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  1. Hi ss5 fans. I love the game for what it is (can't wait for ss6 on atomiswave) and was wondering if is possible to modify the damage done by attacks (the general damage ratio) via cheats or some editing. It would just be perfect for me if the round lasted a bit longer, you know? Since you don't have the 2 life bars of ss4, i thought that damage should have been reduced. Thanks for any input!
  2. Hello. I'm new to this forum but smarter than most, lol. Well, I got myself a kof2003 rom (kof2003.zip, 15 files) and am trying to form a corresponding dat so it could work. I've tried a couple from here but it gives me an error saying I'm missing files. I only have one p1 file and the s1 file is 128kb. The m1 is 512kb. I am looking mostly for the non-hacked/decrypted dats. Thanks for any input. PS Also, how can I see the file details (the id's) for each file?
  3. Yes, I'm experiencing this problem. i have trouble pulling off Yamazaki's LDM, hcb moves, and in general, the qcf,hcb and vice versa moves. Something's not right here because my joystick works very well in kawaks games.
  4. Apocalypse from X-men vs. Street Fighter Kain from Mark of the Wolves (at least for me) Loki (last form) from Valkyrie Profile Anubis (last form) from ZOE: 2nd Runner
  5. For a fighting game: SVC - Shin Akuma and Super Mr. Karate RPG: Bloodbayne from Valkyrie Profile Action RPG: Sephiroth from Kingdom Hearts The easiest for me was a boss from FF7 that I killed with an X-potion. Emerald and Ruby Weopons are a piece of cake comapred to a couple of monsters from the Battle Arena in FF10 (although I did not like the game).
  6. Little Ninja Brothers and SuperMario 2 for theNES
  7. I would have to say Mystic River but a very close one for me is Lost in Translation. However LOTR will probably win anyway. As a side note, although The Last Samurai didn't get nominated, I personally think it deserves at least a nomination as it was such a good film.
  8. I only played Xenogears on my PC (it ran considerably faster than on the PS) and from what I got from playing Chrono Trigger (my favorite) from FF Chronicles on the PS was considerable loading times as compared to the original SNES version. I haven't played the FF's though.
  9. Kof 2004 or whatever its going to be called. But kof 2003 is also going to be pretty nice.
  10. Still waiting for a dat. for Kawaks 1.46 to play the game. I'm a fan of the series
  11. From the day that I was introduced to emulators, some 3 years ago, my first rom was probably Chrono Trigger or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters for the ZSNES. Chrono Trigger still remains my favorite RPG of all time (and I have played and own quite many) and it was a game that I needed to have on everything possible (SNES, emulator, and PSX).
  12. kof 2k2 because of the nice straight on 3 on 3 fights and powerful & flashy HSDM's (referring to K9999 and Robert )
  13. I have verified the p1.rom file on http://fuego.red32.net/~mature/moregames/v...topic.php?t=414 and I assure you that it is the correct one. Unzip each file individually using WinRar, which is different from Winzip. After you get all the *rom files in a folder, use winzip to create samsho5.zip. If this doesn't work, you can get samsho5.zip containing the *bin files from this site http://www.freewebs.com/darkxxx/index.htm Unzip that, and then rename each file individually (checking the p1 file) Note on how to rename: 270-v1.bin ssv_v1.rom
  14. I think there are some cool things in SSV like the time slow technique and meditation but I sure do miss the 14-hit combos. I liked the slash/bust versions as they made characters more expandable and the music was definitely better in SSIV. The character selection screen is the only thing that I see more improvement in. I swear, SNK should transfer SS to that new board they are putting Kof 2004 on. Also, Guilty Gear X2 quality graphics would be VERY nice...
  15. Hey, I am new to posting but i got SSV to run perfectly in NRX. These are the steps i took: 1. Got the individual files from epic-center 2. Created a new folder on desktop 3. Unzipped all files into folder (password for p1 rom was "epic-center") 4. Created samsho5.zip with all files inside (about 38.9 Mb) 5. Downloaded the final version of NRX from neogamez 6. Unzipped that and used the username and password 7. You see the samsho5??? all the way at the bottom of the list. Note: Only through this version of NRX did I not get the bank error. Also, there was a post here somewhere that one should rename the c-roms as they are not correct. This not what you should do. The epic-center files are correct. I had a problem unzipping the v1.rom as it was stated as "corrupt" but the next day (after I gave up DL-ing it many times over) it worked, so that may fix some of people's problems of not getting good files or the right Mb in total. Also, I suggest unzipping and zipping all files individually just so winrar and winzip dont "mess up" or whatever. Now, if I only could get it to work in Kawaks....
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