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  1. If you wanna add me on Steam its Baseley09 Game is mint!
  2. Well, well......... SOTB is the pinnacle IMO of 16bit graphics, clearly there are better for different reasons, but this just is so amazing.........but even i a die hard must admit the Amiga version control is suck. ......while id still say the Amiga version is the best SOTB period, the Pc Engine & both Megadrive versions offer much more playability (read : easier) SOTB3 is prabably the best *game* to play, but hasnt the original factor. SOTB2 last, great as hell for sure, amazing Amiga death sequence synth guitar, but worst SOTB game imo. EDIT: How could i forget music...hmm....SOTB1 Amiga version easily...besy music ever...maybe.
  3. Amazing CG, decent music..............crap as flock movie.
  4. I'm on the internet so anyone else trying to get on it will be automatically inferior.
  5. You must be important and stuff. Like the kid in the spastic class with the best spelling love you really
  6. Your an admin these days? Christ whats next, president??
  7. When the site went from some dodgy mess of a white page with some streetfighter jpgs & gifs to looking something like it does now:p Was XXL really in the army, i thought we found out he was some young ass punk. We used to get on until his mental problems reared up.
  8. look at the size of the machine compared to the scale head, 360 can kill small children i'm sure.
  9. Always struck me as a little hard to play, where as the sequel is highly enjoyable.
  10. Waaarriorrrs come out to plaaaayyyeeeeyyyaaayyyy
  11. I think you'll find this kill GP32 for emulation, though blatantly Gizmondo's gonna fall on it's arse. They sold 1000 units on release day one. Lollertron.
  12. SNK Neo Geo CD SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color Sega Saturn Sega Megadrive (Asian) Sega Master System I & 2 (x2) Sega Dreamcast NEC PC Engine NEC PC Engine CDRom2 IFU-30 w/Super system 3.0 NEC PC Engine Core Grafx II NEC PC Engine Super CDRom2 Nintendo DS Panasonic 3DO FZ-1 Commadore Amiga 500 SONY Playstation SONY Playstation 2
  13. I love this series, tho this aint gonna make me get a PSP. Ill get any PS2 version there is first, i only have part 2 on DC & Wagan Midnight (Highway 2000) on Saturn atm.
  14. I'm not interested in it at all anymore, or cdrs or any of that. I have 2 roms.
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