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  1. My native language. Haven't been on here in years. I'm surprised I still remember my login info lol.
  2. Downtown Raleigh is nice. Plenty of places to eat.
  3. I've been exercising so I'm into that now. Oh yeah anime, can't function w/o anime. I rather be out and doing something rather than just sitting home surfing the net.
  4. I was in class and heard the news from other instructors. Class got cancelled and I went home to watch the news. All those lives lost, soo sad.
  5. Kawaks can play both arcade and console editions. You just have to mess with the options.. I haven't used it in years though. You can add cheat codes and do a bunch of other stuff. Best part is online play.
  6. I personally like the movie. I'll have to watch it again.
  7. Well, it's not like the bar was set very high with Queen's Blade to begin with. I thought the frist episode was good and that was it. I can't believe I was watched the whole thing.
  8. Aion - Daa'aam Asmodian, Just wait till I'm level 55 and all gold up like one of Athena's Gold Saints.
  9. They found out looping combos. Not infinites but close enough.
  10. Freezing - Aside from major fan service, I think it's a good anime. A lot better than Queen's Blade. Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas - Just plain cool.
  11. We should be able to pick 3 of the same characters like in MVC2. Can we? I haven't unlocked everything yet.
  12. You'll need a back up manager to transfer the game to your HDD. I used Gaia Manager 2.07 and it the game works great. You could trasfer the dump to an external HDD as well, I did.
  13. I can't believe thay fucked my favorite character Storm. I can't rape anyone anymore. I can't put her speed to use now. The same goes for Magneto too. I'm not liking this game. I searously thought about selling MVC3 to my friend for 60 bucks and it's in mint condition.
  14. Thanks for the info. I'll do it when I get my game Tuesday.
  15. I don't play my games online so it doesn't bother me at all. I especially hate d/l content. I don't like paying for features that should come with the game. The only time I remember playing online was Metal Geat 4.
  16. Got a few bills back and ready to spend. Not all out ofcourse. Probably buy a few PS3 games and shoes. How about y'all?
  17. Thanks for the info, I saw the Kmeaw CFW on PS3 Hack but thought it wasn't right for me. Now I know, I'm d/l the files right now and try it out.
  18. I like a good straight out brawl. I can't stand shooters. All they do is shoot and keep away. I mean, I could do that to but I like to bust out massive hand to face combos. I want a beatdown. Hitting is much funner to me than shooting.
  19. True for me as well. I see myself losing my talent at fighting games. Maybe because of the lack of playing or actual use of hand movements. My hands aren't responsive like before. Combos aren't connecting and I'm actually struggling against a noob at MVC2 when at the mall. I still win but I kinda panic. It's like "I almost lost to a button smasher". WTF
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