your using allows connecting with a BSSID(mac address) Get a linux PC and use programs like Airodump or MDK3 to find the ESSID. Backtrack has all the necessary programs on a live disk, you might want to check that out. Airodump-ng(included with the aircrack-ng) can probe the ESSID if there are clients connected to the AP. MDK3 allows you to bruteforce the ESSID.
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