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  1. there's a korean mp3 p2p app called soribada. i run it in korean win xp whenever i have the urge to. i tried to run it in english xp but the menus get borked. fiddle with the [control panel > regional and language options > advanced tab > non-unicode application language] settings if you want to give it ago. otherwise, korean xp would be ideal (or 2k or 98 or whathaveyou). it's much better if you run localized versions of xp in vmware (i currently have kr and jp xp's running). less fuss, no need to dualboot, and vmware boots in seconds from a saved state~ give it a whirl~ i agree with a previous poster,: k-pop's no good. boa's lame. k-rap sounds like donkey fart. and i don't care for all them girl/boy bands. i personally look for old stuff (early 90s). not much to find via kazaa, mesh, donkey, and other popular p2ps... get something korean instead... (ymmv since i don't know what kind of music you're looking for). there are also craploads of other korean p2ps (many are commercial) but i usually find what i need with soribada. oh, also check out if there's a localized version of winmx... i get lots of j-pop from japanese winmx so... they might have korean stuff too. it also helps if you understand korean. good luck~
  2. so far, forum-ers are exercising great restraint and keeping such topics out of the flames (no, i'm not talking about hellfire). all the posts were interesting~ the film's open for interpretation: if it won't reaffirm your faith, at least it'll be an insight into what people did a long time ago (accuracy is another issue though). as far as what religion is true and what are false (and whether religion is bogus altogether or not), we'll all find out when we're dead. man, i hope they have nice arcades in heaven. i bet jesus has a killer mame cab and owns all in SSV. ya'll have a nice one now~
  3. yep, mine's 16x12 also (pic scaled for filesize) meh~ xp pro, no themes, kr kde3.2/fc1/vmware.
  4. personally, i never had to use save state. i wanted mame to emulate the coin-op feel... of course, i'm not inserting quarters into the cdrom drive but... i just push the coin button if i want to continue. ugly gui, slow-as-hell, or other complaints aside... i _need_ mame to play strike force!!! and terra-cresta!!! as far as sentimentality goes, mame's got all other emulators beat. i'm one of the old farts who play those obscure games. i love butasan... and chicken shift~ even the old donkeykong games. a sucker for old, dumbass games i am. cosmic_lord, you don't speak for everyone. i may be in the minority but there are many that appreciate mame because it has games that old farts like me love to play. (i'm not trying to be offensive... i'm just saying you're wrong ) don't undermine the power of sentimentality. it ends up driving you to old, obscure games, puhahahaha~~~ anyway, this poll is FLAWED!!! there should be a "wha!?!? it doesn't suck!" option. *waves fist in the air*
  5. river city ransom for nes? i guess its popularity is debatable.
  6. huhuhu~ memories aren't "memories" unless there's theft involved. yeah, the glove sucked. sweaty hands don't help (and friends hate you for it). wasn't there a movie about the powerglove? i remember seeing it... yall remember the r.o.b.? i wish i still had it... might be worth a little money~ and the max pad... and the advantage stick... *sigh*
  7. yeah, interesting story. i thought the animation could have been better though; too much cell/scene recycling, imo (but maybe they were intentional). that was the only anime series discs i actually bought. ghibli films get my vote: lapyuta, nausicaa, sento..., mononoke, pom-poko, majyo..., mimiwo..., umiga..., kurenai..., totoro, and lupin (movie) discs sit on the shelf. kurenainobuta is my favorite~ i'm a bit disappointed with the nekonoongaeshi disc... cute story but looks a little rushed. "ghiblies 2" episodes on the same disc are hilarious though. recently bought "metropolis"... nice story and great animation. oh, and... subs all the way. i know some people prefer to watch rather than "read" but you get used to subs after awhile. dubs are okay if done _properly_. [off-topic] i've been trying to pull my ghibli discs onto xvid. (i pulled kurenai with divx505 awhile back but xvid seems a better choice) anybody know of optimal xvid/avisynth settings (and filters)? especially with noisy sources. nausicaa disc is pretty noisy but i did default xvid encode anyway (no filters). looks alright i guess... but there's room for improvement. yeah yeah, doom9, i know... just throwing it out there to see how forum members do anime backups (if they do at all)~ [/off-topic]
  8. my girl plays alot of rpgs... dragon quest series, final fantasy series, and other ones that i don't know about (all in japanese since she's a native... doesn't have to wait for translations). sits in front of a small electric heater, some snacks, and goes for hours and hours. beats it, dl's faqs, and goes again for all the 'secret stuff' that she missed. pretty much standard fare for any rpg gamer... she used to live with another japanese roommate (also a girl) and they'd both be in front of the tv arguing about dragon quest. they're both great at controller chucking too. then i dl'ed a little gem called "tetris attack" for the snes. it's pretty much like all the other match-blocks-and-make-them-disappear except... the chains are so pretty. i can barely get by with 3-4 chains but my girl does 6-8 _easy_. and that's without pausing the game (yeah, i cheat by pausing the emu... sue me). crazy, i tell you~ i also ask her, "you need the controller?" she gives me the "suck it up, loser" look and pounds away on the keyboard. she owns the whole block with that game. she also plays this evangelion typing game (also in japanese)... she owns the entire country with that game. a little GT2/3 here and there but doesn't play much else. but she can flock like... um, yeah, the sex is great.
  9. goldfrapp's "felt mountain" album (amidst the roar of the superbowl).
  10. cosmic_lord: how did you get it to load at all? i've been using the loader from epic-center and dat editing doesn't do anything. i'd like to spend a few minutes tinkering with it... but the rom won't show on the load dialog. suggestions? you're right. the website says that you'd have 6 pieces to play with, after chucking one redundant piece and putting p2_4 as the header. that's 6! (6*5*4*3*2*1) = 720 distinct combinations. it's also possible that they split the rom into smaller sizes. if they split at 500k, you would have 16 pieces. throw two redundant pieces away and make the other two the header, you're left with 12 pieces to work with. 12! = 4.79x10^8 permutations. (someone check my math) man, i'm not gonna sit here and try to piece the roms together half a billion times. hmm... 17 minutes load time x half a billion... but if the author of the mame rom can make it work (with it all cut up like that), maybe exact order is not an issue. i'm sure modern computers are capable of calculating all those permutations... only if the process is automated. anybody have a beowulf cluster running? i'm not familiar with the innerworkings of the neogeo roms... so the only thing i can do is be patient. *sigh*
  11. use a combination of them. if one misses, another will probably find them. using more than 4 would probably be overkill but you get the idea. adaware and spybot s&d are popular but there are more out there~ in my case, adaware missed a couple that spybot caught... ymmv. a solid antivirus is also a good idea if you're dl'ing lots of sh*t from p2p's. happy hunting~
  12. i agree, i thought crc is related more to kawaks et al. time to dl the p1 again~
  13. i understand what you mean~ windowed mode is useful in some cases. hanging out in irc and throwing a quick SS bout while trolls are trolling about which linux distro is best. eagerly waiting for that emule download at 99.9%. plus... vba (gba) looks kinda funny fullscreen. i'm just saying i'd like to have the option. when fullscreen, i know everybody just throws the image out to their bigscreen tv and windowed mode doesn't even matter but... beh, -1 offtopic~
  14. nice~ question: does it do windowed mode? people sing high praises for nrx but i could never get it to run in a window. maybe i missed something obvious?
  15. NO... actually i have but never got into it. i dl'ed a few kof roms but my ADD symptoms won't allow anything beyond the SS series. i just dig the feudal japan style~ anyways, good to know who they are... shoo, still looks like elvis to me~
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