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  1. Perhaps he's trying to get the thugs off the streets by luring them in with a GTA'ish rpg. This way they can get hooked on it and not commit real crimes..since th're busy playing the MMO.
  2. I don't think they'll cap ISP's in the U.S. As it was mentioned, it wouldn't do to well with some consumers, and the industry can't afford that. Also, the next big thing being on the web will be media content. As in streaming movies, tv etc. A cap would definately effect this...and I don't think ISP's are willing to take that hit.
  3. Create an ebay account. It helps to have a bank account so you can set up paypal (the preferred way to pay on ebay). Then just search for what you're looking for and bid.
  4. Thanks for looking Alexis....I already ordered one of the Acer laptops. Those Dells you posted look decent. There is some important info missing that I'd want to know for those Dells if I were gonna buy one. First, a bit more detail on the wireless LAN. Does it support 802.11 b/g and what's the weight. Also, I'm pretty sure I didn't see a DVD burner on the two Dell's. And Lastly, the hardrive is a tad small.
  5. MSG 3 hands down...I'm gonna have to import the jap. version. '
  6. Here's what I'm looking for in a computer Alexis: 2.8mhz processor or higher 512mb of RAM installed Graphics Card- a low end ATI will do DVD+-RW/CD-RW Combo And the fact that I will have cheap wireless LAN at school makes me lean toward a laptop. And you won't find one with the specs I listed for $700-800. I'm in this for the long haul as well.
  7. Damn, those things are badass. Pretty big and heavy though, I think about 14 lbs. That thing transcends normal laptop-ness with it's desktop components. What's the battery life on that thing? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah...you guys thing 10lbs would be to heavy? That's the weight (acutally 9.9 hehehe) of those laptops I'm looking at.
  8. Okay...thanks. Those two laptops are virtually similar...except that the more pricey one can burn DVD-RAM. I'll have to think about it...that's alot of money to be spending hehhe. Thanks for the advice though.
  9. Wiz...I don't know how to put a PC together....much less what to buy. But yeah Newegg is good...bought something from their recently. Sorry, missed your last question Gryph...I'm not much of a PC gamer besides emulation. I wouldn't mind having a low-mid end ATI Radeon though...
  10. Thx for replying Gryph.... Umm....well see my school has wireless LAN. And I may have access to wireless lans in my neighborhood. Thing is, I probably won't have broadband at home.....so having a desktop with similar specs as the laptops I posted are worthless to me. Also I haven't seen any desktops in the price range I wanted with decent specs (max I'll spend is around $1400). I need something for the long haul so I wouldn't mind buying one of the two laptops. And yeah, I'd be interested in having a PC built....any suggestions on where to go for this? To K'Dash: I skimmed Dell....but they don't offer this much power in their laptops at my price range...check it out for yourself. But I agree they have nice laptops.
  11. http://fatwallet.pricegrabber.com/search_c...ed+Products.y=3 Should I opt for a desktop instead? Can't seem to find one that has these features...at a reasonable price.
  12. http://www.canada.com/technology/story.htm...7d-2e4fbfaf1329
  13. Wrong! It does matter of they are American or not. Lets do the math. 1 American= 1000 (Indians, Sumtrans, Indonesians etc) 3000 Amercians died on 9/11. So that would be equivalent to 3,000,000 lives lost compared to those other people. So 9/11 was by far worse. They weren't Americans...many of them were poor, backwater villagers who wouldn't make any significant contribution to society. Twenty years from now, no one will care about those people or that area....
  14. Hmmm......lousy job on the part of the embassy. I guess its not always a privilege to be an American citizen abroad.
  15. Dude...I think the rat poison over the fence is a good idea.
  16. There is no meaning of life in any spiritual sense or philosophical...it only has the meaning you give it.
  17. Somebodies been pursuing ebaum's world to much. If you hate the dog that much Alexis......perhaps you can lay some rat poison out. Or better yet throw it in the dog's yard. Then wish the pooch a bon voyage. That's what some idiot was doing in Columubus. Killed like 10 dogs hahahahah....
  18. Yeah...more people confirmed dead. My motto for life is **** happens...try to get out of the way when it does...
  19. -Excercise a lot more - Get a car (buses suck)
  20. RPS championships.....sounds like something the Japanese would dream up. Yeah, this is going to far for a mundane game like this, but hey people have their interests.
  21. Meh..it was okay. It could have been better. The music was subpar. The opening track would have been better at the end. A good way to start it off would be to use that Stepen Hawking bit about 1Emulation as the intro. I told Gryph to use some of it but he didn't! In addition, we need more people to take part. I wouldn't mind getting on....it doesn't take that much guts. I know you guys were winging it's okay. Just need to better organize the music...topics etc. as well as get more people (with good mics) to take part.
  22. USA Today has it at 117,000 now. And the harbringer of death thread rolls on. If I could I'd go their myself and help but I can't. Meh, as sad as it is, life goes on for the rest of us */me goes back to fragging Russian soldiers in MGS3*
  23. Irregardless....we need Stephen Hawking and Mr. Roboto on our New Year's broadcast. The theme for this broadcast should be... "OMFG the machines are taking the world over!!".
  24. You know how it is Kanti...1 American death = 1000 other ppl deaths. Yeah LSD..this thread is the harbringer of death...after that gigantic tsunami that is...but don't put it on us. Blame your god and/or snake, pet tarantula.
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