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  1. I can hardly think of a thing to say here anymore without flaming someone or otherwise hurting feelings. The problem is that there are too many idiots here, posting uninformed, thoughtless crap. I don't feel like suffering fools at a place I come for fun, but I'd rather post nothing than post what's really on my mind and be a jerk. So yeh I will post gaming news in the lounge when I can be bothered but as for serious discussion or anything more involved than that... well... given the state of things now I don't feel like doing any of that here anymore.
  2. This fits here. The 360 forum is for current discussion about that platform. News, speculation and gossip are always at home in the lounge.
  3. My modder friend's biatch is about how too much of UnrealScript is now in-engine stuff that you can't access anymore. Kismet and Matinee also failed to impress.
  4. Actually, I found it. He gets a teleport move in MK: Mythologies. You need it to beat Shinok (ancient issues of Nintendo Power ftw). Err no. To beat Shinnok, you need to freeze him, run through portals on either side of the stage to get behind him, and then grab his amulet. I'll say it again. Sub-Zero has never had a teleport move.
  5. But the gameplay is the same sucky engine / style from MKDA-MKA.
  6. They've always said there would likely be a new trilogy of Halo games, as a prequel series to the original, and not featuring Master Chief.
  7. Sub-Zero has never had a teleport move, ever, in any form. DC Superheroes will have fatalities. They will just be brutal without involving blood / dismemberment. DC Villains and the MK cast will have real fatalities. Liu Kang is not is this game yet.
  8. Ever since Ed Boon played Gears 'gritty' and 'dark' are the only buzzwords he (or anyone else on the team) can think of to describe new MK games. It is utterly pathetic. Never have I seen a team so incompetent at doing what they're doing and getting away with it. MK Team should have been ridden out of town after MK Deception. When John Tobias left he took the only brain in the company with him.
  9. Well, according to Microsoft, the guys making this decision, Vista is better. Let's hope there is a less-bs approach to Windows 7.
  10. Check out this righteous new OVA sample for SF4. There will be these animations for characters' endings and such in the home versions but this is from the arcade release; http://www.capcom.co.jp/sf4/trailer/trailer6.html
  11. The NeoGeo Online Collection games only work if you are physically located in Japan. The service does not extend overseas. You're outa luck there.
  12. Thanks for the contributions but this thread is dead.
  13. I got in 1 fight with the '96 Boss Team before the game and HDL decided to disagree. So until my friend with the modded PS2 comes back from HK next week, I won't get a chance to play Ultimate Match :/
  14. Grid I probably won't get...Burnout Paradise is all the car-smashing fun I need atm. Quake Wars? That game is garbage, and the console port is especially bad. Lag issues, ugly graphics, and a severe content shortage all spoil it. There is a bot-based single player mode tacked on but it is also a crappy afterthought. I was really looking forward to getting it too but will pass it up now. Btw fumanchu what's your Gamertag?
  15. Uhhuh. However if you do it all correctly you can use that Battery and Memory Stick to fix bricked PSPs after you've made those 2 things.
  16. Less than 4Gb? Dunno. It said so in the readme. You need a modded PSP to generate the files on the Memory Stick. You can download a rip of these files from the net, but there'd be no guarantee they'd be the exact same size and written the same way as if you did on a PSP yourself. Greater chance of errors down the track. Also I can't link you to a rip of those files.
  17. There is a good chance it will be on Steam. I still prefer boxed products however.
  18. Also consider that all Tekken games until 6 ran on essentially RAM-expanded PlayStation and PlayStation 2 arcade hardware. The porting would have been dirt easy, and also there was no serious home alternative to the PS series. N64, GC? Don't think so. Xbox1? Why bother? The circumstances are considerably different this time round. Now more than ever there would be a good incentive to bring the series to another console.
  19. You need 3 things; 1) A Memory Stick Pro Duo (must be 'Pro Duo' not just Duo, and less than 4Gb) 2) A Original PSP Battery. It has to be for the Phat PSP, and one that is relatively old because Sony fixed the battery vulnerability exploit at some point. 3) An already CFWed or 1.50 PSP. Once you get those things the process is pretty painless and quite safe- I'll link you up the files you need at that point. PS: You can get by without 3), but it'd be a lot more of a risk on your part.
  20. Seriously, emulators aside, it would be about the only decent fighter on the PC right now. Hahaha I'd love to try it but would just stick to the 360 version myself.
  21. Most people don't give a damn about FFXIII anymore. Or at least not as many as MGS4. LOL. Maxconsole Rick-rolled its own news thread with this new trailer; Enriqu... SoulCalibur IV Trailer
  22. True, which is why I guess I play CoD4 at all. But then UT3 is on a whole different scale of 'arcadey' to CoD4.
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