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  1. I'm not sure what you are asking. This is an Xecuter 3, right? You have it installed and when you boot your XBox you are being taken to the Flash BIOS 3.0.1 screen? Then you are getting on your computer and entering the IP address of the XBox and you are seeing the Flash BIOS upload screen, right? If so, you need to have the Xecuter 3 BIOS on your computer. You then just hit the "browse" button to locate the BIOS and then hit the button to flash the chip. The version of the BIOS you want is "X3 3294 v16plus.bin" or "X3 3294.bin". You use the v16plus version if you have a 1.6 XBox and the other one if you have a 1.0-1.5 XBox. You can get the BIOS from XBins. If you don't know how to use XBins, follow this guide: Xbins Once connected to the Xbins FTP site go here to get the file: /XBOX/Console Based Applications/bios/Xecuter/Xecuter3/
  2. Well, I guess he didn't get it out before his two week vacation. Any updates, djohng?
  3. Anyone have a frame file for Space Ace 91 and Daphne? Thanks!
  4. Yes, you can play clean (unpatched) DS ROMS with the slot-1 solutions, but not GBA games. The most important thing is to get a good flash card. Portrait of Ruin is an example of a recent game that is very picky about which card is used. The game causes lock-ups on many flash cards. The current popular pick is the Kingston/Toshiba 1 GB microSD card (SD-C01G SDC/1GB). The problem is that these cards are either assembled in Japan or Taiwan (the sticker on the back of package will say "ASSY IN JAPAN"). The ones from Taiwan are crap, the one from Japan are near perfect. I was using a San Disk Ultra II card in a slot-2 device and didn't have any issues with any game until Portrait of Ruin. When playing PoR the game would freeze on me from time to time. Once I got the Kingston card, it never locked up again. This site here actually sells the two as a package and specifically advertises that they are the Japanese cards. I've haven't seen the cards sold in any local stores, so I had to buy online. The problem is that most places won't promise to send you a Japanese card, so you just have to order and hope you get the right one. I bought two from Meritline.com for $10 USD each and both were Japanese (they are currently selling for $14). Of course, I see you live in Australia, so I'm not sure where you should buy from. Hope that helps.
  5. What you say is true... but why bother when the DVD firmware hacks are still around? People have been pirating retail 360 games for quite a few months now and so far there doesn't appear to be anything MS can do about it. So all patching this exploit really did was kill homebrew.
  6. Any updates on that skin, GLiTch?
  7. Yeah, it's a hack of Metal Slug 3. No hurry on the skin.
  8. I have another error to report... Metal Slug 6 (mslug3b6) has scrambled text. The game runs fine otherwise.
  9. OK, here's what I've found so far: kf2k4spl.zip does indeed not boot correctly. I tried different combinations of BIOS' and MVS/AES settings and nothing worked. When using the normal BIOS it just boots into the Cross Hatch test screen. mslugbl does have audio problems. Even just running at 480p with Simple2X and default audio options. The problem usually occurs when firing a weapon... the sound of the gun firing will have a lot of static for a couple of seconds. I did not try the parent yet. I ran MSH vs SF and X-Men vs SF in HD and I didn't hear any audio glitches. I know over on Xbox-Scene some people were saying these games had glitches about once every minute, but I played each for at least 5 minutes in HD and never heard a single problem. STL25 My Xbox is a standard Xbox which has been upgraded to 128 MB, it is not a debug/dev box. I really don't know why you can't boot it off the hard drive. You may want to ask over at XBox-Scene.
  10. I have the same issues with HD and I think you are correct about the game remembering the screen size settings and applying them incorrectly when changing video modes. For example, have you tried running a game in HD and then changing it back to 480p? When I do this the game is zoomed in way too far. You can only see a part of the game. Also, like you, I found that changing modes sometimes results in lock. I've found that you can change to HD at the emulator main menu just fine, but the menu will be tiny and in the upper left hand corner. The games will look fine though. But if you try to change back to 480p at the dash it will crash. If you start a ROM and then switch back to 480p it works fine. I think one solution to fix the emulator dash might be to copy the ini file that contains the video mode setting off the Xbox, then delete the FBAXXX Pro game save and any other settings, then copy the ini you saved back over to the XBox with it either set to 720p or 1080i. This way it will be like the emulator is starting for the first time, but it will have HD turned on already. Since it shouldn't have any screen size setting saved maybe the menu won't be tiny. That's just one idea I had, but I haven't tried it yet. +T+ I have an HDTV so I'll do some more testing today. I'll try those two games you mentioned as well as mslugbl that STL25 said he was having problems with. The main problem with me doing testing is my Xbox has 128 MB of RAM, so there is no way to be sure that mine will behave the same anyway. So it would be helpful if we could get some more people to test these games out too.
  11. I tried all 3 of the games you mentioned and never heard any glitches. I tried to play each for at least 5 minutes and played Ninja Commando for over 10 minutes. So either my install doesn't have those glitches or I'm missing them. If I'm not noticing them it might be because I'm not sure what they sound like. What do they sound like (pops, crackles, silence, etc...)?
  12. Just an update on this error. The CRC listed for pl2ex.06 in Pro is actually the CRC or the readme.txt that was distributed with the XOR files originally. It looks like someone just copied the wrong line. Check it out:
  13. I have found some possible errors in the RomCenter DAT. First, in the Games Database it lists the 064-c68.bin file from the wh2j ROM as being 2 MB. It's actual size is 4 MB (the CRC is correct). Second, it appears that mslugbl is completely wrong. According the DAT mslugbl is just mslug + the neogeo.zip bios files in a single zip. I saw on the RomShare forums that mslugbl should have these ROMS: ms16m-w1.bin (2c05fd7c) ms16m-w2.bin (752de272) ms16m-w3.bin (4264444b) ms16m-w4.bin (aa48faa6) Those are not listed in the Pro RC DAT. Finally, are you sure that the pl2ex.06 from pzloop2 actually has this CRC: cb72ad91? I can't find that file anywhere. Even a Google search only turns up 2 results for that CRC and both results were for the same "readme.txt" file. These errors appear to be in the ClrMamePro DAT as well.
  14. even tho its not about the topic, i'll still answer it heh no, n64 emus works fine without it But to clarify... they do work better with the upgrade. Games like Super Smash Bros that stutter quite a bit on a stock XBox are much smoother with the RAM upgrade. When I got my RAM upgrade it was the N64 emulator in which I noticed the biggest difference.
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