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    HBMAME 0.245.10

    HBMAME 0.245.10 has been released. https://hbmame.1emulation.com/ What's new in HBMAME ==================== 2023-03-13 0.245.10 New Games --------------------------------- - [240ptest] 240p Test Suite - [ckongpt2s01] Crazy Kong with DK colours and graphics - [looptrsp] Looptris Plus (2022-12-24) - [pitfall2u01] Pitfall II trainer (2002-10-15) - [pollen] Pollen Angel - [sf2mix] Street Fighter II: Champion Edition (Mix 1.3) - [vr01] Virtua Racing Rival Edition V7 (2023-02-22) - [xeviousn] Xevious (NeoGeo, beta 1, 2023-03-07)
  2. Welcome to the forum. In answer to your question, there's no 252 release because of a number of reasons. 1. It's too hot (wait for summer to end) 2. Official MAME has too many bugs at present, it would make ARCADE look bad. 3. There's been no real progress in arcade game emulation since the last release. 4. The current release schedule is approximately every 3 months, more or less. Please ask any further questions in the ARCADE sub-forum.
  3. * Groovymame 0.252sr002q - https://github.com/antonioginer/GroovyMAME/releases * Wolfmame 0.252 - https://github.com/mahlemiut/wolfmame/releases * Applewin [Apple II] - https://github.com/AppleWin/AppleWin/releases * Flycast Dojo 0.5.21 [Arcade] - https://github.com/blueminder/flycast-dojo/releases * Hoxs64 [Commodore 64] - https://www.hoxs64.net/ * BigPEmu 1.054 [Atari Jaguar] - https://www.richwhitehouse.com/jaguar/index.php?content=download * Ares v132 [Multi-system] - https://ares-emu.net/download * DroidArcadia 1.1 [s2650-based] - https://amigan.yatho.com/ * Xemu 0.785 [XBOX] - https://github.com/xemu-project/xemu/releases
  4. * Flycast Dojo 0.5.17 [Arcade] - https://github.com/blueminder/flycast-dojo/releases * Raine 0.95 [Arcade] - https://raine.1emulation.com/download/latest.html * Pyboy 1.5.4 [Gameboy] - https://github.com/Baekalfen/PyBoy/releases * RPCS3 0.0.27 [PS3] - https://github.com/RPCS3/rpcs3/releases * Emulicious [Multi-system] (2023-02-28) - http://emulicious.net/news/ * NegaMAME 0.252-2 [Front-end] - http://babelsoft.net/products/negamame.htm * Erockus 10.6 [Front-end] - http://erockus.elementfx.com/arcade.html * ScummVM 2.7.0 - https://www.scummvm.org/downloads/
  5. * Joyce 2.4.1/2.5.1 [Amstrad] - http://www.seasip.info/Unix/Joyce/index.html * Flycast Dojo 0.5.16 [Arcade] - https://github.com/blueminder/flycast-dojo/releases * Raine 0.94.12b [Arcade] - https://raine.1emulation.com/download/latest.html * MAME 0.252 [Multi-system] - https://www.mamedev.org/release.html * MAME 0.252 for RPi - https://stickfreaks.com/mame/ * Pantheon 12.406 [Multi-system] - http://bostjan-grandovec.si/Content/Download.htm * XEMU 0.7.84 [X-BOX] - https://github.com/xemu-project/xemu/releases * XRoar 1.3.1 [Dragon/Coco] - http://www.6809.org.uk/xroar/ * AmiArcadia 29.36, WinArcadia 29.36, DroidArcadia 1.0 [s2650-based] - https://amigan.yatho.com/
  6. * Flycast Dojo 0.5.14 [Arcade] - https://github.com/blueminder/flycast-dojo/releases * Gopher 0.20.0 [Atari 2600] - https://github.com/JetSetIlly/Gopher2600/releases/ * BigPEmu 1.052 [Atari Jaguar] - https://www.richwhitehouse.com/jaguar/index.php?content=download * FCEUX 2.6.5 [NES] - https://fceux.com/web/home.html * DCMOTO (2023-02-08) [Thomson] - http://dcmoto.free.fr/
  7. * Flycast Dojo 0.5.11 [Arcade] - https://github.com/blueminder/flycast-dojo/releases * Emulicious (2023-01-31) [Multi-system] - http://emulicious.net/news/ * Simcoupe 1.2.12 [Sam Coupe) - https://github.com/simonowen/simcoupe/releases * Eighty-One 1.31 [Sinclair] - https://sourceforge.net/projects/eightyone-sinclair-emulator/files/
  8. Moved topic to Raine forum.
  9. * Flycast Dojo 0.5.9 [Arcade] - https://github.com/blueminder/flycast-dojo/releases * WinUAE 4.10.1 [Commodore Amiga] - https://www.winuae.net/ * Xemu 0.7.83 [X-Box] - https://github.com/xemu-project/xemu/releases * Eighty-One 1.30 [Sinclair] - https://sourceforge.net/projects/eightyone-sinclair-emulator/files/ * Wine 8.0 [Windows emulator for Linux] - https://www.winehq.org/ * GameEx 18.36 [Frontend] - https://www.gameex.com/news/
  10. * GroovyMAME 0.251sr002o - https://github.com/antonioginer/GroovyMAME/releases * GroovyMAME 0.251sr002o for RPi - https://stickfreaks.com/mame/ * mGBA 0.10.1 [GBA] - https://mgba.io/ * RPCS3 0.0.26 [Sony PS3] - https://github.com/RPCS3/rpcs3/releases * Nuance 0.6.4 [Nuon] - https://github.com/andkrau/NuanceResurrection/releases * MAMEUI 0.251 - https://messui.1emulation.com/mameui251.7z
  11. * MAME 0.251 - https://www.mamedev.org/release.html * SDLMAME 0.251 for Ubuntu - https://sdlmame.wallyweek.org/download/ * GroovyMAME 0.250 switchres 2.002n - https://github.com/antonioginer/GroovyMAME/releases * MAME 0.251 for RPi - https://stickfreaks.com/mame/ * WolfMAME 0.251 - https://github.com/mahlemiut/wolfmame/releases * NegaMAME 0.251-1 - http://babelsoft.net/products/negamame.htm * Raine 0.94.10 [Arcade] - https://raine.1emulation.com/download/latest.html * AppleWin [AppleII] - https://github.com/AppleWin/AppleWin/releases * Altirra 4.10 [Atari 8-bit] - https://virtualdub.org/altirra.html * Yape 1.2.2 [Commodore Plus/4] - http://yape.homeserver.hu/ * XRoar 1.3 [Dragon64/Tandy Color Computer] - http://www.6809.org.uk/xroar/ * Emulicious (2022-12-31) [Multi-system] - http://emulicious.net/news/ * PPSSPP 1.14.4 [Sony PSP] - http://www.ppsspp.org/downloads.html * Erockus 10.5 [Front-end] - http://erockus.elementfx.com/arcade.html
  12. I've changed the maximum for your group from 6 to 50 per day.
  13. * Atari++ 1.85 [Atari 8-bit] - http://www.xl-project.com/downloads.html * ARCADE64 0.251.0 [Arcade] - https://arcade.mameworld.info/ * Vice 3.7.1 [Commodore 64] - https://vice-emu.sourceforge.io/ * BigPEmu 1.04 [Atari Jaguar] - https://www.richwhitehouse.com/jaguar/index.php?content=download * Ares v131 [Multi-system] - https://ares-emu.net/download * WinArcadia 29.35 [s2650-based] - https://amigan.yatho.com/ * Nestopia UE 1.52.0 [NES] - http://0ldsk00l.ca/nestopia/ * Rom Properties 2.1 [Rom Manager] - https://github.com/GerbilSoft/rom-properties/releases * Rom Vault 3.5.2 [Rom Manager] - https://github.com/GerbilSoft/rom-properties/releases
  14. * WinUAE 4.10.0 [Commodore Amiga] - https://www.winuae.net/download/ * Raine 0.94.8 [Arcade] - https://raine.1emulation.com/download/latest.html * Hoxs64 [Commodore C64] - https://www.hoxs64.net/ * BigPEmu 1.03 [Atari Jaguar] - https://www.richwhitehouse.com/jaguar/index.php?content=download * WinArcadia 29.34 [s2650-based] - https://amigan.yatho.com/ * PPSSPP 1.14.1 [Sony PSP] - http://www.ppsspp.org/downloads.html * NO$PSX 2.2 [Sony PSX] - http://problemkaputt.de/psx.htm * Clrmamepro 4.047 [Rom Manager] - https://mamedev.emulab.it/clrmamepro/
  15. Yes, but they can be loaded into MAME as loose software, or if they are fussy you can update the software lists with them. MAME isn't locked into software lists exclusively. Alternatively, FBNeo has a lot of homebrew console roms enabled. Besides, in the end, I don't want to spend time on it. Sorry.
  16. HBMAME is for homebrew arcade. That's its purpose. I'm not sure what else you're expecting it to do.
  17. Instead of working on this, what do you guys think of the idea of transplanting ARCADE64's frontend onto HBMAMEUI instead? Would that be something you'd prefer?
  18. I'm not interested in an external UI - there's heaps of them around already. Using the internal join gives access to all kinds of things, and there's no need to rely on messy xml interfaces that lack important info.
  19. Although MESSUI and MAMEUI are officially dead, similar technology is used by HBMAMEUI, which is still alive. So I wanted to find out what could be done to get WinUI working with a compiler newer than GCC 10.1. For whatever reason, ARCADE64 is fine with GCC 11.2 and has been using this version for some time. Since MESSUI is extremely unlikely to be seen again (since nobody has said anything since it was cancelled), I've done my experiments with it. The main issues with a newer GCC are: - Crash while building the tree (the things in the left pane) - All icons missing - A crash when a certain invalid screenshot was encountered. The screenshot issue was the first thing to fix. apexc.png was internally a wav file, so the code thought it was a jpeg and ran out of memory. This has been fixed, so now it will think the file doesn't exist. The treeview crash - I couldn't locate the exact bad code, so I used the version from ARCADE64 and then had to make extensive modifications to get it to fit in. But finally it's working. Lastly - the icon problem. Again, I haven't found the exact line of code, but I did learn quite a bit of how a listview works (or is supposed to work). MESSUI and MAMEUI have 3 listviews (main game list, loose software, swlist software), while ARCADE64 and HBMAMEUI only have 1 (main game list). A listview can have a choice of displays (small icons, large icons, list-only, and report (various columns)). We also have a variation of report called grouped (the clones are indented). When tested, the small icons and large icons were very slow to work, and in MAMEUI it appeared to hang. This stuff has been removed from ARCADE64, you just get report mode only, with a choice of small or large icons, and a further choice of indented or not. This works quite well. With a listview in report mode you can either have WIndows do the work for you, or you can have code to do it yourself, if it's something that is outside the scope of what Windows does. The loss of icons happens in this custom code, but I'm not sure exactly where yet. ARCADE64 gets Windows to do it, so the custom code doesn't exist. I decided to make the icon displays in MESSUI (main game list) the same as ARCADE64, as it is much faster. However this means that the choice of clone colour no longer does anything, so it will have to be removed. For the software lists, if you chose a different icon display for the main list, the software lists went a bit crazy, because of a bug joining them together when they should have been separate. This has now been fixed. I've left the software lists with the custom code, so their icons will be blank with the newer GCC. Everything else works the same as before. So, at this stage, MESSUI is working fine with the newer GCC, except that - You can't choose a separate colour for the clones - No icons in the "SW Files" tab (they will show if compiled with older GCC) I'll keep working on this, because eventually it will need to be transferred into HBMAMEUI.
  20. * SDLMAME 0.250 for Ubuntu - https://sdlmame.wallyweek.org/download/ * NegaMAME 0.250-1 - http://babelsoft.net/products/negamame.htm * Qemu 7.2.0 [PC] - https://download.qemu.org/ * BML3MK5 1.9.1 [Hitachi BML3 computer] - http://s-sasaji.ddo.jp/bml3mk5/download.htm * Hoxs64 [Commodore C64] - https://www.hoxs64.net/ * VBA_M 2.1.5 [GB/GBA] - https://github.com/visualboyadvance-m/visualboyadvance-m/releases * BigPEmu 1.01 [Jaguar] - https://www.richwhitehouse.com/jaguar/index.php?content=download * Pantheon 12.144 [Multi-system] - http://bostjan-grandovec.si/Content/Download.htm * WinArcadia 29.33 [s2650-based] - https://amigan.yatho.com/ * PPSSPP 1.14 [PSP] - http://www.ppsspp.org/downloads.html * RetroArch 1.14.0 [Front-end] - https://www.libretro.com/
  21. MAME 0.250 was released * Official - https://mamedev.org/release.html * ARCADE64 - https://arcade.mameworld.info/ * For RPi - https://stickfreaks.com/mame/ Other * Classic99 v399.063 [T.I. 99/4a] - https://harmlesslion.com/software/classic99/ * Emulicious (2022-11-30) [Multi-system] - http://emulicious.net/news/ * bsnes nightly (2022-11-25) [SNES] - https://github.com/bsnes-emu/bsnes/releases * WinArcadia 29.32 [s2650-based] - https://amigan.yatho.com/ * 86box 3.11 [PC] - https://github.com/86Box/86Box/releases
  22. That's one reason why I'll never join up there - the established cliche can downvote you to oblivion, thus censoring alternate ideas. Of course the response from cuavas was just inventing a problem where none exists, giving the OP the totally wrong idea. And that is why you should never, ever go to reddit if you're not running standard mame. The authorities there have no clue, and just make up stuff to make derivatives look bad.
  23. * HBMAME 0.245.9 [Arcade] - https://hbmame.1emulation.com/ * WinArcadia 29.31 [s2650-based] - https://amigan.yatho.com/ * RetroArch 1.13.0 [Front-end] - https://www.libretro.com/
  24. Robert


    Nonag is the colloquial name given to modifying the source to prevent the red or yellow screens telling you that the game doesn't work. Even though mame devs don't like it being done, it's completely legal to do. It can usually be done with a one-line patch to the source. In ARCADE64, it can be switched on/off with a few clicks. To set this up, click on Options, Default Game Options, Advanced. Find the slider "Seconds to run" and adjust it to exactly 1. Click OK. Now you can run any game without being "nagged". Of course, don't turn this on then start complaining that so-and-so game doesn't work. How does it work? MAME has a feature that suppresses the warning screens if you use the -str option to run a game for up to 300 seconds. This is checked in 2 places: line 419 in src/frontend/mame/ui/ui.cpp to see if the warnings should show or not, and line 987 of src/emu/video.cpp to see if the time is up and so terminate. All that's been changed (in video.cpp) is instead of checking for str != 0, we check for str > 1. So if you specify exactly 1, the game never ends. Another way to get rid of the warnings all the time (you can't turn it on/off) is to instead comment out the above-mentioned line 419 in ui.cpp . I think some other derivatives have more complicated arrangements, but as you can see it's a simple thing to do. HBMAME is 99% working games with no warnings, so there isn't really any point adding a nonag facility. The greatest benefit would probably be for standard MAME, because 66% of the machines are marked as not working, and in addition many more have the yellow screens.
  25. Part 3: The License The primary license is the GPL 2.0 - the various legal aspects of this license are covered in many places including wikipedia, so I will limit myself to the interaction between it, MAMEdev, and creators of derivatives. Text of the license: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/gpl-2.0.en.html Compatibility with other licenses: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/license-list.en.html The main points of this license are: - Unlimited distribution of the binary (at any price); - The source of the released binary must be available and should accompany the binary if practical; - If the source is not with the binary it must be easily available for 3 years after the release date of the binary; - Nobody can place conditions upon what is done with the source - it will be freely able to be examined and modified without restriction; - it's a "viral" license - it covers all the code that is used in a binary, exclusively; - it forms a contract which will be legally binding in some countries; - it must accompany any distribution of the source and binary, so that the recipient knows what is expected of them; - the license should also be used for all derivatives, with the points above continuing to apply. Some licenses can cause incompatibility by accident. For example, the JSON license says the software should only be used for good, not evil. This is a restriction which is not allowed. Another more ridiculous case is if you took a copy of the license and called it John's License (you can do that). Now you have 2 licenses which are competing for exclusiveness, and so they are now incompatible. MAME has a number of third-party modules, each with its own license. In the 3rdparty folder is a readme which lists the licenses used by each module. Are they compatible? Mostly, yes. The rapidjson license includes the problematic JSON paragraph, however the associated code has been removed, thus rendering the JSON license ineffective. The Microsoft DirectX end-user agreement is problematic in many places, but the GPL allows parts of the operating system to pass by unscathed so it's not an issue. What does all this mean in the end? MAME software complies with the license, however statements by certain devs do not. - Attachment of a fraudulent copyright notice and then trying to control what's done with that code - all illegal; - Trying to stop nonag features being added - it's illegal to impose such a restriction; - Insisting that in-progress source code be available online - no, source code doesn't need to be available until the binary that uses it is released; - Complaining that comments breach the license - wrong, comments are not part of the binary, so cannot breach anything. Don't be fooled by what they say. Use of code from incompatible licenses. The old MAME license, and also the FBNeo license, contain a clause prohibiting commercial use and selling of the works. This is incompatible with the GPL. However, the copyright holders can give special permission to allow the incompatibilty to be overcome (as has been done by the FBNeo developers). Such code, if reused in MAME or derivatives will then become covered by the GPL 2.0 license, but still copyright to the original author. A comment containing the date and author's name must be attached. Other legal matters. What is a patent: https://www.uspto.gov/patents/basics/patent-process-overview MAME is not patented. The license only allows a patent that imposes no restriction of any kind. Like trademarks, patents only apply within the countries in which it has been registered. The area of patents is a minefield and there's always the chance that somebody will deliberately try to cause havoc. Be watchful of what's going on. Each country has its own rules regarding legality, licensing, and contractual arrangements. Some countries do not care at all, while some others slavishly follow all the American rules. You need to find out where your country or state stands.
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