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  1. Excellent game, think a 3rd person action game with a bit of MGS, Resident Evil, an overpowered bike for no reason at all and sunglasses you can equip and unequip also for no reason at all . I bought the game when it was released and I did not regret it. Here's a review, the score of 9 is a bit too high though in my opinion, but the text gives you a good idea of what the game is about.
  2. After all these years Saturn is still one of my favourite consoles. Of course many of the games I have already beaten or haven't stood the test of time very well, but Saturn has so many good shooters, fighting games, puzzle games and random wacky stuff that it's always great to play it.
  3. I will certainly buy this, been looking forward to it for along time now. Gamer's Hell has some good video's of the game in motion with commentary from the developers.
  4. Ah, I know this one, I had it happen myself. Set the control pad to digital only, that's it. Enjoy playing one of the best games ever made .
  5. It all depends on the files you want to compress. Console game iso's like PSX and Dreamcast will compress a lot because those discs usually contain a lot of uncompressed or useless data (like the dummy files in DC games). PC games however or avi files will not compress ar all, or maybe a few mb at best because this data is already efficiently compressed. PC games are only rared up to make for easy distribution over internet, that's why they make split archives.
  6. I've never played the arcade version unfortunatly, so it could very well be possible they have changed some of the timing in DC version. However, the term input lag is not really appropriate here, because as stated before every move you do comes out instantly. There's no such thing as lag in the DC version, if anything this is one of the most responsive games I have ever played.
  7. I always use Play Asia, I have very good experience with them, they have good service, cheap shipping if you want, or faster more expensive shipping if you're in a hurry, they always give $5 discount coupons for the next order with every item and they have good prices. Lik Sang has more expensive shipping so I haven't ordered from them yet.
  8. Modding a 64 chip is not hard, I did mine myself. This is what you have to do: Reconnect the blue wire back to the chip, see attached pic. This basically means you will not have to solder to the saturn chip at all (you can also not use the wire and simply brifge the 2 points on the chip). All you have to do now its to connect the red wire to the 5v powersupply (check in the saturn, there can be up to 4 places in a row you can put it in, but only 1 of them is the 5v), and you have to take the ribbon cable out of the place where it is now, insert it in the chip and the chip in the saturn where the ribbon cable was. The only annoying thing is that with 64 chip saturns the ribbon cable will be twisted, you have to untwist it and since it will only work when inserted in the chip with 1 side up it will have to go over the chip, it's a tight fit, but it will work. For further info see Sega Xtreme. Note, the porblem he speaks about at the end has never occured for me and I did basically exactly what he did. Lastly, I bought my chip from Jandaman.
  9. The number one thing that must change is the d-pad. With good 2D fighters on the way finally I'm still forced to buy a saturn pad converter to be able to play. Other than that and the placement of the black and white buttons (just put them in a row like they should) the controller S is perhaps one of the best controllers I have used. The analogue sticks are very high quality, and I like the fact that's they're not too loose but have some resistance. Same for the triggers, very comfortable and durable and good resistance. The face buttons aren't that great though, the pressure sensitive thing has got to go, it's only annoying and no games even use it. The d-pad, like on any controller with the single exception of the Saturn model 2 pad, stinks. Overall shape of the controller is good. So in short: keep sticks and triggers, add 2 digital smaller triggers maybe, change d-pad into something saturn like, lose the pressure sensitve face buttons and add 2 to make a row of 3 x 3. Perfect controller .
  10. Savestate does not work because ePSXe considers the next disc a new game. But pretty much all multi-disc games have a save feature at the end of a disc.
  11. Actually, ePSXe has support for disc changing. When a game asks to insert a new disc just press escape, go to file>change disc and select the image there. That's it. Btw you don't have to use daemon tools, ePSXe can play cd images by itself.
  12. The door lag is caused by the on the fly decompression of the data. Unpack all the pk4 files and you will see a big difference. You can also set the cfg to use cache, which it doesn't do by default I think, enabling this will also help lessen the lag. Check this site.
  13. In the DoomConfig.cfg change seta g_muzzleFlash "0" to seta g_muzzleFlash "1"
  14. In my opinion it should be everything or nothing. If you don't want to support warez don't do it at all, not just for people with less than 100 hundred posts. I think the rule would be better if it was no warez, meaning now new pc and console games, programs and movies, but allowing simple rom requests for everyone. The 100 posts limit will either make people leave or spam, and the ones that would make a 100 'real' posts would probably stay anyway.
  15. Yeah I noticed too that PeOp's works better for 2D than pete's. By the way, unless adripsx has updated recently ePSXe is a better emulator so you might want to use that instead.
  16. Here's a really good tweaking guide, you can boost permance considerably with it. Also, unpacking all the pk4 files with winrar, putting them in the base dir and removing the pk4 files will increase performance.
  17. Don't worry, my system is similar to yours: 3 ghz P4 512mb RAM Geforce FX 5600xt 128mb I use latest official nvidia drivers, set performance to 'high performance', turned vsync off. I run the game on high settings with all the fancy effects turned on in 800x600 and it runs really smooth. To get best performance it might be a good idea to first defrag, then install doom and before playing it closing all running processes your pc doesn't need to play the game.
  18. Well good thing I downloaded corp then .
  19. On a similar note, what's the difference between Pro and corp?
  20. Ah so much confusion. It's like this: USA 110/120 volts Japan 85/100 volts Europe 210/230 volts As you can see the difference between japan and USA is not that big, you can use your playstation without any converters.
  21. Ah, this thread is more proof that IRC is the root of all evil .
  22. Play Asia is selling it for 29 usd as their weekly special this week.
  23. That's why broadband is required for Live, without it you can't get it. It's harsh for the 56k people but it allows things to be lagless for the rest. Although sometimes there will be people using bittorent or something while playing, that will lag things, but most people understand that that is a silly thing to do . That's rare though, for example I just played PGR2 online for about 3 hours and haven't seen any lag at all which is pretty impressive considering this game is highly detailed and races can have up to 8 people racing. The downside of Live is in the variety of games available. Personally I'm a huge racing game fan, that's why I got live in the first place, racing games are one of my favourite genres already but with live they get nearly unlimited replay value. PGR2 is the perfect example on how to make a game online, not only do you get to see scoreboards for every race you can do in the game on the screen when you're about to start it (which is really bad for your ego) but you can actually download ghosts of all those times. Each time you finish a race a ghost of your run is uploaded to the server, other people can download it and race against it, or watch how you play to improve their technique. But other than racing and shooting, which I don't care for, there's not much to do. I have top spin tennis which is cool but I really miss some other genres. KoF 2k2/2k3 will soon be released though, that's something to look forward to playing on live (it beat the hell out of kaillera ). Also Tecmo is going to release DOA online, which I won't be getting probably because I dont care much for DOA but they did set it up in a great way. They made it so about 8 people can join a game, 2 fighting against eachother and the rest watching. The watching people can talk to cheer them on and they can rotate the camara with their joypads while waiting their turn, the first in line will fight against the winner or something. This is as close to a real arcade experience as you can get in your own home. I only hope more developers will be as creative as this for games to come.
  24. Live is highly impressive, you pay 50 bucks a year but for that you get well maintained servers and lagless gameplay. Plus you can manage a list of people that you like to play with and see when they are online and what they are playing. You can also send them invites to play games. The people online vary of course, there's losers like the guy above me here but also lot's of nice, mature people. Personally I think this setup should be applied to all consoles, servers maintained by the console manufacturer or atleast one company. This way you can get a stable experience with more features than possible with game developer maintained servers. This is worth 50 bucks to me.
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