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  1. i hated dead space...the controls were really weird and after about an hour of playing through it became really monotonous...run into a room, turn around to kill the guy behind you, turn around again and kill the other guy in the room, move on to next room, rinse and repeat....
  2. I just watched this after hearing about it here and i thought it was a really well made movie. The ending of it was hilarious.
  3. Burn After Reading I thought it was hilarious, but the other person i watched it with hated it...
  4. ST Enterprise got canned because it came out at the wrong time. It is an awesome series that in my opinion is second to TNG as best series. Sadly people wanted more reality tv instead of quality shows. The plot was a little too real for most people i think as well because it struck so close to their feelings after 9/11...they wanted to put it out of their minds... and yes its opening theme song sucks...
  5. So...uhh...they are going to do it again and destroy an otherwise acceptable operating system... http://www.tomshardware.com/news/windows-7...imate,6910.html Prepare your spreadsheets now to determine which of the 100 versions you get to blow your money on...
  6. gymnist1026


    What school did you get into? And are you going to attend the school in the fall as well?
  7. Sins of a Solar Empire is awesome. It takes forever to play through games because of the micromanagement needed sometimes to build infrastructure, but its worth it. Mass Effect is one of the best games i have played in a long time. I easily spent 100+ hours getting all the accomplishments on the PC version (still dont have them all ).
  8. that man is a awesome...he has some awesome lines...
  9. I had in-n-out burger the other day and it was pretty good. The chocolate shake was bullshit though. totally offtopic.... oh yeah obama won IN AND OUT! IN AND OUTTTTTT! THATS WHAT HAMBURGERS ARE - ALL ABOUT!! that place is good, love the limited options. Just hate the lines sometimes. i almost got into a fight with a bum at In-n-Out Burger last new years...everyone in the restaurant was wearing Illini Orange and he started to say crap to me and my friends through his three teeth...also almost got into a fight with a different bum because of my shirt that said "Much Fichigan"...stupid california bums...
  10. went on an apartment crawl with my gymnast friends....worked out really well...ended up in my bed talking to one of the girls i know who lives on my dormitory floor...was a good night......
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