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  1. I get like that sometimes. If I a certain amount I feel kinda sick. Usually keep it light, bowel of cereal or pop tart.
  2. Hey I liked Batman Beyond! The opening was really cool, especially the music. Meh...maybe I'm just nostolgic for the good ole days...
  3. I haven't been reading good things about this program Gryph. http://www.download.com/3640-2092_4-10233630.html
  4. The way the character is drawn (from what little i can see) doesn't really resemble an anime type depiction. But even if it did, that doesn't translate to anime being crap. This thread is slowly leading to a referendum on anime....
  5. Here's what I would do...since as far as I know you can't hack a rar. Do a bolean search in google i.e. "name of iso" + "rar password" or just "password" ex. Soul Blade + rar password It's worked for me before. If that doesn't find the info for you, lets hope someone knows how to hack rars. I can't rule out that its impossible.
  6. Seriously...I think it's your video card. Up till about a month ago, I'd been using 7 year old ibm (amd k6 300mhz 64mb ram) and it had an ATI Rage II 2mbs graphics card!! It ran kawaks and other emu's perfectly. If possible you should get a new comp....but you probably can't afford that. Shoot for a low end graphics card. Save up little by little and you'll get it in no time.
  7. Those senators never thought of that did they...kids downloading the games, idoitos. Anyway, I actually don't mind their efforts. If they pass this bill then maybe they'll sit back on their hunches and pat themsevles on the back, thereby leaving the game industry alone. Of course, I don't agree with their motives for the bill, that games cause violence.
  8. Har har Chaotica!! Right you are...they should make the Minister of Playtime. Anyways, just a few minutes ago, Sunday Morning aired a piece about the new show in the works. They talked to cartoon historians who felt that this attemp by Warner Brothers to revamp the characters is going beyond the scope and won't work. The reporter went around playground with a drawing of the new Bugs...one kid said it was an evil Bugs Bunny . A Warner Brothers rep. interviewed said that they are trying to extend the franchise..blah blah blah...and the characters are meant to stand on their own. At the end, the piece hinted at WB trying to respond to rivals programming that are hugely successful, as in DBZ, Spongebob etc. I think I'm starting to agree with you more Gryph...being that it will end up being ridiculously lame.
  9. My 56k ain't touching that....hahha Anyway, I understand what you're saying...but such is the case with these kind of things. I think for the creators of this show, as long as the youngsters enjoy the show (and it makes money due to that), it's a success. And having a remake or whatever you want to call it, isn't always bad. Look at Tiny Toons. I grew up watching that and loved it. It wasn't the original characters (though they did make frequent cameos) but I thought it was decent.
  10. Whoa there fella...anime and crap don't belong in the same sentence... It's a trend that will continue to follow. Look at TMNT on FOX. It sucks cock but hey...we're not the target audience for it. Unless you're planning to watch the show then forget it.
  11. Who says its desecration? It's just a constant cycle of out with the old and in with the new...no need to lament our generation.
  12. http://www.guardian.co.uk/weekend/story/0,,1409903,00.html I was purusing slashdot and came across this article. Pretty interesting...it's hard to believe that we all potentially have such abilities locked away. I wish I had his skills to learn Japanese faster hahaha...
  13. It would be the ideal world if we all coud "show something off" to the ladies upon first metting them.
  14. Indeed...these whippersnappers are out of control. A burger....A BURGER!! You kill your sister over a burger?? Damn..maybe she was starving. Oh....btw R.I.P. Diso...Ryuken got you good roffle..
  15. You know...that teen does have a point. He said "life is like a videogame, you've got to die sometime. It is kinda twisted but true. But that doesn't mean you go out and kill cops and dispatchers...
  16. I can see those ant-violence advocates jumping all over this with glee....obviously something has got to be wrong with the kid who did this. People don't understand that individuals who are twisted or messed up to begin with find solace in games like GTA. So they were bound to act out eventually. It's not the game that makes them commit violence...
  17. Hey....welcome back. This place is a lot more dangerous than it used to be. Did you know 1Emulation actually possess nuclear weapons...eat that Saddam!! Rite...so enjoy your stay.
  18. Yeah I'm sure there is...I called Logitech again and they really didn't help me. Just sent something to my email, which was a url for their support site. Kinda lame...it did address my issues as far as touchpads and such. But it wasn't anything I hadn't already tried. I tried uinstalling the touchpad but that didn't work. I guess I can stick with the default mouse button configs for now, they're actually pretty decent. But I do eventually want to change them.
  19. Hmm...well it seems like I've encountered another hitch. My comp displays my touch pad as the default mouse. Due to this I think, I can't edit /program my logitech mouse buttons. I was thinking to uninstall the driver for my touchpad and see if that works. But I first created a system restore point...(not sure how to go about reinstalling my touchpad thingy...I just don't want to mess with that.) This should work me thinks....I hope.
  20. That's great Ghost....I'm still waiting on my OPM....
  21. Success!!!!!!!!! It works....thanks again. Now about my laptop touchpad. You said I should uninstall the driver? Then reinstall it. Just want to be clear about that. I can use both at the same time. Will that be a problem?
  22. I have no idea what you just said Samurai. Anyways...it didn't work Gryph Ok here's what happens: I plug the mouse into my usb port. The "Found new hardware wizard" pops up. It starts installing then stops with a message saying "The file mouhid.sys on Windows Xp CD-rom is needed." It's the same thing as before. I followed your instructions. I put the mouhid zip file in the drivers folder. What now?? I didn't unzip the contents...just put the file in zipped..that's okay rite?
  23. Thanks alot Gryph...you're always so dependable . I hope it works.
  24. Here is I...I honestly would look like this if I was a South Park character. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v243/Mol...uthPark_pic.bmp Meh...shows up really small..
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