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  1. And how should he do that without having acces to M$ Dash for copy the modded savegame after formating all partitions? I gave you a solution, take it or not .............
  2. Nope, dont buy a modchip for this, just create ab bootdisk on your pc witch evox/avalaunch or whatever you want and ftp the dashboard files to the xbox and hop it doesent have a hidden c or you will get a bigger problem. i preffer chips to, but for your problem you didnt need someone.
  3. LOL, nice tribut to Factor5! Who of you gys know this without google
  4. and plz zpdate the shoutcast server for music
  5. if a script isnt work anymore try to get an update for it. sometimes the sites change their websites and scripts didnt work anymore. i can you post some German sites, but i bet 20 bucks you didnt understand it there are some updater scripts in the wild and navi-x got also an update function.
  6. It plays 720p Mpg files, but i forgot the build number. just simple try the ps3 media server and encode it on your pc and stream it over upnp to the xbox, im sure this will work. since i got my new blueray player with dlna i never used the xbox anymore for streaming or video, only for shoutcast.
  7. Dude, its not a bizzare xbox problem. you installed a false bios with no support over 137gb, just flas an another one and if you installed a softmod do it again with the ndure installer, that boxes that i modded it works perfect with drives over >137gb. PS: i found my modded gta vc
  8. use an another build from t3ch
  9. and why arrent you backup your userdata folder, start a brand new build, copy those settings and move to your userdata folder? or better take a look at http://tinyurl.com/2rfwr. sorry
  10. botzh dont work for me. they looks like pal ones. do you deleted the finalcap file?
  11. i need an original default.xbe from the ntsc version because i modiefed mine and gume stuck at 97% loading.
  12. every xbox got this partition as cache. gta games deposit a imgage file on it for faster loading, but when this copy wont match with the original (or your modified one) you will get an error. maybe its a bug in xbmc or they wanted it, idk, just tell us the result. nothing that will change the world or create the wheel again, but a nice cracktro and some other things, surprise, surprise
  13. since the new xbmc builds after the stable where released from t3ch u dont see the x/y/z drives and cannot enter them with /X/ for example via ftp. start avalaunch/unleashx or an another dashboard and switch to the 3 drives and delete every file in it, start gta and hopefully enjoy
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