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  1. I must be the only person who really enjoyed this movie. Loved its creativity and energy.
  2. Women tend to make their minds up about men very quickly. If she told you that she just wanted to be friends, than she probably meant it, unfortunately. Rejection isn't the end of the world, and it certainly is not a negative reflection of yourself. It happens to all guys. Dust yourself off, move on, and chase the next set of boobs that come your way.
  3. The animations looked more fluid than Street Fighter 4, and the characters and their respective moves looked absolutely brutal. That vid looked completely badass.
  4. As others have said, the whole pick up thing is a complete farce, designed to suck in lonely and unfortunate men who don't have a solid sense of self esteem. Don't buy into it. I too have struggled with women, but I've found that what works is to have a healthy and positive self image, not to take anything too seriously, and to put myself out there on a regular basis. Consequently, I have attracted females not by using the "Mystery Method" or any crap like that, but by just being myself. As cliched as it sounds, it works. Not all the time, and not with all women. But it will work with the women that are compatible with you, which will probably be the women you'll find interesting. So tell lack of "Style," "Misery" and "David (in denial) DeAngelo" to go fuck off. You can attract women in your own way. Don't try too hard, either. And I definitely agree with Shiba's "no tolerance" approach when it comes to female mind games. Don't play them. Just move on.
  5. Congratulations, d00d! Nice work! Tell me, though, do you feel happy? Do you feel satisfied? Because if you do indeed feel fulfilled, then that's all that matters. Stuff the video games. Top stuff and all the best.
  6. Nice one Hera...Lita rocks and so do bubbly behinds.
  7. FUCK YES!!!! I loved the first one - the atmosphere was incredible! Now all we need is Gears of War 2 on PC.
  8. The one on the left is brunette, and she has a nice ass. I'll take her.
  9. Hera - sexy underwear, or some kind of outfit, always works a charm. My personal "thing" is fishnet stockings, the ones with the large, wide, holes. As for how you should act (if that's what you want to do)...well, what does he like? Sweet and innocent? Dirty and dominating? If he is like me, he will probably like a combination of both. If you want a more romantic night, a couple of candles and some incence in a darkened room works a charm. It's been done 1000 times before, but that's because it always works. Another turn on would be not to play any of the usual female games, or act coy, and so on (and in saying that, I hope I don't sound like a chauvinist). Just give it to him, let him have it. He will love you for it!
  10. This was a very memorable film. I went into the cinema thinking it was going to be an action flick, and while the action scenes were superb, it wasn't all about the action. It also wasn't all about making a political statement, which I was glad for; I go to the films to be entertained, and not to have some director shove his views down my throat. Oh, and the final scene...the very last shot...was simply perfect.
  11. I've been there, and it's a fucking nasty place. *Most* of the advice here has been really good. All I can say to you is this: - even if you don't feel like you can pull through this, you really can. - even if it doesn't feel like you are healing (because it hurts so much), you actually are healing up, beneath the pain...you just can't feel it! The second point was the one that surprised me the most when it happened to me. My pain masked my progress. Good luck in getting through this. Take care.
  12. Just finished Gears of War on the PC, and now I am in love with a new franchise! Not releasing the sequel for PC gamers was a douche decision in my book.
  13. I don't post that often anymore...but I don't see much negativity on this board, to be honest.
  14. There's not much I can say...apart from that I hope you catch the bastard who did this and get your stuff back after slowly eviscerating him.
  15. I finished Mirror's Edge yesterday. What a game! I loved it. I liked how it didn't set out to do everything. Rather, it aimed to just get a few things right, like the speed, the Parkour, a simple yet interesting storyline, and the disarms when you come into conflict. And I felt it did get this things right. I also loved the game's style. The graphics were rebelliously minimalistic - no fancy textures or ornate details, just slabs of white and bright colour, which made an interesting and innovative city to run across. Even the cutscenes were simple flash jobs. And the music was mostly subtle dittys that were really great to listen to! I loved it. Even the frustrating bits were I fell off a building 20+ times before being able to make that jump. I even liked the fact that it was short - only about 5 hours gameplay, really - because I could just run through it (no pun intended) and enjoy. Looking forward to the sequel.
  16. I can't believe how active your toilet-lives are. Wow. Still, I stay on the toilet for awhile...just to think and imagine about stuff. It's peaceful. I have time to game, but I am gradually getting bored of gaming. I think I am overwhelming myself, like another person said. A game has to be really special to be an exception to the tedium.
  17. There are hundreds of these so-called "findings" each year, but anyone who lives in the real world knows it's all bollocks.
  18. NFS Undercover. When I saw the graphics, I felt like I had gone back to 1997. Then I thought that the game had put all my settings on "low" or "medium." So I went into the options menu, and to my horror, everything was set on "high." The graphics are abysmal, the music is rubbish, and the car handles like it is a bar of soap slipping around the road. I'm so disappointed. This is the worst game I have played in awhile.
  19. That's such sad news. I will keep you in my prayers. I wish you and your family all the best.
  20. Booty>boobs. I'm nice to everyone I meet, and I try my best not to judge anyone. That's just how I am.
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