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  1. I want to know which mame versio should I use for playing this game...
  2. I found this game in some of those pawn shops, and I will try it soon. I didn´t realized it was an strategy game, that´s why I wonder to know if these kind of games are really interesting or not... and how difficult it is to play them...
  3. THe most interesting to play following somekind of story... is 97 .... in terms of gameplay and character design I like 99 so far... maybe it is because you can actually choose among 3 kyos to kick asses! Do you agree with me when I say that from 2000, ' 01 and so on.... the character design got worse everytime? quite simple... I couldn´t believe how bad my classic character looked in MAximum Impact alternative costumes... they even dared to change Mai´s classic costume!! I curse them!
  4. I bought this game sometime ago, but I haven´t tried it yet.... I just found a trailer in youtube by chance... and since I like ninja subject... I just decided to see what happens... but not yet... DId you had the chance to try it?
  5. Who said NAruto character design is great?--- I think like bleach... it is really simple... I suppose it is because to the nature of the battles and fast scenes... but simple after all... Don´t get me wrong... In fact, battles are what i like from naruto... because as someone said before... it brings us back to the old cartoons like Saint Seiya... Dragon Ball and many others...
  6. Hey... I really liked that serie... considering that I hate cartoons with low character design quality... I missed the third season (or movie...). I am thinking to take a look at the classic Romance of the Three kingdoms... Koei games engaged me into this story...
  7. Well.... I was already convinced that any kind of originally Japanese (or any asian story) serie adapted in hollywood... won't be something to consider as good... what I really hate most is the idea of adding "cool north american" blond guys" as main characters... what does a north american have to do with Dragon Ball? Monkey King (Forbidden Kingdom)... and Cowboy Bebop... ? please!! lol! All I can expect... at least... is to see who is going to be Faye Valentine... and Julia... I really loved Julia´s character design... that's why I hate the ending... lol About Spike... what about Bruce Willis? he was a real "bad ass" ... hahha! Happy Easter Breake! ! ♫
  8. I probably should ask... is there Any PS2 version for the second Warriors ORochi game... I never knew about these kind of games because I didn't get into ps2 before... I was mainly related with emulation on pc and classic games... because I felt like 3d games were not realistic (designed) yet. But this system of killing as much as you can... looked interesting... that's why I started to find out more about Samurai Warrios... even Dinasty Warriors... From Dinasty Warriors I've just tried a little bit of the Third and Sixth Volume.... I felt like looking for information about these characters.... lol The Romance of the Three Kingdoms...
  9. I just tried Devil May Cry 3.... to see what happens... and I really expected to find a real story to follow... but all I saw.. was a very cool guy being interrupted while he was eating a pizza... and killing for fun... I hope the gameplay will keep me interested on it... lol...
  10. I'm not very fond of Narusegawa for that reason. Motoko Ayoyama is where the fun is at. I never saw the ending of that serie... I guess In Love Hina Again... somekind of sister appeared right? but who in the hell was the girl he made a promise with?
  11. I dont have a dreamcast... though... I should consider to get one .... back to ps2 mame... then shall I wait for new versions ? .... I hope they are releasing a cool version for ps2 and play all those cool games !
  12. I was thinking of trying by my self those ps2 emulator you mentioned in this forum... but when I read the limitations of roms It let me down... Could you tell me if there is any good game which worth the effort to try on ps2 for mame? Any chance to play some street fighter 2... SFA 1-3 ?... some macross shooting game?... even final fight? oh! and nostradamus too! plus carrier airwing!
  13. WTF? what does that mean? I've seen some of those... the most classical for me is AH megamisama.... and then Ai Iori aoshi... oh... and Love Hina...
  14. Excuse me for using this topic again... but I started the game again because I wasn't able to finish it due to my psx death long ago... I wonder to know where did you get that Super Took Kit?
  15. Well... I've already started to do a sketch about Macross Frontier ... though I 'm still considering some of those titles you've mentioned.. I'm drawing the two girls who are supposed to be the main characters singing... while the new valkyrie model passes by... I want to see how does it looks and I will take my decision. I will show to you how does it look as soon as I can...
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