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  1. when this place die officially, will it be deleted? or is there anyways to delete traces of me being on this forum?
  2. lol good shit, i gotta show this to all my black friends
  3. SO far they have a "really good idea" who it is but no arrest have been made on this case yet. Im, still doing little late watches,(as if he's gonna come at me in at an expecting time) and so far we dont have enuff proof to accuse my friend. He still calls and i dont answer cuz im not sure yet. That's about it as of now, my dad was a pretty bad seed wen he was young and he used to steal bikes(lol) he said a kid who messed us once aint go come back, but im not too sure. First robbery so im a liil surprised at how slowly my mental composure at recovering, but time is time.. So after reading your first post again ... all they stole was a 32inch HDTV, Wii, iPod Touch, and jewellery? How did the person circumvent the home alarm system? Is there any logical way the person could have disabled the security without being able to see inside the house first? Lastly, did the person steal anything that automatically logs onto the Internet or telecommunication systems (i.e. XBOX Live, Cellphone)? THe prob was the system connects sttraight to our phone and then contacts da police to come. da pro was we recently switch to comcast and the setup gut guy didnt switch da alram system to read our new phone change.(i think) Also wats retarted is it rung wen da cops came in our house. So i dunno, it was a kid so i doubt he some a security hacker if so he should have enuff brains to get a tech job. o shit, maybe it's that comcast guy that did it.
  4. OMg did you read AkihiroZi's post? Jacked people are everywhere, I agree that this is jacked up but please dont confuse what you just saw. yet another example of what people can do to religion. Everything they said is mixed in with their own personal beliefs. The fact that God said dont judge alone shoots down their whole movement... *sigh* the fact that u said " The fact that God said dont judge alone shoots down their whole movement... *sigh* " is also another example of what religion can do to people
  5. funny shit, but yet another example of what religion can do to people *sigh*
  6. that reminds me, i need to get off my lazy ass and practice driving
  7. i always keep cash on me, for small and quick purchases. credit card for online and big purchases over 50$. carrying too much cash isn't safe, but cash tips are better for servers, n cash is good for vending machines and such. credit card for big purchases is for the reward points that adds up, so free money for me.
  8. PSN ID : GaHim Games: Street Fighter 4 if u add me, tell me ur from 1emu and ur username on here too
  9. nice pictures, i like the lighting in it a lot
  10. i haven't really watch the other gundams series from start to finish but this one is pretty good.
  11. playstation controller cuz i'm so used to using it
  12. i don't like the bald look, i thought penguin had some hair.
  13. people will watch this just because it's dragon ball
  14. there are different tactics for different types of girls and if u knock enough doors, one will open up. the problem with me, Drake, and Gryph is we're being too picky and not knocking on these doors
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