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Is it me or is it the most HORRIBLE christmas ever


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Well i dont know about you guys but this time this christmas was extremly depressing,, every body seems on edge, complaining of this and that, it feels more lonely, the parties are less festive and my friends seem to be dissasocciated with everything, i feel the same.

In my country the shop owners had a decreased sale due to illegal street vending and late shipping arrivals due to a strike at the port

crime seems to be up, so with road fatalities and our prime minister tells us to look at the bright side :)

lighting the tree this time was like a task, it was never before.

I even saw a couple of drunks running around this christmas morning.

i think i saw one crying. right now the atmosphere seems, cold and lonely like no one is there

I remember going to church for sunday mass and everyone seemed sad or depressed like it was a f'ing funeral. Im not expecting party mood but geez

everyone seemed ticked at something


Many people here agree with me that this was one of the most horrible christmas in there years of life?

and some how i feel that this is a glimpse of the collapse of the festive holiday to a sad commercial season


In conclusion this christmas felt like a nestle choclate ball made of cheese. Funky around the edges and hollow in the centre


Please respond if you feel the same.

maybe share the bs that is your christmas

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Eh, it hasn't been too bad for me yet. The girlfriend liked what I got her and I'm happy with what I've got. I've barely been out of the house though, so it's entirely possible that the minions of hell have poured into the streets and the oceans are staining the beaches red with blood.


As for the commercial nature of the holidays - that happened a long time ago, at least in the US. It's difficult to celebrate the season without running into some kind of heavy commercial influence these days. Hell, even our images of Santa Claus are largely based on advertising for one of the country's largest soft drink companies.

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I totaly agree with you Aoshi, I spent a christmas very much like that, horrible, painfull, were commercial enterprises took over my family's soul trying to get from here to over there, I'll post the story of my 3 day vacation pretty soon, because I just got home and thank the lord everyone's already sleeping in my house , If my parents were to continue and stay another day in orlando like they wanted, I probably woulda been dead by now.

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it's ok for me, i got what i wanted but this year i have homework over the break and research for a project which is gay

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My Christmas was just horrific. I got only 1 small gift that's not even worth talking about. That wasn't even the main thing that bothered me. Everyone was so boring and it was excruciating to join in. I'd have to say the Christmas spirit has pretty much died down substantially with all this global terrorism and economy.

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