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  1. Glad to see youre doing well Ryan. Its been a while since we have last talked.
  2. ESP Galuda II Bayonetta Mushihimesama Futari
  3. For as long as i have known you, you have always been too hard on yourself. A lack of judgement due to alcohol consumption is something you would naturally regret, but you cannot let it consume you. She came on to you pretty hard, despite being in a relationship. Either she was extremely attracted to you, or was in a very emotional and possibly physically unsatisfying relationship. Those two things spell trouble for anyone involved. You are only human and a loss on control happens. Learn from it, move on. I would not avoid this individual. Do not seek her out, but do not go out of your way to avoid her either. If you see her, talk about what happened, else you will have awkward moments every single time you even so much as hear her name in passing. And that is no good for your mental state of being.
  4. fixed. Nothing to fix. 3-3.5 gb is the limit for 32 bit operating systems. Go install 4 gb of ram on your system than load a 32 bit os and print a screen shot of how much ram is showing up. WRONG, the Reaper Man has it right. 4GB is the address limit in 32 bit operating systems (At least Windows that is), if you have expansion cards and other hardware, you will lose address space inside that 4GB limit to those pieces of hardware. ALL 32 bit hardware is memory mapped and thus uses a RAM address space, 16 bit (Or legacy) hardware works in different ways. The less expansion hardware you have, the more address space available to physical RAM in the 4GB space. You could theoretically have that full 4GB available (Or very close to it) if you had absolutely no expansion hardware, including no video card/chip. And since almost everyone has expansion hardware its a moot point. i have yet to see someone have all 4gb useable with 32bit. im talking about practical use. hence why i said 3-3.5gb it depends.
  5. Exactly. In simple terms, the cas latency is how fast the ram interacts with the memory controller on your motherboard. Lower means less latency, and so faster performance. 5 is pretty much standard for cas latency on ddr2 ram, 4 is even better and 3 is the best although that can get VERY expensive. Some budget ram is also at cas latency 6, but do not bother with those sets.
  6. Be careful when upgrading your ram. While it does not have to be the same brand, be careful of mixing latencies with your memory. Most of the time it will be fine, but depending on the board / brand of ram, etc there can be some problems with mixing ram brands/types.
  7. I have one and i love it. I dont play as much as i oculd mainly because of work and such, but the games i do own on it are amazing games and it will only get better.
  8. fixed. Nothing to fix. 3-3.5 gb is the limit for 32 bit operating systems. Go install 4 gb of ram on your system than load a 32 bit os and print a screen shot of how much ram is showing up.
  9. 2gb of ram isp retty good for most computing tasks. More is always nicer, but unless you are running a 64 bit operating system you cant take advantage of more than 3gb of ram.
  10. Normally i dont agree with people, but Bioshock is an amazing game.
  11. Last two games i purchased were bioshock and gears of war, both for the pc. Crysis is next.
  12. My recommendation is get your windows validated properly. If you cant install IE because of WGA, then you might also be missing out on some other updates for your computer. And yes i am aware there are other methods to obtaining updates with a computer that fails WGA, but its too annoying, imo. Although i do agree with the posters here. I mainly use firefox / Safari anyway, but certain remote workplace sites i need are for IE only.
  13. Chris rock eh? Thats one i havent heard before. And yea we have been together for a while now. Its perfect.
  14. I so want to play ESP Galuda 2, but damned if i can find a cab somewhere, and i dont have the insane amount of cash to buy a board + a supergun.
  15. Well two things, First, im mixed. So is she but whatever just thought id mention that. And i actually hate posting pictures of myself online, I promised fatal an updated picture after the last one was 4 years old.
  16. I believe in spirituality, not religion. You can have a spiritual center without being tied to sspecific "religion" of belief. I guess i am agnostic in the belief that i dont know if there is a divine being, but if I ever come face to face with one, i will obviously concede. I just try to live clean life and do good deeds for myself and others.
  17. Guess i havent made my contribution in a while. me and the lady
  18. Another nod for uTorrent. Azureus has a zillion options and that is worth a mention as well. It really is a decent client, provided you have a ton of RAM to not feel the effects of that program running.
  19. Unfortunately my story isnt very exciting. I had broken up with my gf, and was kicking it with another female that was apparently interested in me. We were pretty cool friends and i actually confided in her things that were happenning with me and my gf. Before i know it im lying naked next to her, like wtf just happenned. So yea first time was weird. Not that i didnt enjoy it, just came out of nowhere.
  20. dont drink unfortunately. so no stories here.
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