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  1. DUUUDEE!!! this movie freakin pwnd!!! personally i liked it... alot beats ne resident evil movie,,, soo yeaa..... haha
  2. 0 outta 10 and i was trying.... but is that possible?? oh well i guess i dont desevre religion..
  3. hehe thats pretty cool.. but i dunno i think ne things cool
  4. wait but if ur resolution was to keep quiet and ur telling them it was to keep quiet isnt that condradcting urself? or am i just reading it wrong? ne wasy whatever mine are - not to be so lazy?.. i dunno i really dont have one..
  5. tony hawks american wasteland.. thats was pretty cool u could change the guys skateboard and clothes and such but yea it was pretty good i liked it
  6. yay! i hope this one is a good one cuz i liked the 2nd one really good but yea i hope X3 is good..just as long as the dont ruin it with too many movies... but ne ways looks good i would see it
  7. i beat gta 3 all the way thru once went on to vice city... about 60% of the way got bored cuz i was stuck on a misssion. went on to max payne 2 and amlost done with it ( but u probably dont care) so how is LCS ne ways im sure way better then the 3 cept on the psp right..
  8. ooh this is kinda creepy.. i heard about that in church once..
  9. hahah yea!! i lked ep. III today battlefront II came out and i wanna try it.. or get it i hear u can be a jedi. my friend got both today... lucky but ne ways yea iwanna get both of those
  10. yea thats creepy if it evolves to a can move frim person to person then its could be a global pandemic i dunno.. but yeah.. its creepy could kill millions and AHHHHHH
  11. hahah i remeber watching this movie its was fuuny and i was lauging the same guy did shaolin soccer right i think he did.. but yeah thats was funny movie
  12. i hope theres a helll... but thenn it just says Hell is unleashed which is as good as sayin chaos or something of that matter and tere not demins according to the trailer it's an expirement.... some stuff like that
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