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  1. wow u must have really enhanced taste buds to be able to taste all the minerals and stuff in water.
  2. wow its been so long since ive been here haha. i can never get the hang of this game. i like fighting games, (street fighter purist) but this game is something else. my nephew always gets the upper hand haha. this new one though for the wii looks pretty fun. probably take another stab at it =)
  3. wow, it has been such a long time since ive been here. not really new, i was around a while back. just thought id drop in to say hey and see whats new with this place. not sure if anyone would remember me, but it was a lot of fun here at 1emu, good people too.
  4. okay, so i havent been posting here in the recent months or actually for quite a long while now. but i recently, and it may be old but i learned that nintendo has changed the revolution to the Wii? or sumthin along those lines... i mean....why Wii? edit: well, a little research done. http://www.businessweek.com/innovate/conte...ign_id=rss_tech thats interesting reasoning to say the least? i dont know, i dont dig it. thoughts?
  5. so ummmm....hmmm interesting. kinda weirded me out for awhile. i was like, wow, did i go onto a porn site??? ummmm i DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!! *screams*
  6. wasnt the porno voice over a fake from the jimmy kimmel show? or was it real? either way, pretty funny
  7. im such a sucker for street fighter, cept EX series. im gonna get this even though i know capcom is milking money with old games. ive yet to forgive capcom for Capcom Fighting Jam i still want sf 4 damn it. a man can only dream right? yeah whatever.... alpha 2 is forever my favorite btw...
  8. ok, quick question. got the game the other night, better than Capcom Fighting Evo. (jam) hands down. i look at the screenshots that are all over the internet by now, and these pictures are so clear. the graphics are bright, alive...something like garou motw. but i realized that the game itself on the ps2 looks nothing like it. it looks like an ordinary kof game that we all pretty much know how the graphics are in that game. ive yet to have played this game in the arcade, so my question is, is the arcade version as clear as those screenshots, or is it suppose to look all SNK pixelated as seen on the ps2? im just wonderin
  9. wow, long time since ive posted here... anyways, if the revolution is priced under 200 dollars, not only will it sell big time to players, but also to people who dont even play often, and might think to themselves, o wow, its under 200 dollars, that never happens to a new released system. its like buying a pair of 100 dollar shoes for 20 bucks, it was a huge bargain even if u end up not wearing it haha. xbox 360 to me was shoved down our throats. i dont think anyone was too excited about it. i dont really feel the need to go get one, unlike the time when ps2 came out or when the dreamcast launched, it was a must have. x360 is just not giving me that urge to go buy it.
  10. wow, a syringe? rumors are already flying arent they? so far, all they said was it is possible that it could a heart failure, i ono. i wont believe anything untill they say somethin at wwe, or whatever reliable source. i find it hard to believe that it would be drug or anything related to that since he has been 4 years sober and was a born again christian. but who knows, it could be true too. aside from all that, im really gonna miss him. =/
  11. if ur a wrestling fan, it sure it would be. if u want an answer, i can lead u to the wrestling forum i go to, u can have those people answer that for ya. i mean, its terrible news. i heard the news 4 hours ago, and it didnt even hit me until i saw the WM 20 celebration clip he had with benoit on wwe.com. such a waste of talent =/
  12. yeah i remember this a few years ago. god it gave me such a hard time. but i actually got it. felt kinda proud of myself at the time hahah
  13. gosh that looked so painful. and to think, some of those vids were actually stupid stunts that people attempt. idiots.....
  14. as a fan, im just gonna remember him as a fun character to watch on tv, he was a fantastic gimmick and i do miss that and everything. but his rants, im not gonna take seriously. especially from a guy who legally changed his last name to WARRIOR and who said that right now, new orleans is a great place to go fish at. (asshole remark?) he has some points, but cmon now...vince is a nut, warrior is a nut, this is all he said/he said. but even in all this, hes giving himself too much credit man. the ultimate warrior was great but was not the BEST. saying that HHH is actually trying to be like the ultimate warrior is silly bc i see no warrior is HHH's character whatsoever. hell, the guy is actually wrestling, not just bump a few here and there and then a splash slam to finish it off. poor warrior, what a guy....
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