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  1. Well...I got my Logitech mouse I ordered today. Thought it would be simple to install but apparently not. I'm missing a file called "mouhid.sys". Called Logitech tech support and they walked me through some things. Basically the guy told me I need a WinXP OS disc to get that file....but my laptop didn't come with it so.... Anyone know where I can get this file? I tried googling it, and ran into dead ends.
  2. I created myself yesterday....a damn good representation I might add. But I can't figure out how to just save the picture by itself. When you do print sceen/paste...it saves the whole page. So uhhh....
  3. I can reveal the secret to you Diso..if you'd like. I'll pm it to you...
  4. I couldn't follow most of that weird comuter jargon and numbrs....but 7.2ghz is ridiculously fast. Imagine 50 years from now....they'll be scoffing at our single digit processor speed when they have like 1000ghz....
  5. Outside... I belive it's that thing with the sky&sun texture in the top, and people models walking around. There are few strange things about outside: 1) When you talk to someone more then once, he/she will have different answers. 2) There is no loading bar when you walk from one area to another. 3) You don't get attacked by monsters when you walk outside of a city... No that's not true. 4) When people hit you, you don't see any red numbers floating abouve you. I am still trying to figure out where you can enable it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The Matri...I mean the MMORPG has you....free your mind my son..
  6. Well...it is cold so I'm not outside for very long. I walk to classes on campus. Take the bus every morning so I walk for about 10 minutes to the stop. Other then that I'm inside. A lot of short trips for me...
  7. I'm sure you know that your download rate will not remain constantly high. It ebbs up and down as you download. Another thing to keep in mind is the seeders. Some people have really crappy upload speed. Lastly, if your torrent has a green smiley face, then your good to go. If not, then as mentioned before its probably a NAT problem. Usually, as K'dash mentioned, some Isp's block ports that Azureus uses. If your still having trouble, go to portforwarding.com. Or just google "portforwarding", and you should find faqs guiding you on how to configure your router to open ports and get rid of the yellow smiley to make it green (green means no problems )
  8. Yeah...it can be random. The most balanced and fairest way to do it. I just submitted games that I liked playing..
  9. It's about damn time hahhahah.... Hmm...what games to nominate 1.Albatross Yeti Overload 2. Classroom Fighter (Diso's favorite game ) 3. Rong 4. Bubbles 5. Canyon Gilder 6. Equilibrium 7. Fire At Will 8. Four Balls 9. Paper Throw 10. Love That will do for now....
  10. Yeah that's what I said earlyth. But the A-bomb isn't worth it anyway. However f you like the other perks....then post away.
  11. Hmm...I was on Kaillera and a lot of the emu's being used were mame32k 0.64 april 2003 i thinnk. Now I know that doesn't mean that its the latest Mame version but... Yeah...stopped using Romcenter a long time ago, since all I used was mostly NRX and Kawaks a little bit. I guess I'll give it a try...but I know that my roms are for the most part in working order.
  12. As most of you know, I dumped my old ibm for a new computer. So I figured I'd switch over to Mame now that I can run it. However most of my roms don't work. I guess my crc's don't match (speaking of mame32k 0.64) which I think is the case. When I load a rom a window displays files that are missing or whatever. I know I should know more about this stuff considering I post at this site...but my I haven't udated my emu's in so long...I guess I don't even know where to start. I don't even know if it's a crc problem. In any case, as of now I'm using Kawaks 1.47. I just wanted to see if some of those roms would work on the mame version I mentioned before... EDIT: Crap...should have read the rules more carefully. This doesn't belong here since it would kind of fall under emulator help...oh well just delete it.
  13. Meh...I guess those perks are okay, but unless you practically live here and are shooting for being an ultra member, its business as usual. Very few members will reach it.......actually that might be the point!! .
  14. I didn't quite follow what was the cause of the problem Prican. So the operating system on your niece's computer is WinXP? And you say the sound is not working due to Service Pack 1. Well...then uninstall SP1 and see if it works. Just seems kinda obvious to me...but I'm no computer guru by any means.
  15. I was gonna mention Guilty Gear but I assumed most ppl know about that. Hmm...I can't really think of any. Actually..something just came to me. Tales of Symphonia is a really great game. It's an rpg with real time 3d battling system. You can play with four players, or else the AI controls them. During an anime showing at my univesity some people were playing the import in the lecture hall next to us. They projected the game onto a huge screen..it was pretty cool. I was wondering what game that was and caught the title during a pause of the game. I think it's gotten decent reviews...not sure if its a game for everyone. But it fits what your looking for. It's partly beatem' up and its turn based. You just need some friends to play with.
  16. Being a long time Megaman fan, I found the this game to be somewhat frustratingn and boring....I'd gladly go back to the 2D glory days. Command Missions looks much better though...might check that out.
  17. Yes..indeed it is. You're so cruel. *sob* /me is 21 now
  18. Lighten up Billy Kane!!? I share in his pain. Tell you what....run down to radio shack and buy their cheap converters. Last I saw they were down to $5. They might have released a newer version...probably still cheap though
  19. Happy birthday to me!! Ahhhhhh...have a japanese interview tomorrow, got to study .
  20. That's really sad man....I have a $10 usb converter from Radio Shack and it works with every emu I've tried. How much did you pay for that??!
  21. All I know is Azureus is a resource hogg....but I still use it anyway. Maybe you should try ABC.
  22. Philly's my old hometown so go Eagles!! Plus they haven't won in quite a while.
  23. Yeah, as Gryph said already, he's recorded the stream. Goob job hosting Gryph. We just need more guests and trivia prize questoins next time...like they do on Regis and Kelly..hahahahha
  24. Alright, that would be the best. What a shame Agozer...was looking forward to hearing you. Oh welll...oh crap. What time is the radio show again!! I might tune in live... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Check this: http://wheretheromsat.cjb.net/ <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I looked at the official announcement. It said 3pm so I'm figure that's eastern time..
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