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  1. I am truly grateful guys
  2. It's sold out. Know any other reliable items or shops I could get it from? EDIT: Thanks for the advice nyway
  3. Hey guys, Well I just wanted to know what I need to be able to play homebrew on my ds? and where to get it? Any reliable info would be much appreciated.
  4. No, that is the wrong GTA:LCS UMD. The one you'll need has an update to 2.60. It's actually 2.00
  5. Most emulatiors are pretty bad on the psp. (Cept for the Nes) Emulation on the psp is neat for a while but after all the slowdown happens it starts to bother me.
  6. Ill give you the link contra's 3.o3 oe installer just save yourself the trouble man. READ THE FIRST POST
  7. wow I am disappionted I wanted Dr.Claw to be like a Panther/man Beast thing like on Conkers bad Fur day.
  8. I got one of those Street Fighter Aniversary Arcade sticks. Its ok I cant tell the difference from the arcades but I enjoy it.
  9. Gamecube will comeback with the release of the new Zelda. Everyone has been waiting for this for 3 years. I still have hope for nintendo. They are the masters of gaming innovators ready to please true gamers. I'm sick and tired of the zombies that play the same churned butter made by the othe companies(with the exception of great games such we <3 katmari, DDR, and etc.) Nintendo will prevail.
  10. I'm thinking super mario bros. 1 and 3 for nes and Super mario World for snes
  11. They funniest 4player game on N64 is ConkersBadfurday. They got somany modes to play the fun will never end.
  12. Gekido on PS1 uhh Counter-strike is only fun wif 4 people and ummm... I know bomberman was said but its really funny with four people. Have played 4-player Marvel vs. Capcom on MAME32k?
  13. I know that, but for some reason the option for the movie isn't in my gallery mode. This is what happens when you have unreliable rippers. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thats kinda a perpose of a rip to get rid of the movies to fit the game on a cd.
  14. You need a cd burner that can overburn discs (most new ones can do this). Its very possible so dont worry what ever people say. I have tons of ps2rips that were 825+megs and worked perfect on my ps2. but you can fit more rips on hdd
  15. If you are using a burned copy of the game gameshark cheats wont work
  16. I could. did you try using a controller? if you did you probably didnt see that you needed to press tab to config a gamepad on that game. It runs at a good speed too.(even on my slow comp ) It feels like Megaman X one and the other old ones. The music sounded great. adn all i could think was i need to get the full version on march 10
  17. or nick fury or punisher, you can bet that definatly put punisher in that game but expect the same result as playing mvc2 for the first time. this game is going make you sad. By turning the marvel characters into trash and remember how good mvc2 was. It still bring a tear to my eye when i go play mvc2
  18. well i use my cable connection as a fone and a program called ventrilo its cewl and all but not enough people use it. ANd aim is cewl too
  19. I know what he did to you trust me hell pay.... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well thats what happens when steal micheal's life away he start to molest people left and right poor mike but dewd grow the flock up. you wanna-be craka
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