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  1. @HyperscorpioI think you're saying it has a problem with the sound. I can give it a yellow screen for sound. @gamez fanThank you, I will apply this change soon. Normally I do not give credits unless they are asked for. Who do you want to be credited, if anyone?
  2. Robert

    ARCADE64 0.248.0

    The intention is that HBMAMEUI and ARCADEui will continue. If not, there will still be a command-line version, and you can choose some other front-end.
  3. @HyperscorpioYellow means there's something not quite working, such as graphics, sound, etc. Is there anything wrong with it? Otherwise it should be made green. @gamez fanI don't know anything about it. Sounds like an artwork thing?
  4. So, that's it - another monumental task out of the way. Unless something wonderful happens in the arcade side of MAME, the next release is planned for Christmas, and then every 6 months thereafter.
  5. Hack #3 has resolved itself - it seems it was some kind of git problem. Hack #15 has been checked - kept about half of them. Hack #23 has been removed. It uses a CHD which I never had, so no idea how that got in there. Hack #24 we will keep for now. If the holder wishes to send a request (friendly or C&D) then it will be removed. I like official paperwork.
  6. @mamesickthanks for the info. Changes have been made accordingly. The number of neogeo sprites has been changed to 236, which is the same as HBMAME. The CPS-1 background has been changed to be always black. So, now we are left with just a few which I will need to investigate - 3, 15, 23, 24.
  7. I went to the old mameuifx site and had a look at the list of MT bugs listed there, hoping to match them with our list of hacks. One link was broken, and almost all of the others have been closed. In the end, it wasn't much use.
  8. Hah, so Haze broke it and ran away from his responsibilities. No doubt he'll somehow blame us for his screwup.
  9. MAME 0.248 was released * Official - https://mamedev.org/release.html * ARCADE64 - https://arcade.mameworld.info/ * MESS, MESSUI - https://messui.1emulation.com/ * MAMEUI - http://www.mameui.info/ * NegaMAME - http://babelsoft.net/products/negamame.htm Other * Applewin [Apple II] - https://github.com/AppleWin/AppleWin/releases * Xebra/Arbex (2022-09-24) [PSX] - http://drhell.web.fc2.com/ps1/index.html * Q-emuLator 3.5 [Sinclair] - http://www.terdina.net/ql/winql.html * Rom Properties 2.0 [Rom Manager] - https://github.com/GerbilSoft/rom-properties/releases * GameEx 18.25 [Front-end] - https://www.gameex.com/news/
  10. We know what it's for and it's fine, it isn't going away.
  11. Hack #28 for certain games, the screen is repositioned: megablst, megablstu, megablstj, finalb, finalbu, finalbj src/mame/taito/tc0100scn.cpp DECISION: removed
  12. Hack #27 - Hack code that is commented out and needs to be removed to make it the same as MAME src/mame/sega/segac2.cpp DECISION: removed - Experimental code that needs to be removed src/mame/shared/dcs.cpp src/mame/shared/dcs.h src/mame/midway/pinball2k.cpp DECISION: to be removed later - none of this is enabled anyway
  13. Hack #26 - changes to the order of sprite writing src/mame/neogeo/midas.cpp src/mame/neogeo/neogeo_spr.cpp DECISION: KEEP - The max number of sprites per line is increased src/mame/neogeo/neogeo_spr.cpp DECISION: changed to 236, same as HBMAME - Numerous alterations to the default screen width src/mame/neogeo/neogeo.cpp DECISION: KEEP
  14. Hack #25 A number of changes to the interrupt routines src/mame/namco/namcob1.cpp src/mame/namco/namcob1_v.cpp DECISION: KEEP (the commented-out line in namcob1.cpp has been removed)
  15. Hack #24 The games akatana and ddpsdoj have been enabled src/mame/misc/cv1k.cpp src/mame/mame.lst DECISION: KEEP (unless the holder sends a C&D request)
  16. Hack #23 Extra input buttons added src/mame/midway/vegas.cpp DECISION: removed
  17. Hack #22 - the screen refresh rate has been altered (59.17 -> 59) - the Z80 audio cpu has had its clock altered src/mame/konami/thunderx.cpp DECISION: removed
  18. Hack #21 The resnet palette has been altered src/mame/konami/nemesis_v.cpp DECISION: removed
  19. Hack #20 metamrph, gaiapols: the k053252 parameters have been altered, and the layer offsets changed src/mame/konami/mystwarr.cpp src/mame/konami/mystwarr_v.cpp DECISION: removed
  20. Hack #19 The interrupt clock has been altered src/mame/konami/jailbrek.cpp DECISION: removed
  21. Hack #18 - dbreed is using a different machine configuration (xmultipl -> hharry) - extra code to fix lohtb src/mame/irem/m72.cpp src/mame/irem/m72.h DECISION: KEEP
  22. Hack #17 olds100a is marked as working src/mame/igs/pgm.cpp DECISION: KEEP (the game seems ok from my short play of it)
  23. Hack #16 Fix for jumpbug sounds src/mame/galaxian/galaxian.cpp DECISION: KEEP
  24. Hack #15 Adjustments to screen size or position src/mame/dataeast/btime.cpp DECISION: removed (no benefit) src/mame/dataeast/scregg.cpp DECISION: kept for dommy only (needs bottom row) src/mame/efo/cidelsa_v.cpp DECISION: KEEP (mame is all over the place) src/mame/konami/xmen.cpp DECISION: KEEP (gets rid of black side-borders) src/mame/midway/astrocde.cpp DECISION: removed (no benefit) src/mame/sega/deniam.cpp DECISION: KEEP (logicpr2: gets rid of black border on left side) src/mame/seta/ssv.cpp DECISION: removed (wrong)
  25. Hack #14 Fix graphical errors in fcrash, ffightbl, ffightbla src/mame/capcom/fcrash.cpp DECISION: KEEP
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