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  1. This is why I keep coming back, Fu. These releases are super fun. Smash Out is a perfect fit for an arcade setup. Just had to sign in and say thanks!
  2. This looks pretty awesome. Thanks Fu. You're the reason I still lurk the forums here! And of course thanks gilou9999, this must have been a lot of work.
  3. Salvation Army sells xboxes for $10 this time of year. In a college town when all the kids leave they end up donating all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff. I've got more boxes than I know what to do with.
  4. It may be F1 not F7 on the keyboard. I'm not home to check. I press F7 all day long at work but haven't actually had a long mugen session in quite a while.
  5. Hey, heres an odd request. Can we get pixel perfect settings for 4:3 480p? I'm using a vga monitor and its not widescreen. Pixel Perfect looks great on my HD tv, but not so much on a 4:3 vga monitor. The widescreen correction squishes the screen down in a rotated vertical screen.
  6. Funnily enough, I just upgraded to 1.3 with the new xtras pack and had to re-setup my control panel. The setting to change the exit button combo is actually hiding under a menu where you wouldn't expect it to be. From the main menu go to Options -> GUI Options -> Image Options -> Next Page -> Next Page and the second to last setting is Exit Game Controls. You can scroll through the predetermined button combos there. I suggest back + start. Why this is hidden deep down in the menu tree is anybody's guess, but at least its there. I wish there was a way to set up a global default for button configuration. I realize that I can change settings per game but that becomes quite a chore. My panel only has a standard six button setup, and to do that I chose the triggers instead of black and white. Anything that uses black and white buttons needs to reconfigured! Argh... ok rant over. Edit: I thought of something else. This ones more along the lines of a "Tip". I can use my control panel on xMugen even though its not an official xbox controller. If you plug in a usb keyboard into the fourth controller and use that to press F7 instead of the right joystick click then mugen will start with no problems. In my case it takes some creative button remapping to get everything right. For some reason mugen thinks that some of my first player buttons are actually second player buttons and vice-versa. Mugen rocks with real arcade controls!
  7. Are we counting Game & Watches too? I've got Egg, Balloon Kid and Mario the Juggler. What about Simon or the classic Mattel sports games where you move little red dots around? Um... also some Coleco Tabletop games Mrs Pacman, Frogger, Munchman and Alien Attack. Atari Super Pong Tandy Pong Colecovision Intellivision: Models I and II Tandy Color Computer 3 with its own RGB monitor Commodore Vic 20 Mattel Aquarius C64 Joystick with built in games (this one feels like padding the list) Atari 2600: heavy sixer and a vader Atari 2600 Jr Atari 5200 Atari 7800 NES: original and model 2 toploader SNES: original and model 2 N64: original and a green one Game Cube Wii: Launch day Wii and a used one that gets all the new mods first so I don't screw the first one Gameboy Pocket Gameboy Gameboy Color Gameboy Advance Gameboy Advance SP in a store display unit\kiosk thing Gameboy Advance SP the one that looks like a little NES GBA Micro 20th Ann Ed Virtualboy DS Lite Those three Game & Watches TurboGrafx16 Sega Master System: with light phaser and 3d glasses Sega Genesis\CD\32x original models Sega Genesis\CD\32x model 2s with wireless controllers Sega Genesis Model 3 JVC X'Eye Pioneer LaserActive with Sega Pak (only one laserdisc game "Pyramid Patrol" which isn't fun) Sega Saturn: Models I and II Dreamcast: White and the black Sega Sports Ed GameGear Nomad Sega Game Base (the SMS adapter thing that goes in a Genesis) 3DO: Panasonic and Goldstars Nokia Ngage QD (pirating games and software was easy, had emulators and was a good phone) Playstation PSOne PS2 phat XBox: too many hanging around, but a couple are in my cabs, one loosely based on MK and the other is in a Mario Bros Widebody and they're loaded to the gills. Yet another is going into a Space Invaders II cocktail cab at some point when I find time. At one time I had two audio towers set up on either side of my tv with a Nintendo Tower and a Sega Tower that had everything hooked up ready to play. It was a wiring nightmare. Thats it for now, I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Edit: Bought one of those Hyperkin FC Mobile IIs last month. Its a portable NES. I'm waiting for their newest portable SNES to come out this summer sometime.
  8. I've been catching up on the latest news and I've got a concern. I think it was brought up already. What if I want just a stock xbox with less than 1200 games? Does this mean a "lock" kicks in? I'm having trouble understanding the need for crippling your own software when it seems to be so versatile. I've used CoinOps now in a bunch of different configurations (horizontal/vertical screens, HD/SD, on lcd monitors and arcade monitors) and the games that each setup plays is very specific to the room/screen/cabinet that its is in. I wouldn't have done any of that if I didn't love the emulator. But, I'd hate to try and stay up on the updates if its just going to cause me headaches. My main machine is getting the full package ftped over right now and will be done in half an hour. I take it that this install will be fine. I worry about my other boxes and will probably leave them as is (unless my request makes it in). And finally, said request! Could there be an option to autoboot one specific game at CoinOps' startup? Like, an "all time favorite game" that will boot after the CoinOps banner screen? I'm imagining having CoinOps as the dash so that when the xbox turns on you get the xbox flubber, then the coinops logo, then Mario Bros boots (or whatever game you set it to). Would be cool for my cabs... thanks BP.
  9. Fu, where do you find these videos!? Is this guy an Aussie? I thought Australians were cool!
  10. Isn't that a DeLorean in the first vid? Shouldn't he go into the future once he hits 88mph? His flux capacitor must be broken...
  11. Doesn't it say in the readme that you shouldn't use filters? A600 releases are for the most part direct ports of the PC versions. We're lucky that these ports run at all since theres very little xbox optimization. Also make sure that you've got the update 1 release. Original release will crash on you.
  12. Theres an updated release that fixes that problem. It came out today and I'm sure Fu will post it sometime. Or it might be up at snesorama already... I haven't had a freeze yet and I'm pretty sure I've got the first release.
  13. I made a wide icon for this by taking the original icon, chopping it up and putting the masks next to the Neo-Geo CD text instead of over it. Its quick and dirty but matches my other wide icons in size. http://www.mediafire.com/?08p5xg19124bb45
  14. This is pretty fun... any word on other bennugd-monolithic games that this might play? By the way, I made a wide icon for this for those of us that still use wide icons. I liked the transparency in the embedded one but the font was all squished together. Looks good on my SD screen. http://www.mediafire.com/?e6u7vtjj9z72hv0 edit: rename the .png to .tbn, put that in your xSoR folder and erase the original icon in your userdata/thumbnails/programs folder for this to work, but you knew that already
  15. I forget, was it nestopiax that had no lightgun support? That would be a nice addition. Its been awhile since I've used an nes emu on the xbox, my wii has been better for that lately.
  16. No, the monitor is the original 15 khz Sanyo in my Mario Bros widebody machine and the xbox is hooked up using these adapters: http://www.ultimarc.com/xba.html The colors are nice and bright and depending on the game/emulator used it just looks sensational. Is it arcade perfect? No, but its as close as I need it to be. I'm VERY lucky that the Sanyo is up and running still with only the slightest imperceptible bit of burn in from the original game. I'd have to find an all blue background and then point it out to you to see it (and I kind of like that, makes it that much more authentic feeling). Back on topic - does anyone else freeze up when going into the options menu while playing a game?
  17. Fair points, but I'm using this box in an arcade machine and on a real monitor. So the scanlines are there no matter what and pixel perfect doesn't effect me too much (its a nice feature but doesn't benefit me in my experience). Also, presentation counts for alot and the skin does leave alot to be desired. It would be nice not to have to click on a folder and then on the cue file to run a game. Having a screenshot in the background in the games list would be nice. I'm having trouble saving some of my button configurations too. Seems like Coin A and Coin B default to Joy button 8 (right trigger) and that pauses whatever game you're playing. I can't help but hit it every once and awhile and that gets annoying. But, its a great emulator, and the games are fun especially if you like 90s 2d fighters. They load in an instant and you can switch back and forth between games super quick. I've spent a ton of time this week at my machine and thats a good thing. Its been under used and that makes me sad! This is a great first release and I hope he tweaks it further. A huge improvement over NeoSDLx Unleashed.
  18. Yes, very nice work. A pretty bare-bones emulator but the games play perfect and thats what matters. It took me awhile to reassign my control panel to be functional since the directional controls in-game were set to the analog stick as default, but I like how A600 leaves in keyboard functionality in his ports. Plug in a usb keyboard and then settings become a breeze. Also, playing xDuke and xShadow with a keyboard is exactly how I remembered playing the originals. If only he could get network play up and running for either, that would be killer. ShadowWarrior LAN party anyone?
  19. Now this is what I've been waiting for for YEARS. Now to get all my cd rips deep from the archives! Theres a harddrive around here somewhere with everything backed up. Damn... too much hoarding of game rips...
  20. A600 releases are total class. This xbox love is much appreciated.
  21. Thats the single greatest sega related news in years! I'm psyched for this. Is there a general ETA for release?
  22. I've always thought we needed a proper GUI for NeoCD/SDLx Unleased. That would be a HUGE thing for me. Also, DaphneX needs a way to remap keys so that some games will actually be playable. If memory serves me right a couple games run just fine but you can only watch yourself die cuz you can't DO anything. I think its Us vs Them that only needs a fire button. I have two guesses for team ZOD: MAME and\or another Emulation Frontend where all the games are available under one big menu but its setup in a much more traditional Xport kind of way. (Hooray for run-on sentences!) Or if we're really lucky one of the PSone emulator devs gave permission to port something over to xbox now that its a dead system.
  23. And in order to do this you've got to enable the advanced settings at the bottom of the first page of settings. Then turn the page using the right trigger button and it should be there on the second page. I haven't used the new releases yet so I hope its still there! I hounded BP for ages until it got put in (but I've been happy ever since).
  24. I've got a couple DCs. Two white US consoles and a sweet black Sega Sports console! The black matches all the other Sega consoles. Is this about the new BOR mod I saw the other day: http://www.dreamcast.es/news.php?readmore=432#comments Looks brilliant.
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