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    I'm into to cars now, you know like grip driving, drifting, etc. yea I play alot of car games(grand turismo,need for speed, initial d) all typse really i still have some of my snes/nes race games and still play em' I also play LFS(live for speed) its a pretty good game its on the computer my s/n on there is TonyMontanaC9 I'm on my friends team Cloud9 yea the name might suck but, its better that the violets and the purple blues or something like that I'm just bored that the only reason why im writing here, well..... <br /><br />Peace, I'm OUT!!!!

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  1. some people absolutly kno they cant sing yet they still get on thinking that they gon' make it i thnk they just wanna be on t.v. and tell there friends to watch them make a fool outta dem selves on it lol i find it pointless and a waist of there own time
  2. woooow im just hearin about this...sad but it just had to be eddie...
  3. LMAO nice vid dat made my day
  4. wow dat burger sux i wouda got my money back
  5. wow either the snake was real hungry or had adeath threat why da hell would it swallow a thing dat big wow he he he
  6. yea this no surprise to me either nintendo really needs to step up in there consoles now theres alot of cmpetition wit sony and micrsoft if they want to make they are gunna have to take chances but i doubt they'll make myself i never bought a cube it didnt appeal to me as much as the ps2
  7. ok this is wat i think i think tachings shouldnt teach these theories cuz. its like a teacher teaching her religion to you and then like expecting you to believe it i mean wat if that isnt your religion and your religion is like direct opposite. i mean if you believe in god and that he create humans its your faith there nothing wrong with u believing wat u believe. Science and religion are like super different cuz science like trys to cancel the beliefs of religions especially cristiananity i mean if ur a kid like elementary student and the teacher is tellin you this then u go home and then ur parents are like really into the religion they might think ur "possesed or have the devil in you" or something im just ssayin that theory is opionated dats how i feel it shouldnt be tuaght
  8. hmm finally i never really liked aol anyway
  9. haha u prolly would pwn me im only lv 20 now and i play on server 2 set up a time for me to meet u on pm me
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