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Favorite NON popular video games


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well these arent my favorite by i figured they oughta been known more


Gaia Crusaders - if you love Sengoku 3 then youre to like this one as well. made by the same people (only earlier and on a completely different hardware known as Cave). btw, it also has the exact same gameplay of Sengoku 3. emulated in FBA and MAME


Guwange - a Japanese shooter. the graphics are a true top notch and has one of the finest cinematics for an arcade game. also emulated in FBA and MAME.


Esoteria (PC) - i dunno really, i just got this game. MDK gameplay but seems to be pretty neat overall.

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Toki (MAIM)- insect monster dude, steals your prehistoric girl friend and then turns you into a monkey with a big, i mean big ass head.  shoot with fireballs that come out your mouth, first boss is a big black homosexual transvestite, who sends his monkeys after you.



i had TOKI for genesis i liked that game :P

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river city ransom for nes?  i guess its popularity is debatable.

i thought that game was very popular? :)


i remember everyone and their babys mama had that game ;)

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theif the dark project (pc)

That wasn't popular? I remember everyone talking about how cool that games was.

Thief was extremely popular.

popular with magazines, yes

with gamers, no


it wasn't mainstream enough to sell. (thank god)



on another note,


the whole megami tensei series is an unsung gem.

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Gallop: Armed Police Unit is a fun little shooter, by Irem, the same makers of the classic R-Type series.


Hmmm...I have never played Carmageddon 2, but now that you recommend it GryphonKlaw, I'll have to try it. Thanks mate. I liked the first Carmageddon as well.


I never played the first Thief...but I thought Thief 2: The Metal Age was one of the best games I have ever played on PC.


The best games, films, books, music, and all forms of art...are those you find outside the "mainstream."


There is a game on Amiga called International Ninja Rabbits, which is fun for at least a little while. Is that what you are referring to, Sane?

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