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  1. * BeebEm 4.16 [Acorn BBC] - http://www.mkw.me.uk/beebem/index.html * Stella 6.5 [Atari 2600] - https://github.com/stella-emu/stella/releases * Cemu 1.22.4 [Wii-U] - http://cemu.info/ * Classic99 v399.037 [T.I. 99/4A] - http://www.harmlesslion.com/cgi-bin/onesoft.cgi?1 * Wine 6.0 - https://www.winehq.org/ * OpenEmu 2.3.3 - https://github.com/OpenEmu/OpenEmu/releases
  2. Robert

    ARCADE 0.227

    Filehulk, how did you do it in previous versions?
  3. * Cemu 1.22.3b [Wii-U] - http://cemu.info/ * Ootake 3.00 [TG16/PCE] - https://www.ouma.jp/ootake/ * FCEUX 2.3.0 [NES] - http://fceux.com/web/download.html * WinArcadia 26.83 [s2650-based] - https://amigan.yatho.com/ * Joyce 2.2.14 [Amstrad] - http://www.seasip.info/Unix/Joyce/index.html * OpenEmu 2.3.1 - https://github.com/OpenEmu/OpenEmu/releases * VPinMAME 3.3b [Pinball] - https://sourceforge.net/projects/pinmame/files/pinmame/3.3/VPinMAME33b_Minimal.zip/download * Clrmamepro 4.040 [Rom Manager] - https://mamedev.emulab.it/clrmamepro/ * BletchMAME 2.4 [Frontend] - https://www.bletchmame.org/
  4. maybe you didn't strip the symbols.
  5. You are correct, it's a bug. It's been fixed now. Thanks for reporting it.
  6. ste2: I tried the Emu France build on Vista and on XP, and it works.
  7. StHiryu, I tested your build on Vista, it cannot run. The error is: The procedure entry point K32GetProcessMemoryInfo could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll So, the oldest OS is now Windows 7.
  8. That's just the ending summary. There would have been another error earlier in the process.
  9. We suspected it might be the end for XP, but nobody knew for sure. I'll download a copy and see if it works on 32-bit Vista. What was the fatal error, btw?
  10. MAME 0.227 was released * Official - https://mamedev.org/release.html * ARCADE64 - http://arcade.mameworld.info/ * HBMAME64 - http://hbmame.1emulation.com/ * MESS64, MESSUI64 - http://messui.1emulation.com/ * MAMEUI64 - http://www.mameui.info/ * WolfMame - https://github.com/mahlemiut/wolfmame/releases Other releases * Supermodel 0.3a-svn843 [Arcade Sega Model 3] - http://www.supermodel3.com/Download.html * Hatari 2.3.1 [Atari ST] - http://download.tuxfamily.org/hatari/2.3.1/ * MelonDS 0.9.1 [DS] - http://melonds.kuribo64.net/ * Gearboy 3.2.0 [GB] - https://github.com/drhelius/Gearboy/releases * Emulicious (2020-12-27) [Multi-system] - http://emulicious.net/news/ * RPCS3 v0.0.14 Alpha [PS3] - https://github.com/RPCS3/rpcs3/releases * Romcenter 4.1.1 [Rom Manager] - http://www.romcenter.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3540
  11. Robert

    ARCADE 0.227

    haynor666: it appears that you have not pulled from the repository to the tag. It looks like you're trying to patch MAME source which isn't going to work this time.
  12. Robert

    ARCADE 0.227

    xerf: The cheat problem is a bug in MAME. See https://mametesters.org/view.php?id=7830
  13. Robert

    ARCADE 0.227

    hotwhl2p is a mess game, not arcade.
  14. MESS, MESSUI and MAMEUI 0.227 are released. https://messui.1emulation.com/ https://arcade.mameworld.info/messui Changes (all) * Fixed bug where invalid slots could get into the ini file. Changes (MESSUI and MAMEUI) * Added splash screen * Can specify multiple icon directories * Main audit results window is larger * After doing F5, can sort on Roms or Samples column * In the Game Properties, enabled all controls, even when they are not relevant * Removed Debug tab and controls * Removed verbose.log * If game started with debugger enabled, it is turned off * Fixed a bug with setting up software paths * On Display tab, added Integer scaling options * On Screen tab, fixed size/refresh options on the default screen * On Sound tab, added Port Audio Latency * Added new OpenGL/BGFX tab, and various associated settings * Added new OpenGL Shaders tab and up to 4 shaders of each kind. Shaders are to be saved in the HLSL folder. * Added new Snap/Input/Output tab and associated settings * Added new LUA tab, with various settings and plugin controls * On Miscellaneous tab, replaced old artwork controls with new ones. Added 6 various extra settings. * On Controller Mapping tab, added 6 provider dropdowns * In the Tree, you can right-click on Horizontal, Vertical, Computer, Console, Raster or Vector, select Properties and modify the settings. * Removed Reset buttons. Once you hit Apply or OK settings are saved. * Fixed bios selection that could corrupt ini files * On messui, fixed splitter that caused software area to become narrower over time. * Interface options - restored Snapshot Pattern option, added Skip Game Warnings setting.
  15. Robert

    ARCADE 0.227

    ARCADE64 0.227 is released. Download location: https://arcade.mameworld.info/ Changes: - added bgfx backend selection - removed GLSL folder and settings. GLSL shaders are now kept in the HLSL folder. - added a few more GLSL shaders to the package
  16. https://hbmame.1emulation.com What's new in HBMAME ==================== 2020-12-30 0.227 New Games --------------------------------- - [bonusstage] Bonus Stage - [frombelow] Vs. From Below (beta 0.8.0 2020-12-21) - [headonch] Head On Channel - [kof98ult] Kof'98 (Ultimate Match) - [lhbb] Last Hope (Blue Bullets) - [mslug6h09] Metal Slug 6 (Enemies Resetting Version 2019-09-30) - [nblktiger] Neo Black Tiger (incomplete) - [nsmb] New! Super Mario Bros. - [pzlcrz] Puzzle Crazy - [samsh5pf] Samurai Shodown V Perfect - [sf2cemix97] Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (Mix 0.97) - [sf2cemix98] Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (Mix 0.98) - [sf2cemix98a] Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (Mix 0.98a) - [sf2cemix98b] Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (Mix 0.98b) - [sf2cemix98c] Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (Mix 0.98c) - [teotd] The Eye of Typhoon (Tsunami Edition, demo) - [theglobpb] The Glob (English translation of German sprglbpg)
  17. Robert

    ARCADE 0.226

    @Hyperscorpio: Gambling games are not included in Arcade64. If you want them there's nothing stopping you from building your own version.
  18. Happy Christmas to all our members and readers! * VPinMAME 3.3 [Pinball] - https://sourceforge.net/projects/pinmame/files/pinmame/3.3/VPinMAME33_Minimal.zip/download * Cemu 1.22.2 [Wii-U] - http://cemu.info/ * Vice 3.5 [Commodore 64] - https://vice-emu.sourceforge.io/ * Speccy 5.6 [Sinclair] - http://fms.komkon.org/Speccy/ * ZXDS 2.1.1 [Sinclair for 2DS/3DS] - http://zxds.raxoft.cz/ * OpenEmu 2.3 [for Mac] - https://github.com/OpenEmu/OpenEmu/releases * clrmamepro 4.039a [Rom Manager] - https://mamedev.emulab.it/clrmamepro/ * Rom Vault 3.2.1 [Rom Manager] - https://www.romvault.com/
  19. * MEmu 7.3.0 [Android] - https://www.memuplay.com/blog/en/category/release-notes * Yape 1.1.8 [Commodore Plus/4] - http://yape.homeserver.hu/ * fMSX 5.9 [MSX] - http://fms.komkon.org/fMSX/ * Emulicious (2020-12-17) [Multisystem] - http://emulicious.net/news/ * Pantheon 10.086 [Multisystem] - http://bostjan-grandovec.si/Content/Download.htm * WinArcadia 26.82 [s2650-based] - https://amigan.yatho.com/ * Classic99 v399.033 [T.I. 99/4A] - http://www.harmlesslion.com/cgi-bin/onesoft.cgi?1 * BletchMAME 2.3 [Front End] - https://www.bletchmame.org/ * Clrmamepro 4.039 [Rom Manager] - https://mamedev.emulab.it/clrmamepro/
  20. Wish I could help you, but I've never used Daphne, and those laser disks are just too huge to bother downloading. Hopefully someone else may know.
  21. * Nestopia UE 1.50 [NES] - http://sourceforge.net/projects/nestopiaue/files/1.50/nestopia_1.50-win32.zip/download * Xebra/Arbex (2020-12-09) [PSX] - http://drhell.web.fc2.com/ps1/index.html * Cemu 1.22.1 [Wii-U] - http://cemu.info/ * qemu 5.2.0 [PC] - https://download.qemu.org/ * dgVoodoo 2.72 [Plugin] - http://dege.freeweb.hu/index.html * Romulus 0.049 [Rom Manager] - https://romulus.cc/
  22. Well.... turned out mess had acquired a weird bug inside the debugger. This turned out to be a commctrl problem, and I noticed that inclusion of the manifest was missing in uicl.rc Adding it back in fixed the debugger. So having a manifest is important even for non-gui windows programs.
  23. Glad to see you have a working system. As part of the recent upgrades, messui was reclassified as a production system, which means it's not intended for development work, but instead to be used for its intended task - running games. As such, all debugger facilities have been removed. If you want to do debugging, you use mess or mame.
  24. * Agatemulator 1.29.2 [Agat] - https://sourceforge.net/projects/agatemulator/files/agatemulator/1.29.2/agatemulator-1.29.2.exe/download * Hatari 2.3.0 [Atari ST] - http://download.tuxfamily.org/hatari/2.3.0/ * Emulicious (2020-11-30) [Multisystem] - http://emulicious.net/news/ * PCem v17 [PC] - http://pcem-emulator.co.uk/ * EightyOne 1.19 [Sinclair] - https://sourceforge.net/projects/eightyone-sinclair-emulator/rss?path=/
  25. It just occurred to me that you might be a victim of a changed compile script. These don't get uploaded until release time, so you wouldn't have seen it. Here's the new lines that you wouldn't know about for messui. The reason for the lines about messvers.rc and mameui.rc is to force that stuff to be recompiled, since changes to mameui.rc are not normally detected. Also, mess does not need most of the code and icons that exist in messui, so reducing code bloat. The reason for the lines about messui.txt , mess.bak and mess.flt, is because messui only includes systems that work, not everything in mess. When compiling mess for command-line, here's the new lines The "touch" command is a unix-based command to update the "last-updated" time on a file to the current time. This causes the compiler to think the file has been updated and needs to be recompiled. Touch comes with the msys2 package, so you probably have it somewhere. If you compare ui.rc against uicl.rc, you'll see that ui.rc has the full list of menus and icons used in messui, where uicl.rc only has the menus for the NewUI. These compile changes need to be rolled out to HBMAME as well, but it hasn't been done yet. Hope this helps.
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