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  1. looks like they will be using emulation...
  2. also another funny linky ( not sure if been posted and im to lazy to search back lol) kenny chesney beats sony in google searches. and guess whoes in first place http://www.google.com/press/zeitgeist.html
  3. They already did and it's not even out yet. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> give it time man... who knows what u will see in 6 months time. anyways for a laugh edit bah
  4. thats because the guy who made it is a complete failure. He promised so much and gave us something u could beat in a day. Sure it was a nice SHORT rpg... but man ill never trust anything from him again. I want the true Project Ego not fable. Cant believe hes even got the nerve to release it to the pc. Xbox does have a couple rpgs worth playin though.. ive been needing to pick up jade empire. On the topic of PC gaming... i just dont dig it. If i can play the game on the console then thats where ill play it. I just feel irritated sitting at a desk and using a keyboard and mouse to play games (dont start on the mouse + keyboard stuff ive heard it enough sitting back and relaxing with a controler is just more of a fun gaming experince to me) Sure ill play one from time to time... but thats only if its a must have like hl2 and if hl2 was on a gaming console i would have probably played it twice as much.
  5. Xbox hss some good games.. hell we have most the fighting games emu people rave and they have xbox live functions as well. I got hooked on guiltygear xx reloaded for weeks.. lol to bad the japanese are so much better then us. All matters what u consider " good games " personly fps i can jump into for 20 minates online and then jump back off are great. How man of thos do u got on the ps2? Sure it may not have many rpgs.. but meh most i dont care for anyways. Morowind rocked though even if it wasnt graphicly good. (cant wait for oblivion on 360).. did anyone play forza?
  6. probably something u wouldnt notice in the game... since if u bump into that im sure ur gona be running in the other direction
  7. Does that mean they tinkered with some of the info (microsoft not IGN) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It means they presented it in a deceptive way to make their system come out on top as much as possible. The statistics they gave for their own system might be true, but they did a lot of guesswork on the PS3, and obviously they're going to "guess" in their own favor. They might also have left things out of the comparison that would drastically change the results, etc, etc, etc. In other words, they did not tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Whenever you see one of these comparisons released by ANY of the people involved in the comparison, just gobble down the whole damn salt shaker before you read. 99.9999% of the time they fudged to make the "home system" look like it's years ahead of the competition - whether it's true or not. For all intents and purposes, these are cleverly crafted deceptions created by somebody's marketting department - in other words, they're about as meaningful as a poster of some happily smiling model, who's probably never played a game in her life, posing with a controller over a hype slogan. You want real info? Wait until truly independent (IE, not being funded in any way by either company) third parties, with the equipment and know-how to scientifically test things, get ahold of both companies' release-spec machines. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> even if ms made it look like it in there favor atleast its not as bad as sony chart... making it out to be way way more stronger Ms gives u something thats atleast sorta believeable. The only game that looked that great on the ps3 was killzone 2 and everyone knows thats fake as hell and no way the makers of killzone 1 could pull that off. sony is hype hype hype and all the fanboys are eating it right up.
  8. Xbox vs 360 comparison chart http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/617/617951p1.html How come sony was showing it being 3 times as fast?
  9. yes a decent movie based off wolverine alone would be perfect....
  10. lol well if they would have just made that clear in the first place people wouldnt be speculating on it.
  11. this is how i see it.. they say BC. That means ur gona be able to play the top titles on the xbox 360 from the orginal disk without buying anything more. Like i mentioned before what most likely is the deal ur gona put the disk in and xbox live (the free one) will see the title and will download a new version of the xbe to the hd (which shouldnt be anymore then 10 mb) and then the game will play just like on the orginal xbox. See that makes since.. u will be able to play them for free without buying anything extra. Yes they may need to recompile a new xbe but the idea of making them pay for it? nah thats insane they would in no way shape or form call that BC.
  12. yes the processor may be ment for it.. but will ps2 have the layout and features that make xbox live so great. Ign on Kill zone 2 video
  13. Midway Arcade Treasures ! man Im actully looking forward to this one.. having the arcade versions of sf rush , sf rush 2049 and hyrdo thunder is a dream...
  14. I do and everyone i go to school with does as well. If sony dosnt make a decent online service this time MS will surely be in the lead. Being able to play forza with buds over in the uk without lag is what i love about the current xbox.. i want more of this
  15. nah i think its gona be more like my idea. They will just need to get a new xbe to run on the xbox. If they had to buy a new game thats not BC. Thats porting. Why would ms say BC is they are just porting.
  16. nah most systems will be pretty hard to mod this round and even if they do get modded then the ps3 would get most of the attention. Why? the same reason the xbox got mod attention this round. Its power. The only reason the ps2 didnt get mod crazy cause there wasnt enough u could really do with it. Not fast enough for good emulation or a good media center. So if ps3 gets modded ofcourse everyone is gona run to it since... they hyped its cell power.
  17. I got ridge racer... then i returned it 2 days later. Worse racing game in freakin history. There wasnt even racing it was just a game of catchup. U went like 100 and everyone was going 80. and the guy in first was like 3 laps ahead of u. Every one that reviewed the game is a freakin lyer the game should have got a C for crap.
  18. its pretty much the best game on the psp so far besides lumines. I downloaded it earlyer pretty cool.. cant wait for more. I also noticed that there was like info on dl music for the game. Then it kinda dawned on me.. if u can hold mp3s on the cards then why cant u have custom soundtracks like the xbox.
  19. well they said u can replace the front panel with new designs.. so im guessing without a doubt ur gona get a nes front panel sooner or later.
  20. exactly if the PS3 died and sony stopped making systems... sony wouldnt die. They would just stop making money off fanboys with there hypemachines. seriously... shouldnt the ps2 be 50 bucks by now? I wonder how much money they make a single system.
  21. u guys tend to forget that sony is one of the largest companys in the world. Hell what percent of electronics do they make? Like i said before sony is money hungry. Look at the ps2.. its selling for 150 the same price as the xbox and we all know the xbox hardware is more expensive. dont act like sony dosnt have enough money.... they are fing rich bastards. sony is the MS of the japan... hell they are the MS of electronics all together.
  22. Thank you Captain Obvious for sucking ass! None of the Halos were even good. People with sucky tastes in life dreamed it to be. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> wait were u talking?
  23. lol and on the 360 all u gota do is press the middle button on the controler and vroom the its on. man im gona be so lazy
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