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  1. What a shame Agozer...was looking forward to hearing you. Oh welll...oh crap. What time is the radio show again!! I might tune in live...
  2. Your sarcasm detector is broken. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What sarcasm detector? Meh...nevermind. What's really broken is my bullshit detector.
  3. Let this be a lesson to you...back everything up!! But seriously, that was definately a "crap your pants" moment. It would be for me. Don't forget to change the topic in #2emu...hahhhahah.
  4. Okay....every corner of the earth has its nut jobs/demented individuals who do horrible things...whether its some Missouri woman who cuts a baby from its womb, or a french nurse who decapitates patients. There's plenty to go around so its useless to point fingers. Anway I don't think Japan is becoming facist...it's just that the other countries around them are hostile or non-democratic as compared to Japan. As already mentioned, they have a quasi military force...the SPD (Special Defense Force). They cannot attack or take any preemptive action.
  5. Indeed. It's typical experience for many Korean Japanese whose family have been in Japan for generations, to be discriminated against. As well as other individuals with mixed heritage. In particular, they have it the worst, since many of them want to go back to Korea, but face many hurdles being that they are not culturally Korean, speak little of the language. So they cannot assimilate back in. In Japan, their are schools which those of Korean descent attend...and we haven't even mentioned foreigners yet hhehehe... Despite being a modern industrial country, many remnants of class stratifcation exist from past periods in Japan's history. Their views in general on foreigners are not expected to be as positive.
  6. And this statement is based on what? Your undying love for japanese video games? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No, the fact that the japense econemy is high, the school's are great to learn what I love, and and the love for video games is just a add-on to the wonderfull country, and who here disagress with me that the US sucks? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> This has to be the most stupid statement I have ever seen. If you read and study economy, you will know that Japan's economy is on the slump. The schooling system in Asia (and especially Japan) has to be the most torturing and punishing system in the world that will drive people going suicidal. Man, you just in it for the videogames, isn't it? Grew up! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You mean "Grow up" LSD Anyways, since 2001, the Japanese economy has been dropping, and it just keeps on doing so slowly. A great example is the wrestling community there, the big draws for the local crowd is barely 2400 people, they'd be happy if they just hit 1000. And no, "wrestling is crap" doesn't work here. Because it's just one of the many things that earns money in Japan, it has international fans, but the main draw is some stupid sheit called the WWE. Onto the school system, it's really is frightening. Parents will do anything for their children to get into a decent school. Children will go no length like their parents to achive the status. Teens sleeping with teachers and divorced mothers having sex with the same teachers just to get some grades up to move on. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I don't think it's meaningful to go into such occurrances Wiz. Japan definately has issues in regards to extreme societal pressures on its citizens. One could just as easily mention U.S. problems...or the manifestations of them. I think what one can say about Japan is that as a people they have alot going for them. Their population is highly educated, and their students are among some of the best educated in the world. In addition, the general infrastructure is very efficient. But at what cost is this all attained? This is a problem that they are facing and have been dealing with for quite some time. In addition to their rapidly aging workforce.
  7. I think many of the serious points made on 4ch are valid. From the little time I've spent studying the history and language, and I'm sure most of you know, Japan is in some ways very isolated, despite the rapid modernization and westernization it went though. I think that article is bit overblown. I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle.
  8. Oh shut up....he had porn mags his mansion. And he sleeps with kids. Lock the wacko away!
  9. Wait a minute....if you don't click on them, how would you close them?? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You use firefox, so they don't open in the first place. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> First thing I did when i got my laptop a few weeks ago was install Firefox, and haven't seen a pop up yet. But if a pop up does appear, you'd have to click on it to at least close it. Just hope that doesn't infect the comp.
  10. Meh...I was thinking to come on as a guest...but there's little I could contribute as far as emulation goes. I wouldn't mind providing some sample music for playing though.
  11. Are you referring to those people who use some other browser than IE as "ones with brains"? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, that's one thing, but more specifically those who don't click on every email attachment, or open every.exe that a porn or warez site pops up on their browser, etc. I suppose I should have specified "real life situations for most of us." <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ah, much better. I'm just glad that my mom isn't that interested in computers, although I always keep watch while she does something on this machine. *Most* of my friends are educated enough not to click on those popups and scripts and whatnot. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Wait a minute....if you don't click on them, how would you close them??
  12. Found a new link! http://www.neowin.net/forum/lofiversion/in...hp/t270749.html
  13. Oh man Gryph...it was hilarious. It's that one afro knunchucks guy who does a backflip and falls on his face? It's all over the net....but in this instance he takes on Laserhead...and loses! Hhahahhaha... I hope I didn't cause the site to get suspended by linking to it.
  14. This is just to much.... http://www.eatingpebble.com/freddan/afroni...s_laserhead.gif
  15. Hmmm...after seeing the trailer, I'm not impressed. I don't think Jessica Alba was a good choice for The Invisible Woman. She's to young to play her. They weren't thinking to cast the part correctly, but instead they were going for "some babe" to play the part.
  16. Just started using Azureus, but I don't know how to select which files or eps. I want from a torrent with Azureus so...? EDIT: Nvrmind...
  17. Check out half.com. It's part of ebay if I remember correctly. Also, try buying your books from other students...they'll get more money from you than if they sell it back to a store, as well as selling it to you cheaper.
  18. Right Wiz...as well as update to Service Pack 2. As for codecs...I think I have the most up to date ones...as far as playing my files are concerned. But upgrading WMP I can do. Yeah..i've been hearing good things about Media player classic...tried it out today. Played the vids without a problem...but I'm not sure if the problem is solved.
  19. Sounds like a good idea... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I apologize for being insincere...I found your ranting over the past few months, about how no one likes you and you are alone, a bit wimpy. But truth be told you have some serious family issues to sort through.
  20. Well I don't think that's it. I've played other vids and they all work fine. But this avi file just stutters a bit then plays okay. This has happened in both WMP and VLC. I guess if you don't have any other suggestions I'll probably let it go...although I do want to get the the bottom of this..'.
  21. I have an.avi episode of something and when playing it on my laptop, the sound sometimes skips..or actually the vid skips a tiny bit at the beginning. After the first 20 secs or so it plays fine. I've ruled out the players I use, WMP and VLC. I also tried playing the file on a lab comp. It played with no skips. All of the other vids I've played on my comp work fine..but this just bugs me. I'm just hoping its not a performance issue on account of my laptop... My laptop specs: Windows XP SP1 (gotta upgrade to SP 2) Pentium 4 3.0mhz 512 DDR ram ATI mobile radeon x600 Video Mem: 64mb
  22. Shall We Dance....a really funny movie.
  23. I suggested something along those lines already....either turning into a zombie or a vampire. In any case that would be a great idea...and perhaps adding a more powerful weapon...like an atomic bomb. For lvl 50 members only
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