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Is it me or is it the most HORRIBLE christmas ever


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My Christmas was prettygood since I got to fiddle around with my friend's iPod... Other than that, my own Christmas was pretty poor.


*Waits for stores to open their doors after Christmas*

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Christmas for me sucked this year. A snowstorm basically took over the city and caused the electiricity and heat to turn off. We had to move to a hotel and spend Christmas Day there. And we are still here!!! God I just want to be in my room and play my video games. Oh well Merry Christmas. ;)

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Hot? I heard it had snowed in parts were it hadn't snowed for over 30 years.

It is currently summer in the southern emisphere.


i wonder wihich part of the southern hemisphere is he, anyway, yeah it is hot, and I hate mosquitoes >=( damn litllle things


With a name like Waco Jacko, I would guess he is from Australia.

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