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  1. DanManXZ

    DS Help

    I am truly grateful guys
  2. DanManXZ

    DS Help

    It's sold out. Know any other reliable items or shops I could get it from? EDIT: Thanks for the advice nyway
  3. DanManXZ

    DS Help

    Hey guys, Well I just wanted to know what I need to be able to play homebrew on my ds? and where to get it? Any reliable info would be much appreciated.
  4. No, that is the wrong GTA:LCS UMD. The one you'll need has an update to 2.60. It's actually 2.00
  5. Most emulatiors are pretty bad on the psp. (Cept for the Nes) Emulation on the psp is neat for a while but after all the slowdown happens it starts to bother me.
  6. Ill give you the link contra's 3.o3 oe installer just save yourself the trouble man. READ THE FIRST POST
  7. I think VirtuaNES runs better and its easier to use for me.
  8. wow I am disappionted I wanted Dr.Claw to be like a Panther/man Beast thing like on Conkers bad Fur day.
  9. I got one of those Street Fighter Aniversary Arcade sticks. Its ok I cant tell the difference from the arcades but I enjoy it.
  10. Gamecube will comeback with the release of the new Zelda. Everyone has been waiting for this for 3 years. I still have hope for nintendo. They are the masters of gaming innovators ready to please true gamers. I'm sick and tired of the zombies that play the same churned butter made by the othe companies(with the exception of great games such we <3 katmari, DDR, and etc.) Nintendo will prevail.
  11. I'm thinking super mario bros. 1 and 3 for nes and Super mario World for snes
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