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Favorite NON popular video games


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Ok, here are some of my favorite games that I hope you haven’t played yet.

(give us some background as well)


Toki (MAIM)- insect monster dude, steals your prehistoric girl friend and then turns you into a monkey with a big, i mean big ass head. shoot with fireballs that come out your mouth, first boss is a big black homosexual transvestite, who sends his monkeys after you.


Bionic commando (MAIM) (you should have heard of this) Police dude in the jungle uses his bionic arm to climb up stuff,


Black tiger (maim) 1987- Bad, ass i mean bad ass knight looking dude gets power ups and kills $hit, really hard side scroller, lots of doors and cool weapons.


Blood brothers (MAIM) you should have played this one at least once, an Indian and a cowboy shoot stuff up, they are positioned with their back towards the screen so you shoot into the screen very fun game.


Rastan (MAIM) (you have to know this one) This game has one of the most kick ass soundtracks i have ever heard in an old game, any way barbarian gets cool weapons and kills serpents and stuff.


Ok if you played all these games your the kick ass grand master champion, but if you haven’t, check them out!

And list some more of those not so popular of classics!

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shadowrun, snes. my favorite rpg

ye ar kung fu, arcade. the first fighting game I ever played. the reason for my addiction.

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Mystical Ninja isnt too popular, but its a great game ;)


Many popular games like KOF and MvC and them aren't exactly popular, they're just popular for people who go to arcades or know about emulation. We just find them popular because we all know about it.

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