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  1. been a while dealing with xbox mods but what mod are you using?
  2. cleaning up the unrelated posts, please keep it on topic.
  3. Well the problem mostly lies on the fact that coinops mame (any version) is based on mameox 0.84 that has been tweaked and some roms updated to what we see as coinops and such. So basically, you will still need older romsets for whatever wasn't updated or changed and whatever that was added and/or updated should use the latest romset. One thing to note as I have been told and have experienced is the dat isn't 100% as even with the R3 dat with the added games, those games came up as unknown so expect some trial and error. M.I.A. wouldn't hurt to be a lil nicer as I'm seeing a lot of attitude from you in your posts as of late so please play nice
  4. BritneysPAIRS, thanks for great work on Coinops and good luck on your future projects. I think this thread is pretty much done as is since he has made it pretty clear that reignite is now over and done with so I am closing this topic.
  5. There will always be people to b*tch and moan no matter what do you do in life so if you want to quit due to some people, thats your choice and I can repsect that. I'm sure whenever you are at peace with that matter being in the past, you come out with something great that people will thank you for.
  6. Anyone having problems with the dat using romcenter? for some odd reason it tells me my roms are fine don't seem to match what the r3 wants. for example avengrgs.zip comes up perfect but when I load up on R3, it tells me I'm missing 3 files which looks like named wrong but if I fix the name it tells me crc is a mismatch. have a few roms coming up this way with the dat that came from R3 and I tried it with the latest romcenter and an older vrsion with the same result.
  7. 720p works fine for me, if you used an older version be sure to delete the old fbaxxx save.
  8. starting testing out the latest xbe given on neogeo games from the top (testing their main set and decrypted set) and all seems good untill i got to the garou's. garou bootleg and protoype work fine but the main, second version, and decrypted sets still hang the emu when i select them. will try out some more later tonight Update: didn't get much further tonight but will try out the rest tomorrow but following crashed the emu when selecting them: all kof99's except prototype set kof10th (the other 2 worked fine) kof2k decrypted
  9. I hope for blaster if soundwave is in this one. still pissed they killed off jazz
  10. Thanks Kenshiro for the beta and here is what I experienced so far: CPS1: no problems with any of the games. CPS2: after playing a few games, it would give me a error loading the game and if one does go thru it will either play with a black screen or freeze the emu. loading either version of hyper sf2 comes up on black screen but can hear it working fine. last thing I had trouble with CPS2 was with certain games it would freeze the emu when you go to the in game menu the second time. (ex: loaded up mshvsf and before the title screen, I setup my buttons and resumed and then tried to go back to in game menu and froze the emu). NeoGeo: didn't get to try out this one much as of yet but did have a problem loading any version Garou except the bootleg, would just freeze the emu after it says romset was ok. Very nice so far, keep up the great work
  11. for run and gun to work on mame on pc was to press service mode and reset at the same time to bypass the eeprom crap. So if you can setup the buttons and do it once, you should be able to play it although I doubt it will play well but worth a shot to try.
  12. I've been out for quite some time on xbox stuff and after reading the past 26 pages, I gotta say thanks to those of you continuing the project and I'll be sure to keep my eyes out for the beta hehe.
  13. edited the posts due to that site having illegal software to d/l
  14. well only 71/72 version of mameox had the speed hack as the latest versions doesn't (but turn the sound off and its damn near 100% playable). midway treasures version had the sounds downsampled as i remember reading along with a minor problem with shadows.
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