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  1. Soungs great.Can't wait for the next build.
  2. Nevermind i will solve the problem myself. It's not even a big deal its like a few games not working out of thousands.Like i said i am still enjoying this great emulator. Thankyou.
  3. No offense but if you read my post correctly i NEVER said anything was wrong with Coinops.I sad what am I doing wrong.Also my problem is real or else i would not have posted it Thankyou.
  4. Hmmmm now it tells me i'm mssing the uni-bios but i already have that in my roms section.Do i have to unzip the Metal slug games input the bios individualy then zip them back? I always thought you just put the uni-bios in the rom folder and voila thats it.If you had a problem then you switch on custom bios switch in settings. I never had to do that before. OK So i have done all of that and it either freezes at the please wait screen and does nothing or it tells me i'm missing the uni-bios 23 which i clearly have in the roms folder. So now i am extracting the uni-bios and putting it in the rom zip and if it still says the uni-bios is missing i give up. I am still enjoying this great emulator. Thankyou.
  5. OK so i have the latest Coinops and the mega pack.Its great.I have been having a problem with some of the Metal Slug games NOT loading at all. They just freeze at the please wait screen and NEVER load.Metal slug 1 and 2 and x work fine but the others like 3,4,5 and 6 just dont load. I am running them at 4mb and 512kb virtual mem like i do all the other games and they play fine. I have had this problem for the last few releases of Coinops with the Metal series and a SMALL few other games so i really never complained but now i REALLY want to play other Metal Slugs besides 1,2and x. What am i doing wrong?
  6. There aint a Dreamcast emulator for xbox to add a core. It stuggles with PSX Yeah i was thinking that would be a bit too much.I was suprised it even ran the PSX.
  7. We cannot forget the DREAMCAST.Maybe a Dreamcast core.
  8. AAhhh cool thanks for clearing that up for me. I thought he was showing me that it WAS in the list.When i looked at the list i didnt see it which even confused me more.lol The game is pretty similar to the Metal Slug series so i figured it would not be so hard to do.Can't wait til the driver is available. Thankyou.
  9. I just put Demonfront in my xbox and scanned all games and it does NOT show up.Am i doin something wrong?All the other games show up and play fine. I have been using Coin ops since 08 so i'm pretty experienced with it. Could it be i have a bad rom? dmnfrnt.zip 23MB Thankyou.
  10. If it's possible it would REALLY be great to see a CHEATS FEATURE/Gameshark for CONSOLE games.Kinda like how the Arcade cheats are done. Also with CUSTOM LIST dose this mean that we can now add our own rom/games to the CONSOLES as long as we name them in the Coinops format? I really want to add International Superstar soccer 64 1&2 along with other classics like WWE wrestling games. I am still downloading i have 12 gigs so far.
  11. Yeah.It's a great Emu and we should all spread the word.
  12. PLEASE remember to SEED AFTER DOWNLOADING.I think there should be MORE seeds than what i see.25(36) The more seeds the FASTER the download is for everyone.. Thankyou.
  13. I don't think you realize how many game enthusiasts you made happy with CoinOPS Showroom X. I use Reignite x and it is EXCELLENT.Now i am downloading the new Showroom x and cant wait to see what other great games were added to the line up. Great work.
  14. Your right,i assumed it was not in there. I will check to see if the other two titles (Crystal of Kings and Clutch Hitter) are there. Thankyou.
  15. Hello is there any way to get "Clutch hitter" "Demon Front" and "Crystal of Kings" working for the Arcade portion of Coin ops? I would really like to see more Arcade games added to the already great selection in Coinops. Thankyou.
  16. AHHH ok Cool.Thanks alot bro. Any chance of getting "CRYSTAL OF KINGS" working on CoinOPS? Thankyou.
  17. Hello i have a few questions. If i'm downloading the 14 gig file do i need to download the 4 gig file? Also where do i get the Coinops showroom x STANDALONE?Its not on UG and i'm not on usenet. Thankyou.
  18. Also can we finally get "CRYSTAL OF KINGS" working for CoinOPS? This would be an excellent addition to the already great games CoinOPS has. Thankyou.
  19. Hello,could someone send me the link to the Game packs for Coin ops X? I have been away for a while so i have missed out on much.I would also like a ny other links to any emus or gamepaks that were distributed while i have been gone. Last time i was here the thread count was at 56 now its well over 100. Thanks in advance.
  20. ^^^^Great list of games.Sorry to be a pain but if its possible you need to put Rise of the Dragon in that list of console games.You have games for 32x and it's a Sega cd game so i am guessing it shouldn't be that hard.It's a great game and really needs to be added to that list of classic games.Sega cd had a FEW good games(Snatcher,Terminator,silpheed) and one of them was definetly Rise of the Dragon. Also when i press BACK +A+B to take a snapshot of a CONSOLE game it never works.Either that or i'm doing something wrong.
  21. No its not in the text file(game list) but now i will take a look at the readme.Sometimes the answers are right in front of us,lol oh yeah would like a link to those console packs. Well i took a look and there is no reame file that explains how to put the game in text just a list of games. If there is then i must have overlooked it cause i have none in my folder.I guess this game won't be able to play in CoinOPS which is a shame cause Rise of the Dragon is incredible. If i'm wrong someone please correct me.
  22. CoinOPS is great.Can we get "Rise of the Dragon"Sega cd working in CoinOPS? I typed it in this format MDRIVE_RiseOfTheDragon.zip and it doesnt even show.
  23. Thanks for answering my question Fumanchu and great work on Coin OPS guys.
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