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  1. What a flocking blowhard....some of his comments are hilarious though, especially "Buyer eats babies and smokes black tar heroin. I wouldn't trust his judgement". In response to a buyer who said "Very nice coat A++" he replied "I beat a homeless guy down for that coat just so i could sell it to you".
  2. I agree <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No....we must be like the Iron Curtain. Communazi's 4 ever.....
  3. How sad, his talents wil be missed.Exactly how old was he? Did he die of natural causes? EDIT: Read the article....he was born in '48 so he would have been 56 or 57. That's kind of young, and considering the life expectancy in Japan for men is approx. 82.
  4. DOA is a bit to technical for my fighting tastes. But I do like the stages and how the fighters can interact ie. getting thrown of a bridge, ledge etc. Tekken is the same to me as DOA in....though I haven't played a Tekken game in a long time.
  5. Yeah...I figured that as well. So Spam it is....but I already made a topic for it there. Just sticky that i guess.
  6. You crash a bike into some unsuspecting dude and keep him in the air. It's to wacky and fun to describe...try it out. Hehe..I just figured out how to do a special combo attack. I'm loving this game the more I play it.
  7. I'm all for it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well umm...should it be a sticky or should I just make a thread in Spam?
  8. I have an idea. We can make a dedicated thread ( or even a sticky! ) to Nakaca Crash in Online Gaming forum. Those who are playing it can post their high scores along with a screenshot. EDIT: Might be better suited in SPAM, since posts don't count there....
  9. Yeah...its pretty fun. My best after a few tries is 2059
  10. Good thing. Death penalty should be banned. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> As long as we're not killing innocent people, its okay with me. There are rare instances in which some criminals just need killing. And the BTK strangler is precisely the type.
  11. I hope so. Unfortunately, Kansas death penalty can't apply to him unless he's committed murders after 1994 if I recall correctly. Also, I didn't know this until hearing today, BTK stands for "bind", "torture", "kill".
  12. I'm sure most of you have heard the news already. It's really spooky...I was talking to a co-worker of mine about a week and a half ago about this. He was googling some info on the the btk strangler. We were discussing how recently he'd been taunting and leaving clues for the police. I mentioned that since he's a seriel killer of a time prior to dna testing and some other advances since his killing days, he's gonna slip up and get caught. Low and behold...they got his arse!! There's also a strong possiblity that he wanted to be caught....seeing as he was making contact etc.
  13. Yeah...read about that on the google news page. I'll update eventually. To lazy to bother now...
  14. Good god Diso..... You have no idea how time consuming that game is. Well I guess I'll be lazy and just throw up a low score no one beat. EDIT: Yo Diso...next time don't put people who aren't gonna play in Arcade Tournamentrs. Not blaming you..but keep in mind those who don't play as of now in bubbles tourney and don't add them in future one's.
  15. Ummm...Diso is there something wrong with the tournament. It seems stuck or something.
  16. I agree with Agozer...I just started using Firefox, and by no means does is it a "chore" to start. I basically click and it opens. He's so biased I wouldn't be surprised if he's on MS payroll, writing shite like that.
  17. ' Jesus you guys are heartless...even I try to abstain from killing uneccessarily.
  18. Just click members and type in Bob Jahovic.
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