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  1. Yes hello. it's me! WIZARD! But yeah, it seems after 3 years he finally decided to surface, on Steam noless. Had to double check here too, cuz why not!
  2. It's fine. At least I'd have a job :VVVVVVVVVVVVVVV
  3. Crack, loader, nitpick if you want, all it does is bypass the security checks. Link to Chaos Breakers plz
  4. Yeah Screenshot Examu's arcade board is also PC based. There's no "Crack." Just a seperate loader that bypasses the security check.
  5. Atlus is localizing it for USA. Coming out in 6months time. No ETA on Euro release. In the mean time Get on my level niggas
  6. You cannot. The only way to get meter is either by having a meter assist or actually hitting your opponent.
  7. Game is ass. Friend of mine regrets buying it over Steam. Demo is ass too. In fact, fuck this game. This game is terribad.
  8. Akuma has a true infinity. Lei-Lei has a true infinity. Everyone else has loops. A loop is a string of attacks that connects but will eventually drop due to hitstun decay.
  9. DO you think its da same with mvc3? Im not sure to me its seems you either rush or go projectile crzy. It's one or the other right now. Top players will figured out shit around
  10. playing single player with this game is a horrible idea and you should feel horrible for doing so.
  11. Marvel vs Capcom 2 when it first came out was all about Zoning before the infinities got figured out.
  12. Yes, I love the game. And no, loads of people have gotten the game WAY earlier, me included. As early as the 8th and I got mine on the 10th. Legit too. Retailers had it as early as the 8th too and several people got the game earlier because they won Capcom contests like Marn and RyRy (both won Capcom-ran tournements to get their copies early). Basically several hundred people got as much as a week's head start from everyone else.
  13. Actually, the Shrine in T6 had a breakable wall, expanding the arena. That's the most notable one and there is one more level I believe. They haven't gone to Viruta Fighter 5 Final Showdown-level customizing yet (which is, literally everything, even the skintone. Look up youtube, for white Vanessa).
  14. Yes and Yes. Jun was all but confirmed until now. Live feed is mostly for Asia/Aus. Land. Break away walls into expanding arenas was already in 6. Stage Gimmicks. More of them basically. Taking the an idea DOA had and added the tag element into it completely. For Customizations, if you didn't play 6 or TDR, it's a considerable step up from it, but not at the point of VF5/R/FS' where you can even change skintone or make Jolyn Kujo. But it's pretty flexible right now as is (in 6).
  15. If you couldn't play Marvel 2, this game is for you. It's easier to jump into. Everything is practically Dial-A-Combo, it's highly offensive (Zoners be damned, niggas are FRAY), there isn't any input leniency (Not joking, you actually have to hit the correct inputs for moves to come out or else you'll whiff or get another super entirely, you can't even cheat like in MVC2, you MUST hit all the inputs for moves to come out) and everyone practically has the same combos (L M H S jM jM jH jS xx Hyper/DHC/Tag Aerial). Did everyone thing Storm and Magneto would be broken out of the box? You fucking kidding me? Storm still rapes (she even has a loop) and as does Magneto (who also has a loop). Loops are the new infinities folks, deal with it. There are no "custom" combo systems in this game. It's literally all the same shit for everyone. If you are losing, you literally aren't mashing/randoming enough. If people are clamoring that it isn't MVC2, where the fuck were you all these years? You can't say shit because 1) You weren't supporting it, 2) Only played it casually. Marvel 3 came out because of the tourneyfags kept MVC2 alive, 3) Like hell this game is going to be god damn broken like MVC2. I think the game looks DAMN great. Comparing the older 2d ass sprites (going as far back as from 1997 no less) to the newer 3d models is like comparing apples to oranges. This game is VIBRANT son (except SHIELD carrier, that level is too damn dark) and I think Capcom did a fuckingtastic job on the model work. Of the the characters that have DLC ( outfits on the disc, four of them have Cosmic alts (Wesker, Dormammu, Doom, Akuma) already. The rest are all incomplete according to G-T and his buddy who hacked the disc. Of the DLC Characters, Jill is incomplete (missing critical system data, balance data and still has place holder sounds) and Shuma is completely playable (assumingly canned because Marvel was on the fence about adding him until they came to an agreement with Capcom). Frank West and Doctor Octopus are in the system data as well, but there are zero assets for them. One thing people have to know is post-release DLC is on a separate budget, hence why it costs money. Once again, only 8 alt costumes are completed, the rest aren't. Only Shuma is completed, Jill isn't. Frank and Doc Ock we're removed/aren't even developed yet. DLC is low risk-high reward way to recoup development costs these days. There are plans for 4 more DLC characters that aren't even mentioned in the game data. So get hype for those. Having friends in the industry for a few years now put me into perspective about it as they aren't pulling an SF4.
  16. Katsuhiro Harada I'll show you something !!! TTT2 AOU Show Trailer URL here !!-> (JAPAN Version. We'll make English version after few weeks) 8 minutes ago via iPhone
  17. I use a joystick. I don't give a fuck what system it's on.
  18. If you have a 360, live and Mahvel. I'm online right now in a lobby. Just join up niggas.
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